Power restored to Mabaruma, neighbouring communities

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Power was restored to Mabaruma and five surrounding hill communities, including Thomas Hill and Kumaka, on Thursday after weeks of outage that sparked protest action by residents. The other communities will receive electricity when repairs to the old generator are completed.
This is according to Region One Vice-Chairman, Fermin Singh, yesterday.
He said that the new 750 kva generator, which was not functioning when it reached the area weeks ago, is now powering the communities. However, a transformer needs to be connected to the power supply system to ensure safe electricity supply.
Singh said that another transformer is being sourced from overseas and should be in Guyana by December.
According to Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud, during a press briefing, the newly procured 750 kva generator was sent into Region One to provide electricity to villages in proximity to Mabaruma. This was expected to function alongside the old generator that provides electricity to Mabaruma.
However, attempts to service the old generator failed. According to Singh, the old generator is about eight years old and only needed servicing. This machine is still in Mabaruma to be shipped to the city for repairs.
Singh said that the communities are currently receiving six hours of electricity starting at 17:00 hrs daily. Residents who protested the prolonged power outage last week now say that they expect that the duration of the power supply will increase.
The Vice-Chairman noted that meters should be attached to each home so that each household will be paying for what is consumed. He added that a Committee needs to be established to properly manage matters relating to electricity such as disconnections.
Singh explained that not all residents pay the Regional Administration for electricity provided and this is quite costly. “The machine burns 20 gallons of diesel per hour and we pay $50,000 per drum so you do the mathematics and see how much we spend on providing electricity.”

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