Kaieteur News Online Edition of Guyana's Leading Daily 2016-05-28T04:55:09Z http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/feed/atom/ KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Two weeks before 2015 elections…Valmiki Singh took $9.6M in annual leave payment –Forensic audit]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403664 2016-05-28T01:52:12Z 2016-05-28T04:55:09Z …No records to verify his annual leave claim
Based on its examination of the employees’ personal records at the National Frequency Management Unit

Valmiki Singh, NFMU Managing Director

Valmiki Singh, NFMU Managing Director

(NFMU), forensic auditors found that there was “gross abuse” by the Managing Director, Valmiki Singh, regarding the annual leave system.
In their audit report, the forensic team from Ram and McRae, Chartered Accountants, said that records show that Singh sought and obtained payment for leave not taken over an 11-year period.
The auditors said that the NFMU Head did so less than two weeks before the May 11, 2015 elections. At that time, they said that he wrote a letter to Dr. Roger Luncheon, former Head of the Presidential Secretariat, requesting payment for what he claimed to be 326 leave days accumulated over the years between January, 2004 and December, 2014.
They said that attached to the letter was a computation of Mr. Singh’s outstanding leave days which was prepared by the NFMU’s Finance Controller.
The auditors however noted that the unavailability of documented application and approval of the leave carryover prevented any effort to verify the accuracy of the number of accumulated leave days.
The forensic auditing team said that under the Public Service Rules, leave may be deferred and added to the following year’s vacation. The deferral was “required in writing”.
Dr. Luncheon approved Mr. Singh’s request via letter dated April 30, 2015 and a total of $6.7 million was remitted to Mr. Singh after income tax totaling $2.9 million was deducted from the gross amount of $9.6 million.

Forensic Auditor, Chris Ram

Forensic Auditor, Chris Ram

The auditors said that it is considered dangerous to the organization as well as unhealthy for individuals, particularly those in a position of trust and responsibility, not to take their annual leave. They therefore recommended that this practice be discontinued forthwith.
They also recommended that the services of the Accountant be otherwise utilized or transferred since his only responsibility was to manage the expenses of other government entities, a practice which the auditors believe should cease.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Walkout from D’Urban Park…Opposition MPs created conditions to embarrass state—Minister Henry]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403598 2016-05-28T01:53:12Z 2016-05-28T04:50:12Z Statement by Nicolette Henry, Minister within the Ministry of Education on the Opposition Walkout at Independence Flag-raising ceremony

Background – The Parliamentary Opposition was invited to all state events and confirmed their attendance to the Flag Raising ceremony. After accepting the invitation the Opposition was briefed orally by Minister Henry on Tuesday 24 May, 2016 on the following:

1. Time of Arrival – All members were requested to be seated by 9:45 pm
2. Entrance to be used – North Western (Homestretch Avenue /Vlissengen Road)
3. Seating Arrangements – Opposition Leader will be seated in Presidential Section with all other past Presidents and Prime Ministers. All other PPP members will be seated in the other VIP section.

Questions Arising:
1. Was the President Speaking?
Response – No
2. Who will be speaking?
Response – No keynote speakers. The announcement for National Awards will be done by Col. (Francis) Abraham.
3. Where will the Opposition Leader be seated?
Response – In the Presidential Section.
4. How many persons could be admitted with a ticket?
Response – Maximum of two.
5. Opposition Leader could not find his invitation.
Response – The Opposition Leader will be admitted without his invitation. All protocols and courtesies befitting his office will be extended.

What Happened on the night of May 25.

1. Time of Arrival – 9.55
2. Entrance Used – The Opposition approached the South Western entrance (Hadfield Street)
Had it not been for the police insistence on using the North Western entrance this would have resulted in the Opposition and President arriving on the tarmac at the same time?
3. Seating Arrangements – a. The following Persons proceeded to the Presidential Section:
· Hon. Bharrat Jagdeo, MP
· Mr. Irfaan Ali, MP
· Mr. Anil Nandlall, MP
· Juan Edghill,, MP
· Mr. Clement Rohee, MP

b. The remaining members remained standing in the passage as Ms. (Priya) Manickchand indicated they would only sit when they could be assigned seats together. (This was told to the usher)
c. Upon my arriving in the Presidential Section the Opposition Leader indicated there were concerns with the seating. I assured him I would address this immediately, so I proceeded by personally asking other invited persons to give up their seats to ensure the Opposition members were all seated together.
As soon as the persons began to give up their seats, the Opposition walked out.
In the circumstances I wish to state that as the organizer of this event I apologize for any inconvenience, embarrassment or distress this incident may have caused.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Ex-GMC head seeking legal advice to respond to audit report]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403701 2016-05-28T02:56:27Z 2016-05-28T04:45:59Z In the wake of the forensic audit conducted into the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC), former General

