Soesdyke children murder…Third child dies, prison inmates beat accused killer

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John Blanchard, who was charged on Friday with the murder of his two children, received a sound thrashing from fellow inmates at the Camp Street Prison. And this happened about four hours before the third child succumbed in the Intensive Care Unit of the GPHC.
Kaieteur News understands that inmates attacked Blanchard some time after 20:30hrs on Friday night. The man was remanded on Friday following a court appearance to answer the murder charges.
According to prison sources, inmates threw a hammock over Blanchard’s head and started beating him with pieces of wood.
Someone close to Blanchard said that she got a phone call from a friend at 8:33 hours and was made aware of the beating.
Blanchard’s entire face was swollen and lacerated; inmates also burned his forehead or rubbed his head to an abrasive object. Kaieteur News understands that the beating lasted for about five minutes.
Prison officials only became aware of the incident yesterday morning and rushed Blanchard to the hospital, in a semi conscious state.
But prison sources said that from the time Blanchard entered the institution, tempers were high because the other remand prisoners let their anger known. They were angry that he killed his children. Criminals have no sympathy for child molesters, child killers and rapists.
A few hours later Blanchard was back in hospital, the victim of another vicious attack by the prisoners.
Up to late last night he was in the Male Medical ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital.
After his discharge yesterday morning officials from the prison had said that Blanchard has been separated from other prisoners.

Murder accused John Blanchard leaving the hospital yesterday, after being forced to seek medical attention

It would appear that they were reacting to the beating he suffered. This second round of beatings suggested that the man was not isolated, that there was some collusion between prison authorities and prisoners for violence to be perpetrated against Blanchard.
There are reports that this time around he was sodomised.
Yesterday morning, a number of persons at the hospital hurled remarks at Blanchard as he was leaving the institution.
And the man wept bitterly as he walked towards the prison van yesterday, to head back to the prison.
Relatives of the man said that Blanchard has expressed that there was no need for him to live, because society has already shut him out. He reportedly told an individual that his next court appointment is November 1, but that he will not be there to keep it. He reportedly begged for forgiveness and suggested that he would be going to a better place.
Meanwhile relatives yesterday told Kaieteur News that the last child, Joy Blanchard died early Saturday morning, in the Intensive Care Unit. Hospital sources said that the child never regained consciousness.
When this newspaper contacted the mother yesterday, she was very emotional stating that she could not speak with anyone.
“I’m by myself ….I really can’t talk with anyone right now; I’m too hurt and frustrated,” the woman cried.
The post mortem on the last child is expected to be done on Monday. Relatives said that most likely all three children would be buried together.
The 31-year-old food vendor was remanded to prison after he was charged with the murders of his two children, Belika Blanchard and his five-year-old son Daniel Blanchard on Friday last. At the time the third, Joy, was unconscious in the ICU of the Georgetown Public Hospital. Blanchard now faces a third count.
The accused had appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.
It is alleged that on October 11, at their Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara home, he killed the two. He also seriously wounded a third child.
Blanchard who was unrepresented only had the support of his youngest sister, Anne Blanchard. He is one of eight siblings in the Blanchard family.
Some time between 21:30 and 21:45 hours on October 11, John Blanchard reportedly hacked his three children while they were asleep.
It is believed that John then contacted his wife, Onica Blanchard, via phone as she was in Mahdia at the time.
Initial reports are that Mrs. Blanchard left her home in search of a better job in the mining location. This publication was told that the multiple killings may have been sparked by a telephone conversation he had with his wife minutes before the incident.

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