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Guyanese jailed 30 years for Canadian mall shootings

TORONTO ( – A man who gunned down two people in a crowded downtown food court was sentenced Thursday to at least 30 years behind bars – an unprecedented sentence for second-degree murder. Jailed: Christopher Husbands Ontario... [...]

Two more charged with GPOC $42M robbery

Police have charged two other men in connection with the recent multi-million dollar pension Oliver Franklin heist at the Bourda Post Office. Simeon Evans and Oliver Franklin, who were both unrepresented, were remanded when they appeared in... [...]

Brassington’s only crime was working hard – President Ramotar

…but opposition says President’s idea of hard work is “warped” By Desilon Daniels It was a night of glitz, glamour and wine as Guyana’s top brass turned out at the Executives of the Marriott Hotel along with Guyanese officials including... [...]

Remember Jimmy Carter does bring change

Every government does try a hustle here and there. But most of dem around de world got limits. Dem does tek wid dem finger, some does tek a li’l lick wid dem tongue. But this government does either push dem whole hand inside, or tek a bite... [...]

Students urged to join Guyana’s diverse array of professionals

 – as UG Career Day is observed As the University of Guyana celebrated its annual Career Day, hundreds of students A section of the students gathered yesterday in the George Walcott Lecture Theater (GWLT) who were drawn to the institution... [...]

Relatives advised to make funeral arrangements for burnt woman

Medical practitioners have advised family members of 25-year-old Ashawnti Parris, the woman who said that she was set on fire by her lover on April 7, last, to make funeral arrangements. Ashawnti Parris Parris, a mother of one, is still clinging... [...]

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