Former General Manager of GMC, Nizam Hassan

Former General Manager of GMC, Nizam Hassan

Manager, Nizam Hassan, has expressed confidence that there is no fraud.
He is also seeking legal advice on how best to respond to some of the more critical elements of the report.
Some examples of what the forensic audit which was conducted by Saykar A. Boodhoo into GMC for a period spanning 2012 to 2015, has red flagged include instances where a sum of $450M was transferred from GMC to other agencies such as Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO).
Also cited by the auditor, had been a payment of $273.3M on a letter of credit arrangement to GUYSUCO. Documented was an excess repayment of $120M to the Guyana National Co-Operative Bank (GNCB).
The report also documents that $35M in payments were made to the Guyana Rice Producers’ Association (GRPA), while $111.2M in payments to the Ministry of Agriculture for vertical pumps were made in November 2014.
In the case of GMC’s loan to GUYSUCO, the auditor stated that not only was the loan interest free, the agreement had a special clause stating that only $87M was to be repaid to GMC.
This would represent a difference of over $360M, based on the agreement.
When asked to comment on this during an interview, yesterday, Hassan stated that he is engaging the services of legal counsel on how best to address the issues of fiduciary transfers in the report.
And while the auditor had noted that Hassan refused to explain the GUYSUCO arrangement, the former General Manager was adamant that he never refused to answer any of the auditor’s questions, but rather deferred some to the appropriate individuals.

Land cruiser
With regard to the section of the report which stated that a Toyota Land cruiser was purchased for him without the Board’s approval, Hassan could not confirm or deny that the Board really did have an input in this.
He stated that it would be necessary to comb through the Board minutes.
According to Hassan, currently the General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) since last year, what he could attest to was that all National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) processes, as set out, were followed for acquiring the vehicle.
That vehicle, Hassan stated, is now with GMC.
Inter agency cooperation
A section of the report spoke of cases whereby the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), through Permanent Secretary George Jervis, had requested funds from the GMC to take care of expenses such as trips made by former Junior Minister of Agriculture, Ally Baksh to Regions Two and Three.
In addition, it was noted in the report that a cheque for $600,000 was made out to pay for the MoA’s 2015 costume and float parade band.
According to Hassan, however, there is nothing wrong with inter-agency co-operation. He stated that all the agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture’s umbrella would contribute collectively to a unified cause. He added that the Ministry took a position of ‘one agriculture.’
He also stressed that it was not a case of his former Corporation paying an individual, but rather payments were made out to the ‘Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture.’
He did not offer a comment on the other allegations, including the one that GMC cash was used to purchase cell phones for the former Junior Minister and others.

‘Rubber stamp’
Describing Hassan as a ‘rubber stamp’, the forensic auditor also stated that from his observations, the “General Manager and Accountant did not provide any meaningful fiduciary responsibility when payment originated from the Minister of Agriculture or the Permanent Secretary.”
When asked, Hassan denied that there was undue political interference in the work his agency did while he was the General Manager.
He stated that there were management meetings, where the Minister of Agriculture would have an input. Policies were taken and followed, but within rules and regulations, he said.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[No evidence 35,000 water meters ever installed]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403607 2016-05-28T01:53:22Z 2016-05-28T04:45:04Z …entity’s water losses at alarming 70 percent- GWI forensic audit

A critical forensic report on the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) has called on that state-owned entity to pull out all stops to bring down its non-revenue water (NRW) losses from an alarming 70 percent to 45 percent within five years.

A key report on GWI has found an alarming situation where non-revenue waters being produced is 70 percent.

A key report on GWI has found an alarming situation where non-revenue waters being produced is 70 percent.

