The organizers will not allow a Guyanese representative to win

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Dear Editor,
It is the talk around town that Miss Jamzone Guyana’s Representative Jovan Wilson, was not treated fairly, and that the organizers will not allow a Guyanese representative to win, because Jamzone has become a money making machine, subsequently, the crown will be given to a foreign delegate, to encourage countries to participate. I was not at the actual pageant, and I do not know what criteria were used for judging, but I have seen and heard all the contestants on T.V and had gotten all confidence in our girl, Jovan Wilson.
If the organizers will argue that she was treated fairly, then why is it that Miss Jamzone International 2011 Diva Chambers of Trinidad & Tobago, second runner up Miss Venezuela Kenily Aranguren, and third runner up Miss St Kitts & Nevis Fatisha were given bouquets and our girl who is the first runner up was apparently given none?
I do hope that Miss Jovan Wilson will be given all that was promised to her for the efforts she made in making Guyana proud. I am sure that the entire country will agree with me when I say she did an outstanding job.
Ranold Frankie Layne

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