Construction of Good Hope Well on the move once again

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After failed attempts to construct a well at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), workers are once more trying to establish the much-needed facility which is “long in coming”.
Residents in the area have complained that many months have passed since work began to build the said well, however, it came to a standstill after workmen found difficulty in executing their duties.
The noise from the drilling has constantly been affecting persons who live in surrounding sections of the village. Though the residents understand that this nuisance must be endured, they are wondering how much longer they will have to tolerate it.

Equipment at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, where the new well is to be established.

“We know we have to bear it. The well suppose to do good and give we water and such but how long we have to bear this noise I don’t know. They suppose to done dig this thing long now. From what we hear, the first set of workmen come and get problems, the well like it start cave in and everything squash. This next set of workers come and starting all over” said one man.
Another villager complained that this issue only adds to the woes faced by residents of the Good Hope since the village is already experiencing problems that are affecting them.
“This only adding to we worries. First we getting’ nuff potholes in all the streets. Big, big hole that only getting bigger and when it rain it is worse than ever. Then we get the bridge that on and off.  They gun never done build it. Now is this well. Wha’ next?”
Kaieteur News further understands that the noise from the machinery affects not only senior citizens but also babies in the area who frequently wake up from their sleep after drilling commences.

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