Kaieteur News Online Edition of Guyana's Leading Daily 2016-08-24T04:56:38Z http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/feed/atom/ KNews http://kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Man gunned down in car, female friend wounded]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416886 2016-08-24T04:25:29Z 2016-08-24T04:56:38Z A 23-year-old man was gunned down and his 22-year-old female friend wounded during a confrontation with another man in Perry Street Tucville at around 21.20 hrs last night.

Relatives said that the victims, Colin Perreira, of Barr Street, Kitty, and Gail Ann Chacoh, 22, were shot while sitting in a car that Perreira was driving.

Perreira, an excavator operator, was shot in the chest and stomach and died shortly after. Chacon was reportedly shot in the back and hands and was undergoing surgery last night at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Reports indicated that the two friends were shot by a resident of Perry Street, Tucville, shortly after they had reversed onto the resident’s bridge. The shooter has reportedly been detained.

Kaieteur News understands that Perreira had just left a popular Kitty bar, where he was hanging out with friends.

He then dropped off some people and then headed to Perry Street, where the shooting occurred.

His mother, Cerene Roberts, said that she received a call at around 21.20 hrs that her son, also known as ‘Malcolm’, had been shot. She said that she went to Perry Street, where she was shown the area where the shooting had occurred. She also saw a police rank driving the car that her son had used. The vehicle had a number of bullet-holes in the windscreen.

According to Mrs. Roberts, the rank indicated that he was taking the vehicle to the East La Penitence Police Station.

She said that her son succumbed after being taken by friends to the GPHC.

According to the woman, her son had no enemies that she is aware of.



KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[That shady bond deal…AFC reneged on its promise to keep APNU in line – Goolsarran]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416853 2016-08-24T02:01:03Z 2016-08-24T04:55:17Z The “composed and silent” position assumed by the Alliance For Change (AFC) on the alarming

Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsaran

Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsaran

nature of the controversial bond deal has led anti-corruption advocate Anand Goolsarran to say that the AFC has with its silence and attitude, reneged on its promise to the citizenry.
The former Auditor General recalled that it was the co-founder of the AFC, Raphael Trotman, now Minister of Natural Resources, who said during the election campaign trail that the AFC would serve as the check and balance for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).
Trotman had stated, “We are in a coalition where we will act as a check and balance for each other, so if APNU misbehaves in any way we will pull them in line and vice versa and the people, most importantly, will not allow us to mess it up…”
Goolsarran said that some critics might want to pose the argument that the AFC may have found itself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to speaking on the controversial bond matter. Agreeing with the contention to some extent, he said that public disapproval and condemnation by the AFC might be seen as an attempt to weaken the coalition. He stressed, however, that the flipside to that state of affairs is the fact that AFC’s silence may very well be seen as one example of proof that it has been compromised and/or lost its strong political convictions.
“AFC’s silence on the situation is frustrating and disappointing. AFC was supposed to be the one keeping the party in line, and be the buffer against any form of excess. With that in mind, silence on the sole sourcing of a bond to store drugs for the nation is something one would expect would not sit well with the AFC.”
Goolsarran added, “But not a single statement it has said on the matter as a party, registering its disapproval.

WPA Executive Member, Dr. David Hinds

WPA Executive Member, Dr. David Hinds

What then has silenced this once unashamedly outspoken party? The situation is just disappointing to the electorate.”
Adding to the points made by Goolsarran was Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds.
He commented that it is not only the AFC but all the other parties which are silent. He made specific reference to the WPA as well as the People’s National Congress Reform.
The political activist asserted that none of the parties wants to appear to be undermining the government of which they are a part. This position he is an understandable one.
Dr. Hinds said, “If one party speaks unfavourably it would suggest instability in the ranks and could be exploited by the PPP. We have not developed a culture yet that balances self-criticism and support. So the parties in the coalition are in a bind; they are muzzled by our narrow political culture.”

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Hotel owner remanded on charge of bribing cop]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416850 2016-08-24T02:07:06Z 2016-08-24T04:54:40Z The General Manager (GM) of a city Hotel was remanded to prison for allegedly offering a detective attached to the Major Crimes Investigations Unit, Eve Leary, Georgetown, $400,000 as bribe for him to suppress evidence

REMANDED:  Veersammy Narine

Veersammy Narine

in a murder case.
Veersammy Narine, 52, of Robb and Alexander Streets, Bourda, Georgetown, appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman yesterday, in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts where he denied the allegation.
Kaieteur News understands that Narine is a relative of Berbice businessman, Dennis Veersammy, one of the three men charged for the murder of Shameer Ali Mursalin, a former businessman.
Mursalin called ‘Kazac’ a trader formerly of Grant 1805 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice was fatally shot to the head on October 24, 2015.
According to reports, police were investigating a report of threatening language and damage to property at Mursalin’s home. However, when police arrived at the home and called out for him they reportedly got no response. It was reported that police officers ventured into the yard and found Mursalin’s body lying in a pool of blood.
It is alleged that on August 20, last, at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, Narine offered Detective Inspector Suraj Singh, an officer employed by the state, the cash as a reward or inducement for him to show favour to Dennis Veersammy in relation to his principal’s affair.
It was reported that Narine turned up at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown last Saturday to hand over $100,000 of a $400,000 sum, to the policeman. According to reports, after appearing to agree to the offer, the detective notified his superiors and a trap was arranged. Narine was taken into custody when he showed up with the cash. The police reportedly have video and audio evidence of the hotel owner offering the bribe and handing over the money.
Attorney Glenn Hanoman made an application for reasonable bail on behalf of the defendant. Hanoman told the court that his client recently had a surgery on his heart whereby two valves were inserted. The lawyer said that his client is scheduled to return to the USA next month for further surgery.
According to Hanoman, Narine had been in custody since last Saturday and had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. He also had several of the defendant’s medical documents in his possession, but they were not handed over to the court.
In addition, Hanoman stated that his client has no reason to absent himself from court.
Police Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick had no objections to bail for Narine. However, Bostwick requested that conditions be attached.
The prosecutor asked for Narine to stay away from the prosecution’s witnesses pending the outcome of the matter. He pointed out that the nature of the offence aims to pervert the course of justice. In response to the prosecutor’s submission, Hanoman told the court that his client is aware he can be charged if he interferes with the prosecution’s witnesses.
Magistrate Latchman refused the bail application and remanded the defendant to prison until August 29, for reports.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Embattled manager was not qualified for job – GWI official]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416868 2016-08-24T04:26:25Z 2016-08-24T04:53:31Z The hiring of a twice-convicted drug trafficker at the state-owned Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is generating intense debate, with questions being now asked about his qualifications.

GWI’s head, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles

GWI’s head, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles

Manager of GWI’s Debt Recovery Unit, Lear Goring, was employed late last year but it appears that the entity disregarded his background or simply did not know.
This week, amidst public pressure, GWI’s management sent him home pending a probe by the Board of Directors.
Goring is said to be close friend of Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles.
GWI has remained mum on his hiring and asked for all questions by the media to be forwarded to its Public Relations Department. However, there has been no response since the story broke last week.
GWI sources, yesterday, speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted that Goring did not have the requisite qualifications.
“There is nothing much in his personnel file. The position was not advertised and to boot, there was not much anything that makes one understand on what criteria Mr Goring was hired,” a senior GWI official said.
On Monday, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, who is charged with responsibilities of the water sector, said that GWI has been asked to prepare a report of the hiring of the manager, following the report by Kaieteur News on Sunday that said that all was not above board.
The hiring has also caught the attention of the Opposition, with former Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, making it clear that GWI’s internal controls are supposed to conform to international standards, especially with the employment of workers.
“As far as I am aware, and I know, the Human Resources Department of GWI has international standards… international regulations. And the policies are in keeping with those regulations and standards. As a matter of fact, the hiring policy is equivalent and even superior to any corporation in Guyana.”

