Students must not be debarred for non-payment of registration fees – Education Ministry

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Parents are being urged by the Education Ministry to report schools that are debarring their children because of non-payment of registration fees.
The reports should be made to the Principal Education Officer (Georgetown) Marcel Hutson, who can be contacted on telephone number 226-0146.
The Ministry is again advising parents that only the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has the authority to approve and collect monies from parents.
However one third of the PTA has to give their approval before any money can be collected.
The Ministry is also reminding Head Teachers that no child must be debarred from school for non-payment of these fees, and the institution emphasised that children have a right to school without any preconditions.
The circular stressed that Head Teachers and Teachers are not permitted to request monetary donations from parents, members of the community, private or public agencies or other sources.
“Only the PTA has the authority to request donations (in cash or kind), and this must be approved at a statutory meeting where at least 30 per cent of the parent population is present. The meeting must be held in the last term of the school year to set the quantum to be requested in the new school year. The notice to the parents must clearly state that they are expected to make a decision on the amount of monetary donation that should be requested,” the circular stated.
The one page document said that all monetary donations must be acknowledged, kept and managed by the PTA, and receipts issued by the Treasurer, or any other member so authorised in writing by that body.
The executive committee of the PTA will exercise authority over all monetary matters and other committees they may appoint to assist them.
The body will also retain all bank accounts and records for periodic audit.

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