Dem boys seh…. Another property up fuh de taking

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Somebody burn down the Transport and Harbours Department bond and dem boys got a suspicion. Dem was watching de area fuh a long time, ever since dem had de big selling off. People love to buy waterfront property and one man buy de old wharf even before people know that it was for sale.
After that happen some people get jealous and dem too claim that dem should get waterfront property. And all this jealousy come about because a long time ago Courtney Benn did buy one. Is deh he does mek dem boat and pontoon.
Well another man decide that if he get one de government gun give he contract just like how Brian get contract. Nuff people in de area got security camera and de government talk bout security cameras in de streets. Dem boys want to know if anybody check dem security camera fuh get an idea of who gun buy this waterfront property because Transport can’t build back.
Dem suspect that is somebody who will not be a Minister when Uncle Donald tek over suh dem want dem pension. Is a surprise that nobody ain’t claim that de opposition get jealous and bun down de place. Stanley live nearby.
Is de same love fuh waterfront property mek dem try hard fuh sell de seawall. When dem boys object dem decide that dem gun build de Marriott pun de seawall. Dem boys seh that dem wouldn’t be surprise if de Marriott build right wheh de Transport bond deh because of de closeness to de lighthouse and to de Bees.
De Waterfalls boss man seh that once de land selling he gun put in a bid because is a good location fuh a TV station and a radio station. But like how Bar-Rat vex wid he dem boys sure that he wouldn’t even know when de land selling. This time instead of putting de notice online dem gun send out private message and secret phone call.
But dem boys got a plan. Dem gun get Robeson fuh put he hammer pun anything that go up pun that property unless is Transport building it or is Uncle Glenn.
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