The report, prepared by HLB R. Seebarran & Co, was released earlier this week by the Ministry of Finance. It is one of several forensic audits ordered by the coalition government last year into the operations of state entities.
According to the report, losses from non-revenue water have been an alarming 70 percent of actual production.
Since 2005, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has been flagging the issue, noting that much effort must be put in place to arrest the slide.
According to the report, that 70 percent loss is to be blamed on a number of reasons, including leakages in water mains and home connections; illegal connections and non-billing of these; over 50% of customers still not metered resulting in fixed billings; mains connected to the water system not identified and therefore water not accounted for and main valves not recording water passing through them correctly.
Over the last four years, the report said, GWI has been reporting significant improvements to existing transmission and distribution mains.
Some 35,200 meters have been installed over the last four years yet there has been no significant change to the metered customers in the billing system.
“We were unable to verify evidence that indeed 35,000 new meters have been installed,” the audit report said.
Regarding the water losses, a report for 2014 issued last year April that GWI’s Capital Investment Programme focused on the state of NRW.
In reviewing records of January 20, 2015, another year later, it was found that GWI did not have much information to determine a way forward.
“It was noted that the monitoring unmetered customers revealed that their consumption averages 28 cubic metres per month. Based on the numbers for 2014, so far, it appears that NRW may be down to 65 per cent.
“Computation used to arrive at the baseline followed the methodology used by the Consultant in Linden. A plan has to be developed to address NRW to bring it down to 55% by 2016 and by increments of five per cent each year.”
The auditor said that it was clear that the previous Board of Director and management were still struggling to determine a way forward to address NRW although four years earlier it was decided how it would be addressed.
The auditor said that GWI has retained a consultant who is carrying out studies on how to address NRW, particularly in reducing wastages through the mains and locating mains that are connected to the system but have not been previously identified.
“With GWI’s in-house engineers and the NRW Department in place, we believe a plan must now be implemented and acted on to reduce NRW to achieve the desired reductions over the next five years.”
The auditor recommended that the new Board, headed by accountant Nigel Hinds, take steps to reduce NRW and to ensure that over the next five years to 2020, it is reduced from 70% or thereabout to 45%.
“This would require a comprehensive plan which should be reviewed monthly; any positive change must be supported by verifiable evidence so that the BOD can confirm the reduction.”
The auditor stressed that areas with high losses must be given priority to fix problems such as line losses and the misuse of water by those not metered.
GWI was urged to also ensure that the customers are metered at least to 80% of a sanitised data base of customers in the next few years and “replace aged pipes, some of which may be very old and leaking”.
The report noted that GWI must work to minimize leakages which are an important way to identify and account for non-revenue water.
GWI must also move to identify main lines which have not been previously identified.
GWI’s board, up to last year, was chaired by executive, Ramesh Dookoo, with the Minister of Housing and Water being Irfaan Ali.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[City Hall moves to seize, sell properties of defaulting taxpayers]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403684 2016-05-28T03:01:22Z 2016-05-28T04:40:02Z As part of an intense campaign to collect revenues owed to the Municipality, the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, (M&CC) is moving to seize and sell properties of defaulting of rates and taxpayers.

