Dem boys seh…De sick get up and walk

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Cricket does mek sick people get up and walk and that is wha happen de other night. Guyana playing cricket in St Lucia but before dem go to St Lucia dem had to play in Trinidad.
Was up and down batting. Dem win two and lose two. Jamaica beat dem. Then dem had to go to St Lucia and dem barely scrape through to meet Jamaica.
Nuff people expect dem to lose because Jamaica had Chris Gayle. And dem was right because Gayle slaughter dem. De Jamaicans post de second biggest target Guyana had to chase. Some sick people roll over in dem bed and decide that dem gun wait pun de doctor.
Well couple minutes later one man who couldn’t even raise he head get up and sit down. Some church people who was praying by he bedside start fuh holler how dem seeing a miracle and that dem prayers wuk. When de man get up and walk two woman faint.
Cricket been pun TV and de man was watching Guyana beat bowling. De thing mek he heart start fuh beat properly; then he heart start fuh race. De next thing people see nuff sick people get up and jump about. Dem get cured when Johnson lick a six to end de match.
Well dem boys seh that cricket does do nuff things to people dem know because dem see a man bruck up he TV when West Indies lose a match.
Dem see a man forget that he wife send he fuh greens in de market and he sit down wid de greens bag and watch cricket. Is when he go home without de bag that he realize wha he went out for.
Today is another story but then again is cricket.
Talk half and save de TV.

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