Lear Goring

Lear Goring

Ali, whose government lost power last year May to the APNU-AFC Coalition, noted that the internal controls of GWI have been “designed to withstand all aspects of integrity and transparency, openness, fairness and so on, and built into that are hiring strategies.”
There must be clearance to hire personnel with background checks and an interviewing process that has to be followed.
“The vacancy has to be advertised. Persons have to be shortlisted. The qualifications have to be assessed…there has to be evaluation criteria. And then there has to be interview.”
The former minister expressed surprise that GWI’s hiring controls were breached as there is even an Internal Audit Department that monitors any new employment and would double-check to ensure the processes have been followed.
“The Internal Audit is not only to conduct financial audits…there are other audits too, including looking at all aspects of human resources.”
Questioned, the Member of Parliament stressed that he would be surprised if there was a breakdown in controls as GWI’s staffers, especially in the Human Resources Department and Internal Audit, are professionals.
Goring was convicted twice by the United States in the 1990’s after he was caught smuggling drugs to the country. He was deported twice and has served time in the US.
The revelations over the weekend immediately raised questions whether GWI knew about Goring’s background and how he ended up being hired to such a sensitive position in that unit.
The all-sensitive Debt Recovery Unit handles tens of millions each year collected from delinquent customers.
Goring’s name surfaced last week after he was named with Van-West Charles, his boss at GWI, as being a director of Atlantic Fuels Inc. That company was granted a fuel import and storage licence last November.
The revelation of the licences immediately raised concerns, with questions asked if Van-West Charles’ connection to the Coalition Government was what tipped the company that applied.
In late September, applications were filed with the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) for the licences. The licences were issued five weeks later.
In October, Van-West Charles became the Chief Executive of GWI. Shortly after, he hired Goring, his business partner, to head the Debt Recovery Unit.
The GWI head had come under fire last year for the hiring of Goring and another ‘friend’, Lance Mars. Both positions were reportedly not advertised.
Van-West Charles had reportedly said that both men were known to him personally.


KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Missing boy’s body in drain…Woman tells cops spouse confessed to killing]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416874 2016-08-24T04:27:19Z 2016-08-24T04:52:24Z A Number 58 Village, Corentyne woman may have helped detectives to solve the murder of 14-year-old Akeem Grimmond, whose body was found in a drain last Monday.

Murdered: Akeem Grimmond

Murdered: Akeem Grimmond

The woman has reportedly told police that her husband admitted to killing the lad, and also told her to “buy coffee and biscuits” for the slain boy’s wake.
Both husband and wife were detained yesterday after the woman went to the police with her story.
However, Kaieteur News understands that the suspect is now telling investigators that he did not kill Grimmond.
A post mortem conducted yesterday by Government Pathologist Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan gave the cause of death as suffocation and compaction of mud in the airways. The findings suggested that someone had pressed the 14-year-old boy’s face-down in the drain in which he was found.
Because decomposition had set in, the pathologist was reportedly unable to detect further signs of assault.
Yesterday, the slain lad’s stepfather, Ryan Persaud, appealed for justice.
He said that the tragedy is particularly stressful on his pregnant wife, who is scheduled to deliver this week.
He said that the suspect is a ’junkie’ who lives a few villages away. Kaieteur News understands that the suspect was previously charged for murder.
Akeem Grimmond’s body was found at around 13:00 hrs on Monday at Number 61 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, two days after he went missing.
The school dropout, of 53 Section ‘B’ Number 61 Village, was last seen alive around 17:30 hrs last Saturday when he left his home to tend to some cows.
According to his mother, 32-year-old Parbattie Takurdyal, her son would usually tend to a villager’s cows which he would round up in the afternoons.
The grief-stricken woman stated that the lad left home as usual to go to the Number 61 backdam to collect the cows, but failed to return.
After she did not see him around 20:30 hrs she made a report at the No. 62 police outpost.
Search parties were then organized and the badly decomposed body was found around 15:00 hrs in a drain aback of a burial ground some 700 yards west of the public road in the same village. The corpse reportedly bore a four-inch wound behind the left ear. The body was in a state of decomposition. Grimmond was clad in the same clothes that he had left home with- a pair of green short pants and red and white vest.
The lad was reportedly last seen by a neighbour around 17:00 on Saturday while he was in the backdam.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Freddie Kissoon denies KNews prompted him to testify in assault trial]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416878 2016-08-24T04:32:02Z 2016-08-24T04:51:59Z – Magistrate declines to grant defence counsel request

Attorney Glenn Hanoman who is representing one of the men accused of assaulting Frederick Kissoon suggested that Kissoon is testifying in the trial and recalling events of the alleged attack as a ploy designed to attract public attention for Kaieteur News, given that the newspapers is responsible for the alleged perpetrators being charged.tre y
This was suggested to Kissoon under cross examination by the Attorney.
However, Kissoon vehemently denied the suggestion deeming it “utterly ridiculous”. He said that he was in court to testify what had happened and was in no way instigated by the newspapers.
Kissoon completed his testimony yesterday before Magistrate Judy Latchman in the trial of Kwame McCoy, Jason Abdulla and Shawn Hinds.
The trio is accused of assaulting Kissoon on May 24, 2010, at Georgetown.
They have each been released on $100,000 bail.
The men allegedly threw fecal matter into Kissoon’s face when he emerged from the Nigel’s Supermarket, at Robb Street, Georgetown. It was reported that an individual walked up to the columnist’s vehicle and threw the substance on him.
After the attack, Kissoon reportedly drove behind the perpetrator who ran north along Light Street then went into North Road, before jumping into awaiting motorcar.
Attorney Latchmie Rahamat is representing McCoy; Attorneys Euclin Gomes and Glenn Hanoman are representing Abdulla; Hinds is being represented by Attorney George Thomas.
When Kissoon took the stand he was asked by Police Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick to recall what transpired on the night he was attacked; to explain where he was before he parked his vehicle and the events that occurred thereafter.
Kissoon recalled that on the day in question, he had left Nigel’s Supermarket on Robb Street, Georgetown and entered his vehicle which was parked nearby. He said that he had wound down his vehicle’s window when a man walked up and threw a substance on him.
The witness recounted that after the substance was thrown on him, a man of African descent walked away, jogged across North Road, proceeded down Merriman Mall and entered a motorcar. He also went on to describe his attacker’s height and body structure.
When asked by Prosecutor Bostwick if there were other persons in the car, Kissoon replied in the affirmative. However, when asked by the prosecutor to point out the person who had thrown the substance on him, Kissoon was unable to do so, indicating that the individual was not present in court. Under further cross examination by Hanoman, Kissoon said that he discarded the shirt he was wearing at the time of the attack, because he had no reason for wanting to keep a nasty piece of material.
“For such an event in your life you can’t remember what type of shirt you were wearing?” the Magistrate asked. Kissoon then sought to explain that it was an ordinary denim shirt.
In addition, Hanoman requested the Magistrate to warn Kissoon about his demeanour. At this stage, Kissoon asked the Magistrate to tell him what was wrong about his demeanour.
The Magistrate did not respond. Hanoman and Kissoon had an exchange of words after Kissoon refused to answer questions he said were not clear to him.
It was then that Hanoman asked the Magistrate to make a ruling on Kissoon’s competence to continue as a witness. The Magistrate did not do such.
During cross examination by Rahamat, Kissoon was asked how he was able to identify his attacker since he mentioned in his testimony that he was in a state of shock. In response, he told the lawyer that although he was in a state of shock, it did not affect his visual capabilities. During Kissoon’s testimony, Rahamat requested for the Magistrate to warn Kissoon. The Attorney did not specify what she wanted the witness to be warned about. Kissoon repeatedly asked Magistrate Latchman what the lawyer was implying, but she declined to answer.
The trial continues on August 29, when Kissoon is expected to be further cross examined by Hanoman.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[‘Satan’ remanded for murder of Ann’s Grove teen]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416793 2016-08-24T04:31:33Z 2016-08-24T04:50:29Z Allegations of police brutality were raised by Alvin Reid also known as ‘Satan’ before he was remanded