According to a statement sent out by City Hall yesterday, the M&CC is expected to commence their intense operation as early as next week.
“The Town Clerk, with assistance of the court, will use the Parate Execution to collect outstanding sums owed by defaulting property owners,” the Council said in the release.
A Parate Execution is a remedy which allows the Council to seize and sell a property for the rates due in accordance with the Municipal and District Council Act.
M&CC Public Relations Officer, Debra Lewis, noted that Council has exercised lenience with defaulters via its three months amnesty project, in 2015.
Last year, the council reportedly collected over $400 million in outstanding rates and taxes during its amnesty phase.
Under the amnesty project, residential properties received total amnesty on interest, but companies and businesses were offered between 50 per cent and 75 per cent amnesty on tax interest.
Additionally, the Council would have encouraged defaulters to utilize the payment plan provided.
Still many businesses did not use the opportunity provided to them, and officials of City Hall are contending that this can no longer continue since hundreds of property owners are yet to pay their outstanding dues.
At present, the Council says that “four properties within the city collectively owe the Council in excess of $300 million.”
“Recently, the Council was granted judgment in the court against 14 property owners. A few of them came to the Municipality with their lawyers to settle their accounts; while there are those who have not contacted the Council.”
Additionally, the Georgetown Municipality has noted that owing back taxes is unacceptable since the M&CC continues to provide critical services to the citizenry which includes collection and disposal of waste, cleaning and desilting drains and canals, street lighting and public health services.
“This is (also) unfair to those citizens, who honour their civic obligation to the Council in a very timely manner,” the statement added.
It was recently reported that the City had run into financial problems which hindered it from paying its workers providing cleaning, garbage collection, drainage and irrigation and contractual security services.
“Therefore the Town Clerk is left with no other alternative but to implement Parate Execution to collect outstanding sums owed,’ the release outlined.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[GWI Audit finds…US$12M water treatment plant defective before going into operation]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403691 2016-05-28T02:27:33Z 2016-05-28T04:37:58Z By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell
Guyana will be made to repay yet another loan for monies spent on projects that are of little or no benefit to the people.
The People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) government took a loan from the Inter-American Development (IDB) to build two water treatment plants in Linden, Region Ten.
The government, through GWI, invested over US$12M to construct these plants. The plants were to significantly improve the water supply and distribution systems in Linden.
Even though both Plants were completed over a year ago, they are yet to be made fully operational. The numerous defaults are the cause for the delay. This was highlighted in GWI’s forensic audit report.
Auditors reported, “It seems at this stage that the Plants and distribution systems are not fully operational because of several defects and existing problems with the entire water distribution systems.”
The contract to construct these new Plants was awarded to UEM Inc., a Trinidad-based company via competitive bidding in 2012. The supervising consultant appointed was Egis EAU of France. The design of the Plants was done by HYDEA Srl of Italy.
It was indicated in the report that another contractor has been engaged to identify and provide recommendations on how to improve remedy the situation. The plants were expected to last for 40-50 years once they are not affected by construction defects.
The plants were supposed to service the entire Linden while the existing Mackenzie and West Watooka plants were to be used as back-ups. The overall intention was to reduce the operating cost associated with the treatment of surface water from the Demerara River consistent with the World Health Organization standard.
Before the construction of these Plants, Linden was serviced by five treatment plants and one booster station and these were intended to be decommissioned once the new plants become operational, while two plants (Mackenzie and West Watooka) would have been maintained as backups.
Because of the issues with the multi-million-dollar plants, the existing five water treatment plants and wells, some of which were to have been de-commissioned because of age, will continue to be used at high costs.
It was noted that all deviations from the original designs were approved by GWI after recommendations from the supervising Consultant, Egis Eau/SRKN Consortium. They also received a no objection from IDB.
When auditors visited Linden, the South Amelia’s Ward Plant was working but the Wisroc Plant was still undergoing testing. “During our visit, we noticed the storage tank walls have what looks like seepages/sweating of the outer walls.”
Engineers advised auditors that the designs for the Plants had issues/shortcomings from the inception. These issues were also identified and reported on by the contracting engineers, UEM Inc. in a detailed letter.
Auditors said that the Consulting Engineers responded to the report on June 13, 2013 but did not support some of the critical findings identified by the contractor. They concluded that the HYDEA’s—a respected engineering company—designs are adequate and should be followed.
Auditors noted that the plant at Wisroc had remedial structural works done.
The background to this was that GWI requested the Guyana Association of Professional Engineers (GAPE) to serve as adjudicator regarding faulty concrete that was poured by the contractor.
The Adjudicator reported that the concrete had defects in the form of honeycomb, cold joints and cracks.
The adjudicator was told that the consultant and contractor initially discussed the repairs of the concrete and the contractor was asked to submit a method statement.
The consultant subsequently issued instructions to the contractor to demolish the walls. They claimed that the defects at the joints went through the thickness of the wall and as such repairs cannot guarantee the integrity of the structure on a long term basis.
The consultant also said that the proposed method of repairs was not applicable because of the extent of the defects.
However, the contractor said that since the concrete reached the required strength, repairs should be allowed. The contractor referred to the relevant clauses in the contract which allows for repairs to the concrete rather than demolition.
Also, the contractor contended that the instruction to demolish was based on the suspicions of the consultant rather than any engineering approach and analysis. But the consultant said that the decision was based on observations.
The consultant contends that the extent of the defects is such that the 50 years expected life of the structure cannot be guaranteed if repairs are carried out.
There are concerns that the surface treatment could later develop small cracks which would leak, thereby negating the repairs. The depths of the defects observed from the chipping of the concrete did not take into consideration the actual depths that would be required to get the patching materials beyond the reinforcement. The consultant referred studies done in the North America and Europe showing that 50 percent of all repaired concrete fail within the first five years.
The consultant reported a much larger area of concrete with defects as compared to that reported by the contractor.
After consideration of both sides, the adjudicator recommended an additional layer of concrete to be placed on the inner and outer faces of the walls affected. The layer is to be 150mm thick
Other technical recommendations were also made. However, it was recommended that the cost of these works be borne by the contractor.
GWI’s board is addressing the issues and is looking to ensure that the plants are structurally sound before the company takes over and before the end of the defects liability period.
Auditors reported, “At present, GWI is advancing a leakage reduction program and mobilizing some Engineers with labour, tools and equipment to explore all areas so as to repair leaks and decommission old mains that may be causing significant losses within the system in order to address the distribution system challenges. In addition, the defective filter media was expected to be replaced by the end of February 2016 along with the installation of a geotextile membrane to improve the performance of the filter.”
Auditors recommended that GWI seek legal advice on how to proceed based on the terms and conditions of the contract.
“Failure to protect the interest of GWI may cost the company.”

