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Duty free concessions…GRA fails to monitor remigrant

…allows AG’s uncle to dodge taxes There are strong indications that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) failed to carry required Remigrant, Kamal Mangal with the SUV audit checks, to ensure compliance on a remigrant who is at the centre of... [...]

Four remanded for Electrical engineer’s murder

Four men were remanded yesterday for the murder of electrical engineer, Abdool Saleem Three of the four men were remanded yesterday. Aziz, who was shot dead in Prashad Nagar last Sunday. Glenroy Griffith, 21, Jarrell Ward, 26, Julian Mack and... [...]

Guyana staves off Intl. blacklisting again

…would have triggered Regional and General Elections -Dr. Luncheon Guyana has again managed to stave off international blacklisting following another review by the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF). This past week, FATF concluded its most... [...]

Three years later…Caribbean Airlines crash due to pilots’ error – report says

More than three years after late night crash which left a Caribbean Airlines plane broken in two, a report has found pilots’ errors to have likely been the cause. The Caribbean Airlines crash site shortly after that July 30, 2011 incident. The... [...]

Six Lusignan residents homeless after Diwali fire

While neighbours are claiming that it was unattended diyas that caused the fire at Lusignan, East Deomattie Ramrattan and her granddaughter, Roma. Coast Demerara (ECD) that resulted in two homes being burnt to the ground, owner of the house... [...]

Four homeless after Canal No.2 fire

A fire ravaged the home of Shridevi Rajbar of lot 17, De Buff, Canal Number Two, West Bank Demerara (WBD), last Thursday evening. The blaze has left homeless, Rajbar along with her grandmother, Marianne Singh and two children. The remains of... [...]

Heist of Guyana


Sliding further downhill

The majority of our skilled people is migrating, and not only does this not augur well for the future, it means that the country is getting less for its investment in human development; training people is a very costly exercise. The country is gradually... Continue reading

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