MURDER ACCUSED: Alvin ‘Satan’ Reid

MURDER ACCUSED: Alvin ‘Satan’ Reid

to prison yesterday, charged with the murder of 14-year-old Malika Hamilton, whom he had reportedly accompanied to swim at Hope Canal, East Coast Demerara, on August 8.
Reid, 29, of Nimrod Street, Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara, was found by police last Thursday, hiding in a barrel at a relative’s house near the cemetery at Ann’s Grove.
He was not required to plead to the indictable charge read to him by Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul in the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.
The unrepresented accused stood quietly in the courtroom as the allegation was being read to him. However, he interrupted the court while Police Prosecutor David Goodridge was reading the facts of the matter. When given a chance to speak, Reid alleged that he was beaten by several detectives attached to the Turkeyen and Cove and John Police Stations. He claimed that ranks placed a black bag over his head and demanded him to say things he knew nothing about. The accused also pointed out several visible scars that were on his neck and told the Magistrate he received them as a result of the beating he had to endure.
Reid’s allegations against the police were recorded by the Magistrate.
Prosecutor Goodridge told the court that Reid and the deceased were known to each other. He said that on the August 8, Hamilton left her home in the company of the accused to go and swim in the canal.
According to Goodridge, Hamilton failed to return home the same day. He said that the following day (August 9), Hamilton’s body was seen floating in the Hope Canal. He stated that the girl’s body was retrieved

MURDERED: Malika Hamilton

Malika Hamilton

and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she was pronounced dead.
Prosecutor Goodridge indicated that investigations into the matter were completed and that he was ready to proceed with a preliminary inquiry.
Magistrate Ally-Seepaul remanded Reid to prison until September 28 and transferred the matter to the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court.
According to reports, the Ann’s Grove teen left her home to go and swim with the accused and a young boy. It was suspected that Hamilton had drowned. This was confirmed by a post mortem (PM) examination which showed that she died from asphyxiation due to drowning. However, the PM also revealed injuries to the throat, indicating that someone had choked her.
When news of the teen’s death broke, Reid had reportedly disappeared from the village, raising suspicions of his involvement.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Slain pensioner reportedly had $6M stashed in home]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416822 2016-08-24T02:08:56Z 2016-08-24T04:45:44Z – son, workers still in custody

Detectives are trying to ascertain reports that Better Hope, East Coast Demerara pensioner David Ramkissoon had some $6M stashed in his home prior to him being found in his residence with his throat slashed.

Dead: David Ramkissoon

Dead: David Ramkissoon

The claim about the large sum of cash is being made by the slain man’s son, who, along with two of his workers, has been detained.
The son has told police that he had gone to a creek on the Soesdyke/Linden highway with his family, and returned to find his 76-year-old father dead in his bedroom.
Kaieteur News understands that the workers who were later detained were to have accompanied the son and family on the trip to the creek, but then indicated that they were not going.
The house was ransacked and money was reportedly stolen, but a source said that detectives found “absolutely no sign” of forced entry.
Police who examined the scene reportedly found several envelopes, in which Ramkissoon would have received his pension money, in a refrigerator. One theory that investigators are examining is the possibility that the killing may be linked to a property dispute.
David Ramkissoon, called “Shortman”, was found in a pool of blood in the living room of his home at around 19:30 hrs on Sunday.
His son had reportedly just returned home after spending the day at a creek on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway with his family.
The pensioner shared the home with his son, daughter-in-law and the couple’s two children.
The daughter-in-law had said the family left home around 11:00 hrs on Sunday to go to the creek.
“We left late and he (the father-in-law) was telling us is best we stay home and eat lunch then go to the creek, because the traffic to go to the creek gun be bad. He was sitting in the hammock when we left home.”
She added that when they returned home, they noticed that the house was in complete darkness.
“My husband went in the yard and opened the door and went inside to put on the light and he go in his father room and called for him, but he see the room ransacked and his father wasn’t there, so we went in the other rooms and they were ransacked,” the woman said.
She said that it was when her husband was heading back downstairs that he noticed his father’s body and started screaming.
The daughter-in-law said that she and several neighbours rushed into the house and saw Ramkissoon on the floor. She said that she has no idea as to why the police would take her husband in custody since he is innocent and would in no way harm his father.
Asked if she has any idea as to who may want her father-in-law dead, the woman responded in the negative, but claimed that there are a number of unemployed youths in the area who hang out in the streets.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Technicians retrieve damaged GPL submarine cable]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416803 2016-08-23T23:26:03Z 2016-08-24T04:29:20Z -excess power from US$30M-plus West Dem plant continues to waste
Technical officials have retrieved a damaged submarine power cable linking the city and West Demerara, but it may be some time before the cable becomes operational again.

File photo: Work being done on the submarine power cable in the Demerara River.

File photo: Work being done on the submarine power cable in the Demerara River.

The submarine cable is necessary for the critical sharing of power through the inter-connected system along the coastland stretching from Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice, to Georgetown and across the Demerara River to Parika, East Bank Essequibo.
Giving an update yesterday, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) said that a team of its workers, with assistance from a number of submarine experts from China, retrieved the submarine cable from the Demerara river bed in order to assess the extent of the damage.
Since it became known that the cable was damaged on July 12th, GPL has blamed it on faulty connection, although the Chinese contractor, China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC), has insisted that dredging in the Demerara River was what damaged it.
Yesterday, the power company said it had conducted a comprehensive test on the cable subsequent to a total shutdown on July 12. The tests attributed the incident to faulty insulation at the connection or “Pot Head” linking the 69KV submarine cable to the overhead transmission lines at Kingston. The test obtained from the protective devices at GPL’s sub-stations at Kingston and Vreed-en-Hoop indicated damage to the cable.
According to GPL, an actual retrieval of the submarine cable from the Demerara River was necessary to determine the extent of the damage.
It is now being recommended that the damaged section of the cable be removed altogether and replaced, using a special submarine cable-joining kit which GPL is currently sourcing in order to bring the cable back into operation in the shortest possible time.
“In the interim, the company has confirmed that there is sufficient capacity within East Demerara and Berbice to meet the electricity demands of its customers,” GPL explained.
CMC, which has been facing questions over its work on a US$40M contract (which included the cable, seven substations and overhead transmission lines along the coastland), has been insisting that it followed specifications of the cable laying across the Demerara River.
“The submarine cable was put into operation since December 4, 2012 and abnormality has never been detected. As far as we know, the cable was damaged during the dredging operation in the evening of July 12. The non-service of submarine cable has nothing to do with the quality of the cable,” the Chinese company said in a statement.
The company had earlier tendered for another GPL project- a US$18M metering and upgrade project. While the tenders of that IDB-EU funded project have been opened since February, there has been little word on who won it, with contractors expressing frustration.
GPL itself has not said who is to be blamed for the damage of the cable.
With excess power being produced by the new US$30M-plus power facility at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Demerara, critics have blasted GPL for wasting money.
It is estimated that millions of dollars in excess power is lost from the generation by the Vreed-en-Hoop station because of the downed cable.
GPL has been under pressure to reduce its outages, with some of them coming at embarrassing times.
The submarine cable was part of a larger infrastructural work by GPL to improve its efficiency. It included, also, the building of seven sub-stations and stringing of miles of new transmission lines with fibre optic across the coastland.
GPL came under scrutiny recently, with Minister of State Joseph Harmon in responding to media questions, saying that he is of the view that a contractor’s track record must be an important consideration when evaluations are done. CMC’s handling of the sub-stations and transmission lines project had been cited.
Harmon said that anyone can submit a bid, but it is up to the evaluators to ensure that contractors with bad track records do not get the contract. He noted that when the documents come to Cabinet, it is for Cabinet to either object or give its no objection to the contract.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Should Michael Khan be on the job at GPHC?]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416806 2016-08-23T23:38:08Z 2016-08-24T04:28:48Z – Public Health Minister says no
– Official says Khan staying put; abiding by Board’s decision

