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‘Used tyres are like a time bomb’ – Action Tyre boss

During the presentation of this year’s $230B Budget two weeks ago, Government announced plans to ban the importation of used tyres. It also announced a tax reduction on new ones. Ron Persaud This revelation has seemly brought dismay amongst... [...]

Slush fund days are over; ad hoc approach behind us – Minister Henry

…Culture, Youth and Sport to see far-reaching improvements By Kiana Wilburg Guyanese can expect to see drastic but meaningful changes to systems governing culture, youth and sport. Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry This... [...]

Significant gold leakages involve Brazilians

As Government continues its reforms of the gold mining sector, one of the major issues it is dealing with is how to halt the leakages in relation to declarations. File photo: GGMC officials and police a few years ago in a controlled exercise... [...]

Tearful mom revisits scene of arson attack which killed daughters, dad

Trembling and wiping away tears, Rosemary Rozario yesterday stood at the Robb and King Streets location where arsonists had torched a building, killing two of her daughters and their father, just over a year ago. Rosemary Rozario at the Robb... [...]

Businesses being courted for ambitious Durban Park development

The business community is being courted to become part of an ambitious complex behind the 1763 Monument, in the Durban Park area, between Homestretch Avenue and Hadfield Street. Works underway at Durban Park. The Durban Park Jubilee Stadium... [...]

Murder of Berbice businesswoman…Cops seek driver who took killers to scene

Police are seeking an individual who appears to be the mastermind behind last Sunday night’s murder of Xiu Di Yang restaurant owner, Xiu Di Yang at No. 57 Village, Corentyne. Detectives have received information that the individual, who appears... [...]

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