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Donald and Sam refuse to follow Jagdeo]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403717 2016-05-28T03:55:29Z 2016-05-28T04:30:30Z There is more in de mortar than in de pestle. De walkout was not because dem didn’t get seats. Seat was never a problem. Dem boys know dem go to D’Urban Park premeditate to create a stir.
De people tell dem come one time, dem want come dem own time. De people tell dem use one entrance, dem go till round de other side to use another one.
De people also tell dem that seats fuh de ex-presidents and dem wife will be available in de presidential box. Donald Dumb walk wid he wife; Sam Blinds carry he wan; Jagdeo grab Ten Edghill and walk in.
De Chat-3, Rohee and de rest of de kavakamites end up going in de same stand when de people arrange fuh dem to be in another stand. There was no more seat in Soulja Bai stand to accommodate all of dem so they were left standing.
De Minister saw dem and she ask other invited VIP guests who she know to get up just to allow de kavakamites to sit. When dem realize that dem gun get seats and can’t mek story, suddenly Ali Baba jump up and shout “Let’s go. Dem embarrassing us.” De few chores that was standing walk out wid him, skinning dem teeth as dem walking out.
De other two ex Presidents, Blind and Dumb, remain sitting wid dem wives throughout de programme.
Dem boys seh why de two of dem lef sitting is that de blind one couldn’t see de walk out, and de dumb one who see de walk out, couldn’t tell de blind one wha going on.
Dem boys always tell de nation that Jagdeo is unhealthy fuh Guyana. He don’t mean good except is fuh he own self.
If he can mek dem same people go in de American Hambassada house and cuss de man from head to toe wha more he wouldn’t do.
Is a good thing nobody see when dem walkout, not that anybody did care anyhow. Dem boys glad because if dem did sit down too long dem woulda give away or sell out de whole D’Urban Park knowing what they did to de mining sector, the forestry sector de housing sector and everything dem had control over.
Talk half and dem boys happy wid de walk out

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[NSC/GASA Independence Swim Meet…Simmons, Persaud, Grant, Noel, Mahaica, Hackett, Cole, Carter and Rodrigues are early standouts]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403678 2016-05-28T01:40:00Z 2016-05-28T04:25:23Z When the National Sports Commission (NSC) sponsored Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) Independence Swim Meet splashed off yesterday at the National Aquatic Centre, encouraging performances were recorded

(Above) Competitors in the Boys 8 & Under 50 LC Meter Breaststroke; at left is the winner, Jeron Sookram of Dolphin Speed Swim Club. (Franklin Wilson photo) (Below) Girls 8 & Under 50 Meter LC Breastroke winner Kayla Hardy (left) of SASO powers to a good start which propelled her to victory. (Franklin Wilson photo)

(Above) Competitors in the Boys 8 & Under 50 LC Meter Breaststroke; at left is the winner, Jeron Sookram of Dolphin Speed Swim Club. (Franklin Wilson photo)
(Below) Girls 8 & Under 50 Meter LC Breastroke winner Kayla Hardy (left) of SASO powers to a good start which propelled her to victory. (Franklin Wilson photo)

