Dem boys seh…Thief man does defend he mattee

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Anybody who defend thiefing got to be a thief. That is why in certain place when people ketch and beat thief man all dem who run and holler pun people not to beat dem got to be thieves too. Dem boys been in parliament de other day when people start asking question about de drug deal between de Ministry of Health and de company that use to mek drugs in this country.
De government arrange things in such a way that only this company can sell drugs to de government. De Auditor General complain bout this but dem didn’t care. Dem continue to give away de people money. Now de people asking if de drugs did come in and some people talking how dem got to check.
When de people who want know how de government money spend start fuh ask more question is then dem boys see who does encourage de thiefing. One of dem claim how he gun talk to de man who import de drugs and see if he can get de man fuh sue some of dem who asking all dem question.
That is threatening and only when people sharing in something that dem does threaten to protect that thing and some does even protect it.
Dem boys seh that dem always believe that everybody want to protect de state funds but it look like if some want to protect and some definitely want to see scampishness because dem does get a drawback.
De story ain’t done yet. Is more question in dem tail and dem boys waiting fuh see who gun push in dem mouth fuh defend de way how de money move from de Treasury to one company and one company only.
De thing that got dem boys worried is how de people tell de parliament that dem store any drugs fuh free when Leslie tell de media how de government does pay fuh store de drugs because de Ministry ain’t got space. Dem boys got de recording.
Talk half and watch fuh more crookishness.

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