Dem boys seh …. De big man talking a skundle a bunt

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Crooks deh all about. Some people believe that de only thief was dem who use to tek de government contract and do bad wuk. De Waterfalls paper skin up nuff of dem and get in trouble. But fuh all de trouble people use to tell de Waterfalls paper that it doing a great job and that it doing things that people know but never talk about.
One crook build a road that last three months; some dig drain that couldn’t even drain off water; some buy house wid money dem didn’t even know dem had—at least dat is wha dem seh. Some fool demself that dem can build road and dem fool de government too. De road can’t build yet.
Now de crookishness spread. A man fool a bank and collect more than six million dollar. One man claim a bank guard set up some bandits fuh rob he. But de government TV station robbing people too. Dem tekking taxpayers money and dem tekking advertisers money too. And dem boys seh that instead of giving de people news dem telling de whole country wha time de sun coming up and wha time it going down.
Dem boys find out that de TV station taking order from de boss man. De same boss man cussing de Waterfalls boss man because of de same crookishness. A reporter carry a camera fuh a comment—dem want a reaction to de cussing from de Big Man. De Waterfalls seh that de man talking a skundle ah bunt.
Dem boys seh that dem didn’t know that de Waterfalls boss man had tie tongue. De real crookishness coming when de Big Man guh to de States—de first time since de plane crash in GT. He going to Queens to talk to Ed Ahmad lawyer to find out if anybody got to pay fuh dem container that deh in State House compound.
Talk half. Lef half.

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