Dem boys seh…De Rat give Guyana nuff soft loan

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Christmas is a time when people does eat nuff but dem have people who can eat more than dem own weight. Two of dem is Sam and Henry. Dem boys seh that Henry beat Sam. When he playing tennis he got a big table wid a warmer fuh chicken, wild meat, duck, beef, prawns and dem things.
He also got nuff recruit round he suh when a tennis ball fall pun de ground he know that he can’t bend suh dem recruit got to pick up dem ball. And when de recruit run fuh de ball Henry run fuh de table, snatch wid he hand and throw in he mouth.
Dem police boys seh that he does eat like a cow and he weigh more than a cow. If nobody ain’t enjoy de wuk Henry sure enjoy de wuk, if only fuh de eating alone.
Sam does enjoy de eating pun de wuk, too. Dem boys seh that he would just lef a function at Pegasus and on he way home he would tell he driver fuh call New Thriving fuh send over food.
Anyway he see food he does stop de car, come out, full he hand, he mouth and he pocket and go back in de car. Nuff time he wife holler pun he. But he ent kay wha she seh. Dem security boys seh suh.
According to dem boys, at the rate he does eat, he cousin seh that he gun got fuh tek a loan from Bank of America to pay New Thriving and Pegasus—de two place he like fuh guh and eat.
And he wouldn’t get a soft loan like de Big Rat. Every loan fuh de Big Rat is a soft loan. He get a US$25M soft loan fuh de Stadium; he get a US$4M soft loan fuh de Berbice Bridge, he get a US$200M soft loan fuh de Skeldon plant, he get a US$138 M fuh de airport expansion; and two soft loan fuh de Marriott.
He was getting a US$835 M fuh de Amaila Project and a US$40 M fuh de cable which stop at de hard Times paper.
All dem hundreds of million of US dollar he call a soft loan and de country got to pay back. Dem boys want tell he that he deserve a hard load fuh dem same big loan wha he call a soft loan that he give de country.
If de same Henry de Yellow did disobey one order from de Big Rat, he would not have been in this trouble wid that woman. De woman claim that she went to de Big Rat fuh a soft loan and he send she to Henry.
Instead of Henry giving she a soft loan he give she a hard  load and a small loan. Is de size of de loan mek she call de police, not de load. Dem boys seh that is Henry boss, de Rat, who teach he that trick—how fuh swap loan fuh load.
Irfaat learn that too. He had to get a soft loan to build de house. When dem boys ask he how he get de soft loan he tell dem fuh talk to he former boss, de Big Rat. He does get any loan.
Talk half and loan de other half. And dem boys wish all de readers a Happy New Year.

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