by some of the well known athletes.
The meet, which has participation from the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force for the first time, will continue today and end tomorrow.
Seasoned campaigner Soroya Simmons of Dorado Speed Swim club (DSSC), competing in the Girls 18 and Over category has recorded 3 wins on the opening day of competition the same as Girls 13-14 Amy Grant, while Orca Speed Swim Club’s Aleka Persaud (Girls 9-10) chalked up a pair of wins as did Raekwon Noel (Boys 9-10) of Sliver Sharks Speed Swim Club, Kenita Mahaica (Girls 13-14) of Dolphin Speed Swim Club, Nathan Hackett (Boys 13-14) of Silver Sharks Speed Swim Club, Trumaine Cole (Boys 18 & Over) of Silver Sharks Aquatic Club, Donna Carter (Girls 11-12) of Dorado and Antonio Rodrigues (Boys 15-17) of Orca Speed Swim Club.
Simmons, who has been a consistent competitor at the lower level over the year’s started off with victory in the 1500m Freestyle where she clocked 21:34.87. Simmons followed that up with victory in the 50m LC Breaststroke (44.38) and 100m Backstroke (1:15.34).
Grant also started off with victory in the 1500m Freestyle (24:22.46) and with just about 20 minutes rest returned to compete in the 200m Butterfly (3:15.89); the afternoon session saw Grant splashing to victory in the 400m Individual Medley (IM) in 6:58.76.
Aleka Persaud topped the field in the 50m Breaststroke with a time of 45.50 and repeated as the top competitor in the 100m Backstroke (1:34.22).
Raekwon Noel was unstoppable in the 50m Breaststroke which he won in 47.59 and also took gold in the 100m Backstroke in 1:21.78.
Kenita Mahaica achieved her pair of wins in the 50m Breaststroke (41.54) and 100m Backstroke which she took comfortably in 1:19.93.
Nathan Hackett outhustled his competitors in the Boys 13-14 50m Breaststroke (36.38) and 100m Backstroke in 1:14.87.
Trumaine Cole won his brace of gold medals in the Boys 18 & Over 50m Breaststroke (38.97) and 100m Backstroke (1:19.11).
Donna Carter took her wins in the Girls 11-12 100m Backstroke (1:26.86) and 200m Breaststroke (4:00.45).
Antonio Rodrigues took the top podium positions for Boys 15-17 in the 50m Breaststroke (35.13) and 200m Breaststroke (3:00.43). (Franklin Wilson)
Other opening day winners are listed below:

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Ex Guyana youth player Kevin George enjoy success in T&T cricket]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403631 2016-05-28T00:42:34Z 2016-05-28T04:20:57Z Former National youth off-spinner Kevin George was in Trinidad this season where he played for

Kevin George

Kevin George

Glenora Sports Club in the North zone Premiership League which commenced in January and concluded on the 3rd of this month.

George played four 40 overs games and made 146 runs and an average of 48 and a highest score was 61. He also took 12 wickets in the league
The 32 year-old George, who returned home in time for the Jubilee celebrations at the completion of the season, also participated in five three-day matches and had a highest score of 75. He took also captured 24 wickets from seven innings with a best of 7-45 against Savannas Boys.
The DCC cricketer who played for Guyana at the level in 2001, played semi-professional cricket in Canada for four seasons but this was his first season in the twin Island Republic. He was a member of DCC’s team which participated in the WIPA t20 tournament in Trinidad in 2009.
He described the standard in Trinidad as very competitive and informed that he has been retained by the same club for next season. (Sean Devers)

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[GCB regrets the passing of Umpire Sukdeo]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403629 2016-05-28T00:40:21Z 2016-05-28T04:20:53Z The executives and staff of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) have learnt with great sadness of the passing of Guyana and regional umpire, Gayanana Sukdeo on May 24, 2016. We extend our condolences to his family, friends, umpires and the entire cricket fraternity. He was always a pleasant individual, ready to assist anyone in whatever way he can. His demise is a great loss to the members of the sub-associations across Guyana, the players and officials.

Sukdeo has given loyal service to the game of cricket and through his quality of his work, earned the respect of players and spectators at the local, national, and regional levels. He was part of the junior panel of umpires for the WICB since 2011 and did duties for the Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 Tournament. He was also a standby umpire in the WICB PCL 4-Day competition.
Losing a loved one is never easy; our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time we share their pain and grief. May his soul rest in peace!

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Mayor’s Cup action continues today and tomorrow]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403646 2016-05-28T00:57:40Z 2016-05-28T04:20:52Z Play in the Annual Mayor’s Cup football tournament continues this weekend at two venues

Damien Bacchus (left) and Ijaz Cave - Herstelling Raiders, Daniel Clarke (right) and Jalen Williams, Eagles FC, Chris Macey.

Damien Bacchus (left) and Ijaz Cave – Herstelling Raiders, Daniel Clarke (right) and Jalen Williams, Eagles FC, Chris Macey.

with double headers. The action this weekend start today at the Den Amstel ground on the West of Demerara and continues tomorrow at the Victoria ground on the East Coast of Demerara.

