Woman douses younger lover with hot oil

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The badly burnt Keith Cox.

The badly burnt Keith Cox.

A woman who is said to be in her 40s is currently in police custody after she openly admitted to dousing her 29-year-old lover with boiling oil.
Around 03:00 hours yesterday 29-year-old Keith Cox, of Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was doused with boiling oil while asleep.
The incident occurred some time around 02:30 hours yesterday in Sophia at the woman’s home.
According to an aunt of the injured man, she was asleep yesterday morning when she heard her telephone ringing.
“ It was about quarter to three, my daughter got up and answer the phone and then she came and told me that Keith girlfriend call and say we must come and carry he to the hospital because she just bun he up,” the aunt related.
She added that by the time they reached to the woman’s Sophia home they were informed that the injured man after being burnt, ran to a cousin’s home nearby for assistance.
“The cousin tell we that as soon as he reach de house he was screaming and he fall down, so they just pick he up and rush he to the hospital,” the aunt added.
According to the woman, who asked not to be named, when they arrived at the hospital the woman who attacked her nephew was at the hospital and began telling persons around that she burnt Cox because he had beaten her earlier in the night.
“She just kept saying ‘Is I bun he, I put on one gallon oil fuh hot for three hours and when he fall asleep I bun he’,” the aunt recalled.
Meanwhile while at the hospital, people there informed ranks from Turkeyen and the woman was arrested and taken into police custody.
According to relatives, Cox and the woman had only been involved in a relationship from January of this year.
Cox is now unable to speak and see because he sustained severe burns to his entire face, his left shoulder and arm, parts of his back and abdomen and his legs.
According to relatives they are awaiting a report from an eye specialist to determine if Cox’s eyesight has been permanently affected.

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