JP president calls for compulsory registration

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“By instituting compulsory registration with the Association, we can assist the authorities in preparing and compiling a list of all JP’s and COA in all of the 10 administrative regions in Guyana,” said president of the Justices of the Peace association, Hermon Bholaisingh.

Hermon Bholaisingh

Hermon Bholaisingh

He said that compulsory registration should be made mandatory by the Office of the President to ensure regularization, monitoring and sanctioning of all current and future JP’s and COA’s in Guyana.
The president, Hermon Bholaisingh, noted that all Police Stations, Outposts and Post Offices should have a list of all the practising JPs and the Commissioenrs of Oaths and Affidavits in their respective districts.
He stated that the JP Act chapter 3:05 Section 16 states, “In the month of January in every year there shall be published in the Gazette a list of all JP’s for the time being holding office and in the list there shall be stated the profession, occupation or calling, and the place of residences of each justice.”
The JP president revealed in the past most JPs and COAs  were allowed to reign and operate according to their own “whim and fancies” which caused serious indictment, that resulted in complaints and adverse comments by aggrieved clients, hence the need for compulsory registration.
Hermon Bholaisingh noted recently, that an individual in Essequibo was caught with rubber stamps, letterheads and calling cards without being permitted an instrument of officialdom.
And such incidents reveal the faults within the system.
It was further revealed that certain individuals because of their close contacts with JP’s as relatives or being associated with JP’s over the years have learnt to carry on the business although the JP or COA have died or migrated abroad.
The president further noted that the antiquated laws and regulations of the JP’s and COA’s Act must be revised to reflect the reality of the present and not the preceding era.
In order to prevent ambiguity of fees, the revised Act should stipulate the fees to be charged for services rendered like many other countries in the Caribbean and further a field.

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