Dem boys seh…Bar Bee beacon don’t shine pun truth

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A beacon is something that does shine bright. It does direct dem boat that looking fuh somewhere fuh land. Guyana got a beacon of truth, but this truth is one that only dem scampish people understand.
Imagine that de truth about de drugs wha de government does order fuh de hospital and de place wha Leslie use to control. Somebody use to pay and somebody use to bring in when possible and whenever.
De matter come up in parliament and de same beacon go on like if de people wrang to ask question. De truth is that de beacon decide that it couldn’t shine no light pun that. Instead of exposing de truth de same beacon tun off de light. Now dem boys seh that if thiefing people and scampish people want any direction then dem got to look fuh that beacon.
Is every day it covering up some scampishness and if people don’t believe, just read de paper fun two days. In fact, if people read de papers and find that dem boys lying then is one whole year Waterfalls paper fuh free.
De funny thing is that de beacon close to de drugs. This was de same beacon who stand up fuh de Easy Come Easy Go man, but it didn’t tell people that de man got a criminal record fuh thiefing. It couldn’t do that because it does attract thieves in de same way a candle does attack moth.
Dem boys seh that de boss man fuh that beacon is a most honourable man. He don’t like thieves. He love dem. He don’t like crooks; he does welcome dem. De relationship guh beyond like, but de beacon would never tell de people that.
What it actually tell people is how fuh dodge tax. And dem boys seh that de tax man don’t have de guts or de footballs fuh ask fuh a cent. He got to tek wha he get. And de beacon don’t shine pun that.
Talk half and don’t try fuh watch de beacon.

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