Cabinet has reportedly issued a directive for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Georgetown Public

GPHC’s CEO  Michael Khan

Michael Khan

Hospital Corporation (GPHC), Mr Michael Khan, to be sent on leave pending the outcome of a review of a recently released audit report of the hospital.
Khan’s fate as CEO reportedly lies in the outcome of that review.
Cabinet had instructed that Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams, conduct the review. This announcement was made two weeks ago by Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who disclosed that Williams would have to present Cabinet with a solution within a week’s time.
However, when attempts were made to contact Williams yesterday to ascertain the status of the review, he, through his Secretary, revealed that this publication should contact Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton for that update.
Minister Norton acknowledged that it was Cabinet’s decision for Khan to be sent on leave pending the outcome of the review.
However, checks at the GPHC yesterday revealed that Khan was still on the job. In fact a source close to the hospital yesterday disclosed that Khan will remain on the job until he is issued with a letter from the Board instructing him to proceed on leave.
Khan was last year sent on administrative leave in order to facilitate an audit of the financial and

Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton

Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton

general operations of the hospital.
While there were some damning allegations detailed against Khan in the report, the Board had opted to write to Khan advising him to resume his duties. He has been on the job ever since.
Minister Norton had, however, issued a directive that Khan remain off the job.
This is in light of the fact that following the release of the audit, the Board was divided as to whether Khan should return and therefore sought the intervention of Minister Norton.
However, the Board is said to have subsequently decided to reinstate Khan and disregarded the request for the Minister’s intervention.
At a post-Cabinet press briefing held on August 11, last, Minister Harmon had said that “Cabinet received a report from the Honourable Minister of Public Health on the state of affairs at the Public Hospital Corporation, Georgetown.”
According to Harmon, “among the issues raised in the report were the relationships between the subject Minister and the Board of Directors of the Corporation.”
He noted that the decision of the Board of Directors to reinstate the CEO of the hospital has gained the attention of Cabinet. And Harmon also disclosed that “Cabinet, having deliberated on the matter, appointed the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister (Basil Williams) as mediator to inquire into all the issues raised in the report.”
Williams was also tasked with making recommendations to Cabinet which would allow for a resolution within one week, Harmon had said.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Is Guyana’s manufacturing sector dying? Pt. 7…More protection possible for manufacturers without hurting international agreements – Foreign Affairs Minister]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416790 2016-08-24T02:09:07Z 2016-08-24T04:28:33Z By Kiana Wilburg

One of the crucial questions coming out of the debate on Guyana’s ailing manufacturing sector is whether it is possible for some level of protectionism to be had for local manufacturers without appearing discriminatory to other countries and/or infringing on some of the nation’s bilateral agreements.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge

Some Government officials have expressed great caution over the idea, saying that it involves too many risks.
But in the estimation of Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, protection is certainly possible without hurting international agreements. He noted, however, that it would call for a careful look at Guyana’s rules and regulations as well as its standards and enforcement of various forms of protectionism.
Greenidge explained that there are different types of protection, some of which include tariffs, quotas, embargoes, subsidies and administrative barriers.
The Foreign Affairs Minister explained that tariffs refer to a tax on imports, while quotas speak to physically limiting the quantity of imports. As for embargoes, he said that this is a ban on dangerous substances.
On the aspect of subsidies, Greenidge said that if a government gives financial support to domestic production, this gives the beneficiaries in the sector an unfair advantage over other competitors. He said that what a government may do is take action against the dumping of goods into the local markets by importers, at prices below their economic levels.
With regard to administrative barriers, Greenidge said that this mechanism makes it more difficult to trade, as one of the things it can seek to do is impose minimum environmental standards.
The Foreign Affairs Minister commented that countries may impose tariffs on goods in order to protect fledgling industries, and to give them a chance to become established. In order for such an argument to be defensible in Guyana’s case, he contended that an acceptable time limit will have to be set for those tariffs.
Greenidge also recorded his dismay with the fact that Guyana is importing goods such as roti and puri, tamarind balls, sugar cane juice, coconut water and water.
He said that normally, trade in such products which are primarily first stage processing would give local producers an advantage.
“However, we are witnessing these products entering Guyana as a result of several factors ranging from poor surveillance, to superior marketing and packaging by foreign competitors, and a more reliable delivery, as well as more competitive pricing by the said persons. It is also possible that a wider range of consumers with higher incomes are also influencing the trend by seeking a wider variety,” the former Finance Minister articulated.
He asserted that there can be little doubt that some manufacturers are worried and “rightly so” because some of the causes lie at their doorsteps.
“In negotiating trade agreements, the CARICOM negotiators normally identify those products which are so sensitive that we will not agree to negotiate access to our markets at all. In other cases we can also insist only to allow the importation if the access is phased over a period, during which we could try to enhance our capacity to compete.
Under the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement there are such arrangements, with the restriction on some products being as long as 25 years. Obviously this cannot be applied to all potential imports which compete with our products.”
The Minister continued, “Clearly, more needs to be done to ensure that foreign suppliers do not get away with selling us goods of lower standard than our own manufacturers are required to meet. In a recent report, a consultant, Professor McKaig, suggested that foreign suppliers and domestic importers do not always adhere to the rules, and Guyanese Customs Administration neither makes nor enforces demands for safer, healthier or higher quality imports.”

He added, “It needs to be said that all states can demand adequate protection against potential health hazards in imports that may threaten the health of consumers, crops, and livestock.”
Greenidge noted that Guyana can impose more stringent and unified controls on international and local border crossings. But to do this in a manner that is defensible, the authorities would have to monitor and undertake surveillance of the prevalence of pests, diseases, and health hazards so that Guyana can have data required by trade partners, and information with which to manage health risks.
The politician said that the absence of a viable Sanitary and Phytosanitary or SPS system is at the core of the problem for SPS capacity building.
“Behind all of this is a need for our manufacturers to improve their capacity to compete. There are obvious constraints that need to be removed or attenuated. These include the cost and reliability of power, the cost of fuel, and the inefficiency at Customs and handling.”
Greenidge said that is for this reason that many economists emphasize the contribution of management efficiency, worker productivity and skill upgrading to improving cost/price competitiveness.
In addition, he said that they would often call for Government policy to pay more careful attention to the crucial role of non-price factors that are critical to winning and maintaining competitive advantages by firms in world markets.
Greenidge said that these include knowledge, skill, marketing and economic intelligence, product quality, production for specialized niche markets, management and organizational capabilities, and production flexibility.
“For the same reason there are calls for Governments in the region to look at industrial policy and options such as the use of international licensing as a means of ensuring that domestic companies can compete – by way of getting access to intangible assets, such as their patents, trade secrets, know-how, trademarks, or even their company name and logo, of foreign partners. Similar contractual agreements may include franchising, technical agreements, service or management contracts, and other variations.”
Greenidge noted, however, that, pre-1992; many of the imports causing concern now would not have been permitted, because there was the option of using tariffs. However, the economist said that it should also be noted that there existed specific policies to fill these needs, until the fiscal crisis made it difficult for the states to provide support to programmes that encouraged the type of extensive import substitution/replacement common at that time.
To be continued …

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[This has never been a ground like that says Simmons]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416846 2016-08-24T00:28:42Z 2016-08-24T04:25:35Z Not getting what he wants to improve Windies cricket

By Sean Devers in Trinidad
Phill Simmons, the 53 year-old West Indies head Coach said he has played at the Queens Park Oval for many years and has never seen a match called after less than a session of play being possible.

