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Father of four dies after police beating

A Meten-Meer-Zorg fisherman, who was taken into police custody last Friday on an abusive language allegation, Dead: Asif Rahim Khatoon is now dead, and his family is pointing fingers at ranks of the Leonora Police Station whom they claim savagely... [...]

GCAA Board unaware of commercial licence for ‘money jet’ pilot

- found out about private hangar at CJIA “unofficially” At the time the pilot caught with hundreds of thousands of US dollars stashed in his private The Exec Jet Club facility at CJIA jet would have received clearance to establish his aviation... [...]

With 16 fatalities in 27 days…Road Safety Month is second deadliest period for the year

It appears that ‘Road Fatality Month’ might be a more appropriate description for Road Safety Month, since, Isaiah Khan with three days remaining, November 2014 has turned out to be the second deadliest month for road users. Statistics acquired... [...]

AFC apprises US of Guyana’s democratic and moral decay

-    State Dept. gives commitment to work towards restoration of democracy By Abena Rockcliffe The United States Chapter of the Alliance For Change (AFC) has turned to authorities in that country for assistance US Congresswoman, Yvette Clarke towards... [...]

Jagdeo and he kavakamites gun get jail

It never good to wish people bad, but in this country, envy and spite does got people cussing de very people that dem spite. And when de people tun pun dem, people shouldn’t get vex when dem same people wish dem bad. When dem boys read what... [...]

AFC lambastes PPP for inciting “race-hate” in Berbice

- condemns manipulation of airwaves to serve agenda AFC members listen as Cathy Hughes (second left) makes a point The Alliance for Change (AFC), one day after its co-opposition in parliament had cause to condemn the government over race division... [...]

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