At Den Amstel starting from 2:00pm today, Beavers are down to challenge Eagles in the opening fixture. Eagles’ potent trio of Daniel Clarke, Jalen Williams and Chris Macey is expected to be a bother for the Beavers as they have done in the East Bank league.
Ijaz Cave and Damien Bacchus will spearhead Herstelling’s challenge against Uitvlugt in the second game which starts at 4:00pm.
Tomorrow at the Victoria ground BV Triumph take on Mahaica from 6:30pm, while the nightcap pits Golden Grove against Cougars from 8:30pm.
All the teams will be looking to advance further but keen contests are expected with the better unit expected to prevail.
Grove Hi Tech, Victoria Kings, Pouderoyen and Den Amstel won over the opening two days of the tournament and the teams battling this weekend will hope to join them and progress further in the tournament.
The teams are battling for the Mayor’s Cup and a first prize of $700,000 donated by Aruwai Resort, second $300,000 and the Ansa McAl trophy, third $200,000 and the John Fernandes trophy and fourth $100,000 and the Ministry of State trophy. Ricks and Sari has also donated hampers which will go to the winning team. The tournament’s top goal scorer will get a three piece suite compliments of AH&L Kissoon Furniture Store.
The event is coordinated by Lennox Arthur, former National footballer and later Coach, who has been behind this tournament for 22 years.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Jubilee boxing card set for this evening at CASH]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403645 2016-05-28T00:55:55Z 2016-05-28T04:20:46Z Boxing promoter and businessman Seon Bristol has teamed up with the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) and

Seon Bristol

Seon Bristol

a few former stalwarts to bring off a card for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary.  The card takes place this evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) starting at 7:00pm.

“Boxing has done more than any other sport for Guyana and we need to keep that flame burning. I was happy to know that when I called, my brother Steve Ninvalle was willing and ready to jump on the ball,” Bristol had said.
Bristol joins with former Commonwealth Champions, Lennox Blackmore and Kenny Bristol and the administration of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) to stage an amateur boxing card that coincides with the historic commemorative event.
The card will comprise Guyana’s best amateur boxers slugging it out against each other and President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle is assured that the boxers will turn in notable performances.
He said that the tournament will serve a bifurcated objective as his executives will be acknowledging the (boxing) input of Blackmore and Bristol. Apart from his lucrative world ranking Blackmore had also won the Commonwealth title after pounding out a unanimous decision over Nigerian, Jonathon Dele in 1977 to capture the British Commonwealth title. Bristol was also a Commonwealth champion after decisively outpointing Pat Thomas to win the vacant super/welterweight Commonwealth title.
“Amateur boxing needs a lot of help and I had no hesitation to come on board when asked,” declared (Kenny) Bristol at a recent briefing. He further suggested that administrators should aspire to host similar cards on a yearly basis. Blackmore, a current trainer operating out of the Gleasons Gym, Brooklyn, said that he was pleased to be a part of the action and promised to make the event as memorable as ever.
Terrence Poole heads the (local) organizing committee and promised fans that they can come to the venue expecting a chockfull of action. “These youths are fresh out of the Caribbean Tri Nation tournament and are in top form and rearing to go,” Poole assured.
An entrance fee of $500 will be collected at the door.
Director of sport, Christopher Jones as well as administrative officer, Gervy Harry has offered support for the event.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Intermittent rainfall not affecting preparations – Sims]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403641 2016-05-28T00:52:35Z 2016-05-28T04:20:38Z -lucky turfite to win return trip compliments of Fly Jamaica

Promoter of tomorrow’s Georgetown Turf Club (GTC) Horserace Meet Michael Sims in an invited comment

Michael Sims

Michael Sims

yesterday said the intermittent rainfall has not affected preparations for the event and is predicting very good conditions that will be conducive for exciting races.
Sims, who is the President of the GTC told this newspaper that all systems are asying go and turfites are being assured that the facility is currently being prepared to accommodate the anticipated large turnout of turfites for the event.
The Meet which will be staged at the Mocha Arcadia facility on the East Bank of Demerara will also provide a lucky patron with an opportunity to win a return trip to USA, Canada, Jamaica or Barbados compliments of Fly Jamaica that has pledged its support to the Meet.
The GTC President, who recently held a Race Meet at the same venue, is returning after a prolonged haitus from the sport added that a review from the previous Meet have indicated that turfites are eager for racing to return to Georgetown and he is optimistic that this one will be another huge success and urged fans to come out and offer their usual support.
Six races are carded for the day with the feature being the H&Lower Class which will be run over a distance of one mile with the winner set to receive $200,000, 2nd place $100,000, 3rd place

Red Jet storms to victory at the previous Race Meet at Mocha Arcadia.