India coach Anil Kumble and West Indies coach Phil Simmons are engaged in conversation. ©Associated Press

India coach Anil Kumble and West Indies coach Phil Simmons are engaged in conversation. ©Associated Press

West Indies now moves to Florida where they play India in two T20 games. Their next Test assignment is against number one ranked Pakistan in the UAE.
Only 22 overs of play were possible in the fourth Test in Trinidad and there was no play on the last four days despite the ground being blessed with brilliant sunshine.
“I am extremely surprised, because, as far as I know, in my years here, this has never been a ground like that,” he said. “I don’t know what is the position is over on the other side [the ground officials], but it was really bad and after two days of sun, and when I saw it yesterday morning, I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I don’t know what the position is there and what caused that, but I’m surprised and I never expected that here,” said a baffled Simmons, who scored a century and four fifties in his 26 Tests between 1988 and1997.
This was the third shortest abandoned Test match in the history of this format in the West Indies.
In 1998 at Sabina Park in Jamaica, England had lost three wickets inside the first hour against West Indies and the match was abandoned after 56 minutes, due to a dangerous pitch.
In 2009 the second Test of the series between England and West Indies was halted after 10 deliveries in Antigua. England were once again batting, but this time it was the safety of the home team’s bowlers that caused the umpires to call a halt.
The sandy surface was not allowing the bowlers sufficient traction in their run-ups. Match referee Alan Hurst declared it “unfit and dangerous”.
Reviewing the rain affected series Simmons said he thought the series was a little bit too up-and-down.
“We played well across maybe two hours, three hours sometimes, and the next two hours we would be down. And I think that was, for me, the major disappointment. We’ve shown that we can do things but not consistently enough. We batted well in Jamaica, but we went and did the same things we did in the first Test in the third Test. It’s disappointing that we weren’t consistent enough,” Simmons who was recently reinstated as Coach lamented.
According to the Trinidadian there are a lot of things that he asked for that has not been coming to fruition.
“I’ve asked for coaches to meet twice, maybe three times a year, and discuss cricket and so on. We need to make sure that whatever we’re doing upstairs is going down to everybody,” Simmons disclosed.
“I think in some cases you have to adjust techniques, which is a sad thing because it’s something that we should be doing at a level below. I think the same thing with mentality because when we come up here it’s a lot harder to get runs and get wickets.”
“I think at our domestic level it’s a lot easier, that patience and that time at the crease and things, if we bat two sessions in a domestic game a lot of the guys playing here would have a hundred or more. But if you bat two sessions here, it might be 60 or 70, so the patience at the domestic level is not tested as much as up here,” Simmons added.
If we don’t have the same objective, then we spin it up in muddles. I think that’s lacking. It’s quite a few things to be fixed, but at the end of the day the quality of cricket that is downstairs is not good enough for the maturity of the players to be quicker.”
“Things like our pitches and our practice facilities need to be better, a lot better, in order to produce players, not just fast bowlers as we’re lacking now, but batsmen, because the better the pitches the better the batsmen show themselves. Little things like that we need to put in place,” Simmons stressed.
Simmons believed that the gap between Test cricket and regional cricket needs to be filled.
“Whether it can be done with an academy, which we don’t have right now, A-team cricket…. which we have one series a year….we should have two to three a year. Something has to be done to fill that gap, you know? We’re missing a few things,” Simmons pointed out.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Brathwaite receives vote of confidence from Sammy]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416830 2016-08-24T00:11:29Z 2016-08-24T04:24:54Z PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – New West Indies T20 captain Carlos Brathwaite says he has received a vote of confidence from former skipper Darren Sammy as the regional side prepares to play India in two T20

Brathwaite preparing to lead Windies T20 side. (Getty Images William West)

Brathwaite preparing to lead Windies T20 side. (Getty Images William West)

internationals this weekend in Florida.
Brathwaite was announced as the new captain shortly after Sammy disclosed through a Facebook post that he was dropped after leading West Indies to two World T20 titles.
The Barbadian allrounder said support from Sammy and other senior members of the West Indies team is allowing him to make a smooth transition at the helm of the side.
“He gave me his blessing and as a senior guy appreciated it, which allowed me to ease into the role. It has allowed me to transition easier from just being told [about the captaincy] to the excitement of wanting to get on the field and lead,” said Brathwaite during a press conference after the fourth Test against India in Port of Spain.
“It was a good vote of confidence speaking to Sammy, then I saw him at a charity event, saw some of the senior guys as well, all have been telling me positive things.”
The 28 year old Bajan enjoyed his best moments during the World T20 final against England earlier this year.
With West Indies needing 19 runs off the last over, Brathwaite struck four successive sixes off Ben Stokes to take the side to their second T20 title.
“I think a team like this will be pretty easy to lead, from the point of view that the dressing room is a fun place to be. I don’t think it’s a case where I have to negotiate too many egos,” he said.
“The guys enjoy each other’s company. It’s just a matter for me to go there, do the things that I can do, firstly as a player and then a captain, continue to mould the team that Darren has started to mould, efficiently”.
The clash between the World T20 champions and their Indian rivals is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Central Broward Regional Park in the city of Fort Lauderdale in the American state of Florida.
The state recently hosted matches in the fourth edition of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which attracted large crowds as organizers continue to test the US market.
“From all reports, CPL had a fantastic ovation and it was well-received. And I hope this is the start of big things,” the new Windies T20 skipper pointed out.
“We are next-door neighbours and the US is a powerhouse so let’s see how it goes. We are testing the waters a bit, hopefully it goes well and hopefully this is the first of many in the USA.”

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Caribbean Badminton team championships 2016 – Aruba…Guyana defeat Barbados 3-2 & Aruba 5-0 to top Group B ]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416834 2016-08-24T00:16:27Z 2016-08-24T04:24:45Z The Guyana Badminton Team consisting of SUNBURST’s Narayan Ramdhani, Jonathan Mangra, Priyanna Ramdhani and Ambika Ramraj are currently playing in the Caribbean Badminton Team Championships which started

The Guyana Badminton team currently in Aruba: (from left) Narayan Ramdhani, Priyanna Ramdhani, Ambika Ramraj and Jonathan Mangra.

The Guyana Badminton team currently in Aruba: (from left) Narayan Ramdhani, Priyanna Ramdhani, Ambika Ramraj and Jonathan Mangra.

on Monday 22 of August 2016 at the Centro Deportivo Sports Hall.

This is the second part of the CAREBACO Championships after the 4-day play off of the CAREBACO International which concluded on August 21th.  Six countries are participating in two Groups. The two winners in each group will then move forward to the main knockout draw.

Guyana is in Group B and played Barbados and Aruba, while Group A will see Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago & Suriname playing.

In the results:

August 22, 2016.

GUYANA defeated BARBADOS 3-2

BOYS SINGLES: Jonathan Mangra defeated Shae Martin: 21-13, 15-21, 21-19

GIRLS SINGLES: Ambika Ramraj lost to Amanda Hayood: 6-21, 9-21

BOYS DOUBLES: Narayan Ramdhani & Jonathan Mangra defeated Jehu Gaskin & Keshem Moore: 21-15, 21-10

GIRLS DOUBLES: Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeated Cheyanna Burnett-Griffith: 21-14, 21-6

MIX DOUBLES: Narayan Ramdhani & Priyanna Ramdhani lost to Shae Martin & Amanda Haywood: 16-21, 16-21

August 23, 2016.

