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But canals are integral – says fire service

After the recent fire at Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, the Guyana Fire Service is calling on persons not to throw garbage into nearby canals in their respective villages. Apart from the limited supply of water in the fire tenders the canals are the only other source of water supply usually available for firefighting purposes in many areas.
The Fire Service stated in a release, yesterday, that last Monday at 11:18 hrs the Guyana Fire Service received a report of a fire at Lot 5 Stewartville, West Coast Demerara.  A tender and crew from Leonora Fire Station were immediately deployed and arrived at the scene of the fire at 11:21 hrs.
However, immediately on arrival, firefighting operations commenced with the water supply in the tender to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings which were under direct threat.
With the exhaustion of the water supply, efforts were made to access water from a nearby canal, however difficulties were encountered.  Due to heavy silt and debris in the canal the Fire Service pump was clogged up resulting in damages to the pump.
A Land Rover PEE 9751 and crew from Uitvlugt Sugar Estate Works Brigade arrived shortly after and encountered similar difficulties at the canal.
Another tender from West Ruimveldt Fire Station was summoned. It arrived shortly after and extinguished the fire.
“The Guyana Fire Service wishes to emphasise that at no time would Fire Tenders respond without water.  However, when the water supply from the tender is exhausted, tactical decisions have to be taken.  This gives the public the impression that Tenders arrive without water when this is not the case,” the fire service noted.
According to residents of Stewartville, the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has been neglecting its duties to maintain the village, especially the canals.
“All the trenches in Stewartville dem (NDC) a condemn and it turning into little drains.
Dem just got a couple men pulling the grass on the parapet and the drains keep getting smaller all the time; they are not digging the drains! Whenever you complain the NDC dem a vex with you,” a resident called Abena said.
When this newspaper contacted the Stewartville NDC, no one who was authorised to comment on the issue was present in the office and a number was given for the Chairman. However, the phone number could not be accessed.

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