Kudos for the women miners’ organization

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Dear Editor,
I write to congratulate the members of the Guyana Women Miners’ Organization (GWMO) on their outstanding work of helping young helpless girls in the interior, although they are placing their own safety at risk.
It takes more than courage to do what these wonderful ladies are doing without much support from those in relevant authorities. Imagine persons are calling on these ladies for help instead of the police and ministry of human services.
It is very disturbing to see that little or nothing is done on the Ministry of Human service’s behalf to stop TIP. It seems as though these ladies are the only hope for girls who are kept against their will in the interior, since no other group or person has done what the GWMO is doing.
It is sad that the majority of miners that are men are pretending this heinous situation does not exist and do nothing to help the girls involved. Apparently these disgusting men are not related to any female and have no compassion for women, some of whom are just children.
Don’t these men have wives, mothers, sisters and most importantly daughters? Don’t they see the reluctance of the ones held against their wills when they pay to have a nice time with them? These men are worse than animals because even animals protect and nurture their own!
Ms Simona Broomes and organization, keep fighting this nasty yet worthy fight, for your reward will be great!
Anthea Spencer



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