GUYANA defeated ARUBA 5-0

BOYS SINGLES: Narayan Ramdhani defeated Efraim Van Der Linden: 21-7, 21-4

GIRLS: SINGLES: Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Thyrza Van Der Linden: 21-10, 21-10

BOYS DOUBLES: Narayan Ramdhani & Jonathan Mangra: defeated Tim Hankark & Efraim van Der Linden: 21-3, 21-5

GIRLS DOUBLES: Priyanna Ramdhani & Ambika Ramraj defeated Leyenne Schairer & Thyrza Van Der Linden: 21-8, 21-15

MIX DOUBLES: Jonathan Mangra & Ambika Ramraj defeated: Jai Lalwani & Leyenne Schairer: 21-4, 21-6

Guyana winner of Group B were down to play Suriname who got second place in Group A last evening.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[RHTY&SC Cricket Teams planning Massive Career and Business Fair]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416828 2016-08-24T00:12:41Z 2016-08-24T04:20:33Z The eight cricket teams of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS as part of their Youth Development Campaign would be hosting a Massive Career and Business Fair on Thursday 22nd of September. The event would be organised in conjunction with the RHTY&SC partner, the ‘B’ Division of the Guyana Police Force and would be held on the Public Road of Guyana’s smallest township.
The main objectives of the Career and Business Fair are to assist youths to understand the qualifications needed for youths, to guide youths to career choices, to inspire youths to get involved in business, to allow youths to meet and be inspired by role models, to promote businesses around Guyana, to promote Rose Hall Town as an investment centre and to promote the Club’s highly successful Say No and Yes Campaign.
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster stated that the Cricket teams and the Management of the RHTYSC, MS are working overtime to make sure that the event is properly organised and achieves everyone one of its objectives.
The organisers are aiming to have at-least 60-80 Government Agencies, NGO’s, Businesses, Government Ministries and Educational institutions. The experienced administrator who have successfully completed over 6000 projects/activities at the RHTYSC, M.S, stated that several companies and agencies have already indicated that they would be part of the Career and Business Fair. They include the Guyana Forestry Commission, Comfort Sleep, Guyana Post Office Corporation, Guyana Bank for Industry and Trade, Habitat for Humanity, Guyana Tourism Authority, National Library, Bank of Nova Scotia, Republic Bank, Guyana Revenue Authority, Regional Health Services, UNICEF, ST. Francis Community Developers, Ministry of Social Protection, Bakewell and J’s Printery among others.
Foster is urging sports organisations around Guyana to be involved in the Career Fair as part of an effort to promote sports as a career for youths. He is urging the Guyana Cricket Board, Football Federation, Guyana Olympic Committee, Guyana Karate Federation, Guyana Basketball Federation among others to promote their sports in Berbice by sending up booths. Contact can be made to the RHTYSC via Telephone Number 337-4562 or email foster_hilbert@yahoo.com.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Sharpshooting Pools Competition set for Sunday at Jerries in Grove]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416842 2016-08-24T00:20:14Z 2016-08-24T04:20:25Z The Grand Central Pools Bar or as popularly known, Jerries Shop, at Grove on the East bank of Demerara will be the venue for a Sharpshooting Pools Competition on Sunday starting at 3:00pm.
All Pools pros and amateurs are invited to be a part of the action which attracts an entry fee of $2,000.
Prizes on offer are $100,000, $40,000, $20,000 for the top three finishers, all accompanied with the respective trophies, while the fourth place finisher will collect a trophy. The best player will get a complementary cellphone as their reward.
The tournament is sponsored by Eddie’s Bobcat, Excavator and Construction Service, Shaffie Mohamed Mining Company, Ansa McAl Trading, L. Mahabeer and Son Cambio, Sahadeo Mining, Khemraj Nauth Contracting Service, Grand Central (Jerries) Pool Bar, A1 Imports and Cell Phone Shack.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[SUR includes Berbice affiliate for Boyce/Jefford Classic VII]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416843 2016-08-24T00:25:15Z 2016-08-24T04:20:16Z -in bid to challenge for top placing

The Super Upcoming Runners (SUR) Athletics Club is hoping to steal a bit of the spotlight at the 2016

Carla Rodney

Carla Rodney

Edition of the Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic, scheduled for this weekend at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Ground, Linden.
While not in the top tier clubs in the country, the budding athletics club is hoping to make a big statement when the seventh edition of the Classic begins on Saturday in the Mining Town with about eight Finals, including the 200m Men and Women.
All the other preliminaries are also set for Saturday. Coach of the Club, Carla Rodney sat down with News Room Sport and spoke of preparation for the two-day athletics event. Guyana’s most lucrative athletics event continues on Sunday at 1pm.
“Well preparations are going good so far, we have athletes from Berbice as part of our team, I expect them to do well, we may not get the million, but I expect them to do well at these games,” the confident Rodney noted.
“They train everyday at several different grounds depending on the work they have to do, but they really need a facility up there and somehow I think the Government needs to get a facility there that is the only way they will get better athletes,” Rodney continued, shedding some light on the challenges of their Boyce and Jefford Logo NewBerbice affiliate.
Nevertheless, she wants her athletes to remain focus as the club aims for success. “I just want everybody to put their best foot forward, I don’t want them to let a name in a race put them off their guard, they need to remain focus and perform,” she said.
Rodney believes that going up against big clubs such as Police Progressive Youth Club and Guyana Defence Force will only help them improve. “We see this as an opportunity to better ourselves even though we have Police to contend with, GDF to contend with,” she added.
“We also know that Mercury Fast Laners and Linden will be there, but we will make that extra effort to make sure we are in that top bracket this year,” Rodney committed, bringing into focus an epic battle among the five registered clubs for the four prizes.
The winner of the 2016 Classic runs away with $1 million while second place pockets $500,000 and third place $300,000. The fourth place team takes home $200,000. There is also $100,000 up for grabs in eight International events.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Eagles thump High Stars, Shattas earn draw against Botofago; matches continue today]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416836 2016-08-24T00:17:05Z 2016-08-24T04:20:14Z GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power Nat. U-17 League…

As rivalry in the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) leg of the GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour National Under-17 league motors on, two more matches will be contested today at the Wisburg School ground.
Amelia’s Ward Panthers will throw down the gauntlet to Topp XX once a powerhouse side in the Bauxite Mining Town, while Eagles United will seek to continue soaring when they oppose Netrockers in the feature match of the day. Kick off time is 13:00hrs.
In latest play, Eagles United, on account of a double off the boot of Omar Brewley, trounced High Stars 4-0. Brewley set the tone for victory and was ably supported by Delroy Reid and Rasheed Johnson with one goal each.
In the other match, Silver Shattas left it late to tuck in the equalizing goal from a corner against Botofago which had taken the lead through a Koby Amsterdam goal. But Shattas struck back late through Javel Johnson to walk away with an even share of the points.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[RHTY&SC, M.S Town Week…Roraima Airways INC and JR Engineering Solution on board as Official Sponsors]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416839 2016-08-24T00:19:24Z 2016-08-24T04:20:07Z Roraima Airways of Georgetown and JR Engineering Solutions of New Amsterdam have become

RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster

RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster

the latest cooperate entities to support the efforts of the Cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club to host a memorable Town Week in observance of the 46th Anniversary of Rose Hall Town. The teams have arranged an impressive list of activities to be hosted between the 14th to 25th of September and which includes a Career and Business Fair, Medical Outreach, Day of Sports, Launching of Booklet on the history of Rose Hall Town, Opening of a Family Recreational Park, Public Exhibition, Launching of a Television Documentary on Rose Hall Town, Tourism Poster, Honouring of Outstanding Students and Senior Citizens, Rose Hall Cuisine Competition and Massive March Past and Opening Ceremony.
Roraima Airways INC and Captain Gerry Gouveia have donated two trips to the Arrow Point Resort for the top Grade Six and Best CSEC Student from Rose Hall Town for the Year 2016. The prize would be for the students, one parent each and would be handed over by a representative of the company during the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 14th of September.
Meanwhile, the Club also received a financial contribution from JR Engineering Solution towards the construction of the HD Hoyte Memorial Family Recreational Park which would be formally declared open on September 23rd. The park would include the construction of a Benab, Slides, Seesaws, Swings and Flower Garden among others and forms part of the Club’s and the Guyana Police Force ‘B’ Division Say No to Drugs, Crime and Suicide Programme.
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster who is the coordinator of the Town Week celebrations expressed his gratitude to Captain Gerry Gouveia, Roraima Airways and JR Engineering Solutions for their support. He stated that the RHTYSC, MS would work towards making the prize an annual one for the best Grade 6 and CSEC Students from Rose Hall Town. The cricket teams organising the Town Week are the Farfan and Mendes Under 15, Bakewell Under 17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under 19 and Intermiade, Metro Female and Gizmos & Gadgets Under 21 and First Division teams.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[The Bishops’ High School to be extended]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416808 2016-08-23T23:52:32Z 2016-08-24T04:15:58Z
  • South R/veldt Secondary to see some rehabilitative works
  • During the opening of the tenders at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday, at the Ministry of Finance, a contract for the extension of The Bishops’ High School attracted 17 bidders. The Ministry of Education was listed as the procuring entity and the Engineer’s estimate was announced as $84,986,929.








