Dem boys seh…Ohh Pee beware, the bun lady is here

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A lady and a man bun two children because somebody ketch dem doing wotlessness. If was dolly house, one was playing de mommy. Well dem boys seh that while de man running, de woman got to get release. She got a job waiting fuh she at Ohh Pee.
Is a lot of wotlessness going on in that place and she gun need more than one iron fuh bun some of dem. She bun she son for hammering he cousin back and front. De man bun she son cousin for taking it from the back. Dem boys wan know wha she gon do in Ohh Pee.
She might get tired bunning some of dem. One of dem suh commonplace that he doing he wotlessness all over de place and at any time. One iron couldn’t do fuh he and more than one hot iron got to deal wid he tail.
Dem got others in de place doing de same thing. When de one in de play stand and announce that anti-man tek over, people laugh. When de man continue that it happening from top to bottom people get serious. Dem is de ones who call fuh de woman and she iron.
De woman gun got to be assured of a constant supply of electricity from GPL. Blackout might mek some of dem get away. That is wha dem boys seh. If she can do that to she own son, imagine wha she gun do to dem at Ohh Pee.
When she done with Ohh Pee, send she to King Street.
But dem boys seh that de people at Ohh Pee not only wotless dem also cruel. Dem boys notice that dem have poster of Donald wid he bald head pun all dem post from de airport to G/T. Sun and rain knocking de man head.
Dem coulda put a hat pun de man head. People like Ramjattan and Granger can tek it. But poor Donald.
Talk half. Lef half.

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