Family loses millions as fire guts Wismar home

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Two sisters and their children were left with just a handful of their belongings after their home was destroyed by fire at 774 One Mile Wismar, Linden.
The two women were so distraught that relatives and friends demanded that their photos not to be taken.
Their home, a two storied wooden and concrete structure was engulfed in flames shortly after noon yesterday. The upper flat was occupied by 48 year old Roxanne Mc Turk, who lived with her husband and five children while the bottom flat was home to her fifty three year old sister Joycelyn Fraser  and her two daughters. Roxanne Mc Turk said she had grown up in the house with her parents and siblings, and so has lived there all her life.
The distraught woman, who lay dejectedly on a slab of wood at the back of the yard, said that she lost approximately $10million in the inferno.
“I couldn’t save nothing, nothing…down to we phones bun up, all a left with is what a got on, I ain’t know wha a gon do, where I gon sleep, and right now I ain’t even getting on to me husband, because he in the interior.
“Me children one o dem going to St Roses and one at Bishops- all de clothes, de books, computers and laptops, everything bun up- is how de gon go to school tomorrow?” The woman cried in anguish.

The remains of the Wismar home

Mcturk said that she was upstairs with her children when she heard somebody shout ‘fire’. She added that they immediately ran out of the house, because she reasoned that if the fire was catching downstairs, it would soon burn out the wooden floor, and they would all fall through.
Neighbours who by this time were alerted called the fire service, but when that unit arrived, there was very little that could be done, as the water they had arrived with was quickly used up. “If they had adequate water they coulda at least save the top floor, but soon as they come, they had to be going back and forth for water,”a teary eyed Roxanne explained.
Her sister Joycelyn was equally distraught. She said she was not at home at the time the fire erupted. The woman said that she was tending her shop out on the main road, when she got the call that the house was on fire, and immediately ran home to see what was happening. She estimated her losses in the vicinity of $1million.
In the wake of the fire only charred columns and blackened zinc sheets remained of the upper flat, while in the lower flat blackened bed frames, chairs and tables and kitchen appliances and utensils were all that remained.
After the fire was extinguished family members and friends surveyed the debris to see whether any items were salvageable.
Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo and Pastor Rennison Morrian were among the persons that raced to the scene to offer words of comfort to the two families and seek ways to assist them.

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