    Also, tenders were opened for the contract to construct a pavilion, fence and the levelling of the playfield at the South Ruimveldt Secondary School, Georgetown. The Procuring entity was listed as the Ministry of Education. The contract attracted 27 bidders and the Engineer’s estimate was announced at $37,418,674.










    Students of Queen’s College, Georgetown, are likely to benefit from a new Cafeteria/Multi-purpose Complex. Bids were opened for the construction of this facility yesterday. The procuring entity is the Ministry of Education and the Engineer’s Estimate was announced at $51,611,321.









    Bids were also open for the supply of male condoms. The Ministry of Public Health was listed as the procuring entity.





    Two bids were opened at the NPTAB for the supply and delivery of Computer items. The procuring entity is the Office of the Elections Commission.




    And finally, works will be carried out on the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) flagship, GDFS Essequibo. Bids were opened for the refurbishing of the Warping Capstan and its related equipment on board the vessel. The procuring entity was listed as the GDF and the Engineer’s estimate was announced at $ 12,150,000.




    KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[2013 High Reef murder trial… Son saw father choking mother – court hears]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416865 2016-08-24T01:14:54Z 2016-08-24T04:15:53Z The murder trial of 34-year-old Prabhudyal Tarchand continued yesterday in the Berbice High Court before Justice JoAnn Barlow and a mixed Jury.
    Tarchand called “Ramesh, “of High Reef, Albion, Corentyne, is accused of strangling his wife Geeta Devi ‘Diane’ Bissondyal, at their home on Sunday June 2nd  2013.
    The court was told that the couple had lived together for eight years before the incident and the union had borne three children.
    Attorney Stacy Goodings is presenting the state’s case. In her opening address, she told the court that on the day in question the couple got into a misunderstanding following a “third party relationship” (triangular love affair).
    During the misunderstanding Tarchand killed Bissondyal and attempted to take his own life, but because of medical intervention he was saved.  The woman’s lifeless body was discovered on a bed. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.
    Tarachand was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital, before being taken to the Albion Police Station. He was subsequently taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he remained overnight.
    Among those testifying was the nine year old son of the accused, who was deemed competent by the court.
    Deoraj Tarchand told the court that he lives with his grandmother at Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice. During the time of the incident he lived at High Reef, Albion. He said on the day in question his father left to go to work, but returned sometime after.  He (Deoraj) was watching television. He said his father came and carried his mother in the room. During the time he heard his mother go “ah, ah”.
    He decided to peer inside the room and saw his father choking his mother. He screamed and his father loosed her. During the time, two of his cousins visited the house and he overheard his father telling his cousins that he gone dead tonight.
    He and his siblings left and went by his grandmother later during the day where they spent the night.
    The woman’s sister Shakuntala Seecharran called “Vashti “also took the witness stand.
    She was at home when she was called by Brian Luke, a good friend of the couple, who told her to come because something had happened at the house.
    She and Luke subsequently went to the house where they found Geeta Bissondyal lying motionless on a bed. Tarchand was found hanging in the house. He was cut down and rushed to the hospital. The police were subsequently informed.
    The woman was subsequently grilled by defence Attorney Mursaline Bacchus.
    Also testifying were prosecution main witness Brian Luke; the deceased woman’s parents, her father Indra Bissondyal and mother Khemranie Bissondyal; Detective Constable Emanuel Rajnauth who witnessed the post mortem examination; Constable Edmond Barlow who took the accused into custody; and Detective Corporal Primus Sam and Corporal Sherlock King who gave evidence during a voir dire.     A preliminary Inquiry was held before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh in the Albion Magistrate’s court.
    The matter is continuing.

    KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[THE VOICE OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS…WHERE IS THE MANUFACTURING SECTOR?]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416787 2016-08-23T22:28:49Z 2016-08-24T04:15:52Z By Sase Singh
    A decade plus into the 21st century, the role of our manufacturing sector continues to deteriorate.

    Sase Singh

    Sase Singh

    From a position of 11.2% of GDP under Hoyte, it expanded to 12.4% under Jagan, then declined to 9.8% under Jagdeo; 7.4% under Ramotar and it is now 6.2% under Granger.
    The Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA) held another luncheon, and the messages coming out from bona fide business people, remain brutally gloomy. But it is clear that very few in the ruling political directorate in 2016 are listening.
    Every week we get another message from a Cabinet member that “the economy not in crisis”. However, anyone who is aware of the granular details in the manufacturing sector (like the agriculture sector) will know that on the policy front, we are disintegrating on this question of how to transform these vital sectors.
    One only has to read the 2016 Half Year Report put out by the Ministry of Finance and you can see that key benchmarks that can aid in the sustained economic transformation process, are all under clear and present danger.  The end result; a continuation of a predominance of poverty, unemployment and inequity, in all 10 regions.

    Foreign direct investment inflows fell in the first half of 2016 by 62% to US$29.2 million compared to the corresponding period in 2015.  Why is FDI not surging in Guyana in 2016? The policy makers are telling us that the macroeconomic fundamental is in order, there is political stability, and the “economy is solid”. But yet foreign direct investments have rapidly declined in the first half of 2016.
    Too many key business bosses have told me that they feel unwelcomed, to the point that they are preparing to invest in other countries like Suriname, Brazil, and Trinidad rather than Guyana. Only those who are ready to feed the financial kickback machinery in the public service at all levels have been prospering for over a decade now. So where is this commitment to breaking from the past with its associated financial skullduggery and “Ponzi” scheme deals?

    But how do we generate economic expansion?  Exports, and of course consumption, are key ingredients.  The working class continues to be starved due to unnecessary delays in the finalization of the wage package, and this economic docility is not helping at all.  FITUG was totally in order to refer to this situation as “empty pockets and empty stomachs” because the Granger administration has done precious little to help the workers over the last 14 months.
    Where is the good life? Combined with a decline in remittances from overseas, we have an economic “Molotov” cocktail on our hands in 2016.  Inflows of remittances from overseas declined by some 23% from the first half of 2015 to US$95.7 million in the first half of 2016.
    Those who were rich under the PPP remain rich under this Granger administration, and the overwhelming majority who were struggling under the PPP, continue to struggle today in 2016.
    So what really has changed in Guyana for the people other than a greater occurrence of national parades and military maneuvers?  But parades and military maneuvers will do very little for the manufacturing sector and by extension put bread on the dinner tables of the proletariats.  National pride cannot feed our people; real policy action on the wages front, on the foreign investment front and on making Guyana as an attractive and easy location to invest, will deliver the bacon.  But constructing this troika of progress seems to be beating the Economic Presidential Advisors.

