Long serving BUSC official backs decision to revoke Jacobs’ membership

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Following the revoking of membership of Dwayne Jacobs by the Buxton United Football Club, a senior club official who has been with the entity from the inception, is backing the decision to sever ties with the player.

Lyndon France

Lyndon France, the backbone of the club from a Technical and Administrative standpoint, speaking with Kaieteur Sport stated that when Jacobs approached the club last year to become a member, he was told in no uncertain terms that to be eligible, he had to bring a certain level of leadership and if he couldn’t, he would surely not be allowed to stay at the club.
Club Secretary Eton Moses in a letter dated January 15, 2013 wrote to Jacobs informing him that his membership has been revoked from the date of the letter. Moses pointed to a number of shortcomings by the player in his short stay at the club.
France pointed out that for the short time Jacobs was there he did bring some level of leadership on the field with his playing ability but he has not been able to measure up to the high standards the club has set and is striving for.
“We have learnt that during the Kashif and Shanghai tournament that Mr. Jacobs made an agreement with a member of another club that once there was a certain result from a particular game he would receive a certain amount of money and he collected that money.”
“Our club over the years has always shared everything, we agreed before we played that all the prizes won were going to be pooled, we said should a member of our club win the MVP we were going to give him the lion’s share of the MVP prize but that the other members should be able to benefit since football is a team sport, first of all.”
France went on to explain that the dust was not settled from the final on the night of January 1st when Jacobs made contact with club officials to state he won the car and he was going to keep his prize.
“And so with all these acts that we do not tolerate, we asked Mr. Jacobs to leave the club but he had been very reluctant to do so. He was lobbying executive members and players. The other thing is that Mr. Jacobs in his plea to keep his prize (MVP) said that he is prepared to give up the monetary part of it and that he was prepared to give monies to the club in future but we said no, he should go. As soon as Mr. Jacobs learnt that we collected the cheque, he said that he wanted his money as well. So he is definitely not the kind of role model we want at the club.”
The long serving member commenting on the performance of the club by winning the Kashif & Shanghai said that their achievement sends a strong message to coaches, club administrators, owners and leaders around Guyana that football is not all about having a set of stars. He mentioned that one of his players, Michael Phyll was on a TV show at Ch. 11 and said that he knows that Alpha team has a number of star players but that stars don’t play football, we are going out there and play as a team.
“We strategize for each game, I can tell you that before the Western Tigers game we worked on recovery moves of the defender; before the Alpha game we worked on nullifying Dwight Peters and taking the playing chemistry away from Alpha. Before the final we worked on countering on any moves to take Jacobs away because he was one of our key players and for the team to flow and all the time it paid off. Football is all about having the right physical conditioning, the right mental attitude, the right technical and tactical capabilities and being able to execute.”
Club Policy
Commenting on the club policy, France emphatically stated that they believe they ought to win by producing individuals that are successful in life and not winning on the pitch while winning on the pitch goes hand in hand with being successful.”
Buxton United FC players are encouraged to attend the Government Technical Institute (GTI), Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC) and to generally do well in school. He pointed out that their 16-year-old goalkeeper, Jason Cromwell, who is also the National Under-16 goalie, will be writing CXC soon and he was told that he should ease playing to focus more on studying and attending lessons.
As a result of this, Cromwell only attended training twice a week leading up to the K&S tourney. It was also revealed that the reserve right back is 15-year-old Jerry Rodriguez while the club has four other players who are 19 years old; Les Charles Critchlow, Quadro Garnett, Jamaal Booker and Denzil Phillips among others.
“The core of the players is 24 years-old or younger. When we started in 2003 the core of the players was under-15 years, we had taken a decision then to get rid of all those who were older since they did not share the club’s vision and work towards what the club wanted to achieve. So from then to now it is these players who have been together with the younger ones coming through that have built the unit that has shaped our success.”
He explained that Jacobs wanted to come to the club and because of his experience and ability they accepted him since they were of the view that he would have been an inspiration to the club.
“I think he did provide some inspiration but if we continue with him given his shortcomings, I think the club would go to pieces in a short while and we really would not like that to happen.”
Honing in on the history of the village of Buxton, France made reference to a group that sang the Buxton battle song (written by the teachers of two schools) at the recently held K&S presentation pointing out that it is endeared to the history of the village which started in 1923.
“A native of the village, E. R Fredericks went to Europe to study, became a lawyer, came back to Guyana and started a scholarship for Buxtonians. Education has always been a top priority in this village; the club has and will continue with this kind of policy and principle that the players must look to uplift themselves through education.”
Quadro Garnett, France informed, has 9 CXC subjects and currently attends the GITC. Another leading player is Clive Andries who also played cricket for Guyana; he attended President’s College and has 6 CXC subjects.
“We believe that we need to win by producing successful people more than winning a game on the pitch.”

Photo of Lyndon France

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