Schoolgirl survives three-vehicle accident at Vergenoegen

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The Raum that was heading towards the direction of Georgetown when it hit a grey car and then smashed into a parked minibus at the Vergenoegen village, EBE, and finally hit a school girl who was standing at the corner of the road.

This route # 32 minibus which was offloading a passenger when the accident occurred and saved the lives of two school girls by shielding them from severe impact of the Raum after its driver lost control of his vehicle.

With the heavy rainfall yesterday on the East Bank of Essequibo, drivers were proceeding with extra caution. However; this could not prevent a three-vehicle accident which occurred at Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo that resulted in a school girl being hit and ending up on the windscreen of a vehicle.
The accident occurred around 14:20 hrs when a grey car that was emerging from a cross street and heading towards the main public road collided with a white Toyota Raum (PNN 1757) that was proceeding in the direction of Georgetown.
At the same time a blue minibus (BGG 4183) which was on its way to Parika had just stopped to offload a high school student while another school girl was waiting probably to cross the road.
The driver of PNN 1757 who identified himself as “Zaman” told Kaieteur News that he was approaching the cross street when “the grey car pulled out” and tried to quickly drive across the road in the direction of Parika.
But since the driver did not seem like she wanted to wait for the road to be clear before she emerged from the cross street, he (Zaman) had to swerve to avoid the car.
This caused him to drive his vehicle into the other lane but failed to avoid the grey car which “lashed the front of the Raum”. The impact was so great that the Raum was forced into the parked minibus. Zaman lost control of his vehicle which began to spin across the road after hitting the other vehicle.
The Raum then ricocheted off the minibus and hit the school girl who was standing at the corner of the road. Her head hit the windscreen of the vehicle and she then fell. The other girl, a high school student, did not sustain any injuries. She had instinctively jumped out of the way before anything could hit into her.
Kaieteur News understands that if the minibus was not stationary then Ramzan’s vehicle would have hit both schoolgirls.
“Marsha”, the driver of the grey car, told this publication that she was “not the wrong party” since she claimed that Zaman was speeding towards the direction of Georgetown even as she was slowly driving out of the cross street.
She explained that if she was at fault, then the Raum would have slammed into the right side front of her car but since “he was coming at a speed and was overtaking the car” the Raum hit the left side of her car.

The grey car which was emerging from the cross street at Vergenoegen, EBE, when it collided with the white Toyota Raum (PNN 1757)

The driver of minibus BGG 4183, whose name was given as “Satesh”, stated that he was parked at the corner of the road while off-loading a passenger as the series of events were unfolding.
He explained to Kaieteur News that he heard the noise and realized that there was an accident. He said that had his vehicle not been shielding the girls then they would have probably been dead since the damage done to his minibus and Zaman’s vehicle was extensive.
An eye-witness said that if the driver of the grey car had waited until the roadway was clear, this accident could have been avoided. He further stated that he was at the front of his house when the collision occurred.
He observed the Raum coming from a distance at a reasonable pace, not speeding, while the grey car emerged from the cross street, obviously “trying to beat the Raum” and head towards its destination.
The young man said, “If the car had wait, there won’t have been no accident, but like the driver was in a hurry”. Public-spirited persons rushed towards the aid of the injured school child and managed to flag down a car to transport her to the hospital. They also tried calling the Leonora Police Station numerous times. However; the phone kept ringing out.
Half an hour passed before a traffic rank arrived at the scene.
Zaman was overheard saying to some of his friends who arrived at the scene “Yes I hit the child, I am not denying that, but I was not at fault.
The driver of that car suppose to wait before pulling out of the cross street to make sure the road was clear. After the police finish with statements I am going to visit the child at the hospital”.

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