    Credit to the manufacturing sector declined by 2.4% or G$733 million in the first six months of 2016. The fact remains that in 2016, our manufacturers are not borrowing enough, to invest more, so that we can make more taxable profits in Guyana, create more jobs for Guyanese and in the process contribute to the expansion of the economy.  There is a tremendous amount of “investment fear” in Guyana today.
    Just read the narrative coming out of SARA, SOCU, and GRA and you can detect heavy doses of illegitimate intimidations and fear mongering. However, when these organizations are called upon to back up these threats with real prosecutable cases, they put their tails between their legs and run for the hills.
    Every day that goes by, you can detect that there is no concrete plan on this front.  The agenda of collectively bluffing the nation has directly contributed to the commencement of a wait and see period in Guyana. This will only aid in the economic destruction of the nation.
    I challenge those in charge to prosecute some people rather than continue their charade of making infantile excuses why SARU and SOCU cannot deliver on their mandate.  I would be the first to celebrate their success, but I am fully aware these people are playing with the intelligence of the Guyanese people as they continue to fail on all fronts.
    These people are a danger to Guyana’s progress and the Granger administration. We are struggling to mold the nation because their action is causing too many business people to apply pause on Guyana. If business people are not investing then the poor and the working class are being denied a fighting chance to craft and own their tomorrow. But today in 2016, SARU and SOCU incompetence rules the roost and thus value for money from these witch-hunting outfits should not be expected.

    Like Agriculture and Mining, the Manufacturing sector is critical to Guyana’s success, but too little attention is being paid to crafting and implementing public policy to catapult these sectors forward. While we are busy in pause mode developmentally, countries like Trinidad, Suriname, and Brazil continue to benefit from the wealth of Guyana, because business people are not going to wait until SARU, SOCU and the GRA wake up from their policy slumber.  Every day Guyanese business people are making investment decisions, but they are borrowing and investing at an increasing level overseas to the detriment of the ordinary masses in Guyana.
    Today, the “Made in Guyana” campaign lacks fire in its belly.  Our investment environment lacks enhanced competitiveness, and too many manufacturers are being made to feel unwelcomed in Guyana.  When you look at the performance of GO-Invest and the Ministry of Business, the bureaucracy is clearly not working for the nation, because I am yet to see the deliverables on the scaled projects like the next GT&T, as was done under the Hoyte Government.
    Although we now have a totally independent Ministry of Business, its performance to date is nothing but appalling.  After two jaunts to Toronto and New York, both of which I attended, we are yet to see the impact of the Diaspora investments on the economy.  But more importantly, where is the impact of the non-Diaspora foreign direct investments?
    When the Singapore investment team goes to New York, they are meeting early stage investors, the banks, the hedge funds, the finance managers from an employee retirement plan, the accredited investors, and the trust fund representatives.
    We are clearly fishing in the wrong pond when we do not even have Black Rock Inc. in the room.

    As more people around the world enter the consumer class, their demands are changing.  Their need for raw sugar and raw rice is very low.  What they really need is value added products.  Unfortunately, our manufacturing sector is losing this battle, thanks to a dysfunctional GO-Invest.

    KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[West Demerara man caught with gun on Corentyne Coast remanded to jail]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416861 2016-08-24T01:03:35Z 2016-08-24T04:15:46Z A 36-year-old West Demerara man was nabbed with a gun in a car on Saturday, last, on the

    Remanded: Leslie Blackwood

    Remanded: Leslie Blackwood

    Corentyne Coast.
    Leslie Blackwood of 215 Westminster, West Coast Demerara, was travelling in a White Toyota Allion Motor Car, PNN 9422, around 18:20 hrs, when the vehicle was intercepted by the police who were conducting a stop and search exercise at the time, outside the No. 51 Police station.
    The driver and Blackwood were the only two passengers in the vehicle. Blackwood was sitting in the front passenger seat at the time.
    Upon checking the vehicle one .32 Ruger revolver was found between the two front seats of the vehicle. Further checks unearthed 12 live .32 rounds in the said vehicle.
    While the driver denied knowledge of the gun and ammunition, Blackwood claimed that the gun and ammunition belonged to him. He stated that he bought the items in Kitty for his own protection since his life was being threatened. The men were reportedly heading to Corriverton to “sport”.
    The driver, who also hails from Georgetown, stated that he rented the car from a service and had lent it to Blackwood. He did not know that Blackwood had a gun in his possession.
    Blackwood appeared yesterday in the Springlands Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Rabindranath Singh on two charges of possession of arms and ammunition without being the holder of a licence.
    He was remanded to jail until September 14 when the matter will be heard again.

    KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Poor power supply affects eight Region Three wells]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416814 2016-08-23T23:52:44Z 2016-08-24T04:15:32Z Poor power supply is among major challenges facing the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in the delivery of water supply in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara region (Region Three).

    Martin Garrick

    Martin Garrick

    According to Regional Divisional Manager, Martin Garrick, poor power supply is affecting eight of the company’s wells in West Bank Demerara between Parfaite Harmonie to Vriesland, and Wales and Canal Number Two Polder.
    According to a Government release, electricity is necessary to pump water from the wells to the taps. Garrick explained that “whilst the residents may see power at their homes, the quality of supply at the well stations cannot suffice the operations of those wells, so sometimes we would have no water supply.”
    He disclosed that the water company is working with the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to address the issue, including reducing the downtime.
    Recently, GWI managed to improve the level of service in Hubu, East Bank Essequibo by re-activating the area’s well. Garrick explained that this intervention resulted in the level of service, moving from ground level in most areas, to second floor level.
    GWI also restored services to the Parika Façade area, after one year, Garrick said.
    In the meantime, the water company is looking to drill several other wells, to increase the level of services throughout the region.
    Garrick said, “2017 promises to be better,” explaining that the plans are in place to drill wells in the new housing schemes of Parfaite Harmonie, Westminster, Schonoord and Lust-en-Rust.
    The manager was confident that by the end of the year, GWI would complete the installation of distribution mains in the un-served areas of Zeelugt, and some parts of Parika.
    “So whilst we have some challenges some amount of work is being done,” Garrick noted.
    Other areas that are set to benefit from intervention include the Parika Zone and Tuschen. The Tuschen system is set to be re-sleeved.

    KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Critical training to improve Customs Officers’ efficiency underway]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=416782 2016-08-23T22:24:02Z 2016-08-24T04:15:31Z A major training exercise for Customs Officers is underway, with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) announcing yesterday that performance remains a key focus.

     GRA’s Deputy Commissioner-General, Hema Khan

    GRA’s Deputy Commissioner-General, Hema Khan

    According to the authority, the training programme started Monday at its Camp Street headquarters, and is titled “Customs Officer 1”. It was put together by a corps of experienced officers.
    The training seeks to improve performance, promote career development and a quality of human resources that can deliver timely services to clients, the tax collection entity said.
    Deputy Commissioner-General of GRA, Hema Khan, in her address, said that it was necessary to conduct in-house training as it is not readily available outside.
    Given the large number of participants involved, the current programme has catered for training in two batches. Additionally, it was time-tabled for August, so as not to interfere with the staff complement needed for the holiday peak season.
    According to GRA, there is additional training to follow.
    “We’re hoping that when you are trained to carry out your job you will be able to carry out decisions at your level. In this way the delivery of service to the taxpayer can be done in a more timely and efficient manner,” the Deputy Commissioner-General said.

    Some of the Customs Officers who are participating in the training exercise.

    Some of the Customs Officers who are participating in the training exercise.

    The Customs arm of the GRA monitors the country’s ports of entry to ensure that the laws and regulations for border trade are applied. Duties include examining container cargo and ship files, de-stuffing, rummaging (vessel and aircraft search) and reporting of vessels.
    Deputy Head of Customs Excise and Trade Operations, Patrick Hyman, who will be one of the facilitators, said professionalism and striking balance between expeditiousness and “doing the right thing,” comes with the territory.
    The programme will be ongoing for seven weeks, focusing on Customs and other Trade Legislations, Customs Release and Accounting of Cargo, Prohibitions and Restrictions, Warehousing, CARICOM and the introduction to Rules of Origin, Valuation Tariff structure and Classification, Smuggling, Vessel, Aircraft, Passenger and Baggage Search, Documentation related to Financing of International Trade, Remission and Exemption of Import and Export Taxes, among other things.
    GRA has been under pressure to improve its customer service, with members of the public complaining of delays and corruption.
    New management and a new Board of Directors have taken over the organization.