Red Jet storms to victory at the previous Race Meet at Mocha Arcadia.

$50,000 and 4th place $25,000.
The remaining races for the day include the J&Lower over a distance of six furlongs with the winner collecting $150,000, 2nd place $75,000, 3rd place $37,000 and 4th place $18,000.then there is the K&Lower Class over six furlongs that carries a first prize of $140,000, 2nd prize $70,000, 3rd $35,000 and 4th $17,000; the L&Lower over a distance of five furlongs with a first prize of $100,000, 2nd $50,000, 3rd $25,000 and 4th $12,000; the Unclassified with a first prize of $80,000, 2nd $40,000, 3rd $20,000 and 4th $10,000.
The Cart horse race over five furlongs will see the winner receive $60,000, 2nd $30,000, 3rd $15,000 and 4th $8,000.
Among the top horses that will be on show areLiquid Lion, Happy Landing, Red Jet, Quancy, Red Regent, Blue Lightening, Champ and Royal Stallion among others.
Starting time is 13:00hrs.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Country’s top distance athletes confirmed for tomorrow’s ‘Golden Mile’]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403624 2016-05-28T00:38:13Z 2016-05-28T04:20:37Z Most of the country’s top distance runners are confirmed to race in the Professional Key Shop ‘Golden Mile’ which is scheduled to be staged tomorrow, starting from 16:00 hrs.

Speaking with promoter of the event Kwame Ridley, who spoke with Kaieteur Sport via telephone yesterday, he disclosed that over $500,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs in the three categories which include juniors, Open and Masters for both male and female athletes.
According to Ridley, the event has been planned to coincide with Guyana’s ‘Golden Jubilee’ celebrations and he is positive that the starting line could also see some of the visitors who’ve returned to celebrate the special occasion.
Ridley said the race which has a registration fee of $1,000 per athlete will start outside the 704 Sports Bar on Lamaha Street proceed west along Lamaha Street, before turning south into Carmihcael Street to finish in front of the Professional Key Shop.
Cash and prizes will be awarded to the top four finishers in each of the three categories, while a special prize will be given to the youngest and oldest runners to participate in the race.
In the Open category (male) the winner will take away $50,000, runner-up $30,000, 3rd and 4th placed finishers $15,000 and $10,000 respectively.
In the female version, the winner will receive $30,000, runner-up $20,000 and 3rd and 4th placed finishers $15,000 and $10,000 respectively.
Interested athletses can contact Ridley in tele #621-3249 or 698-8845.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[GFF TO HOST ORDINARY CONGRESS]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403634 2016-05-28T00:46:22Z 2016-05-28T04:20:34Z Joseph “Reds” Perreira To be Guest Presenter

Georgetown: The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will host its Ordinary Congress today and a fundraising

Wayne Forde

Wayne Forde

dinner tomorrow. This Congress, scheduled for 11:00hrs today at the Herdsmanston Lodge, Queenstown is the first for the new Executive and is in keeping with Article 28 of the Constitution of the GFF. It will include a presentation done by legendary broadcaster and sports commentator/administrator Mr. Joseph “Reds” Perreira AA who is also being hosted by the GFF as the Guest of Honour at its Fundraising Dinner tomorrow.
According to the President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, he is looking forward to the Congress and is encouraged by the current atmosphere heading into the Congress. “Over the past six months I have experienced a very warm and reconciliatory tone and embrace from the membership and I think they will be interested in what we have to say to them. I think they will be keen on every aspect of football development that we will present; I believe it will be a fine example of what a GFF Congress ought to be.”
He said among the objectives of the Congress is the need to foster cohesion for the benefit of football. “There is a need for us to recognize that the kind of infighting that has really stymied our growth over the years needs to come to an end. We need to find a way to truly embrace each other and trust each other as we need to recognize that, on our own, there is very little which can accomplish.”
Among the key agenda items, according to the President, is the presentation of the GFF strategic document, which goes by the acronym “PEAK” – Performance, Empowerment, Accountability and Knowledge – which captures the “four key pillars of the developmental goals for the thrust local football.”

Joseph “Reds” Perreira

Joseph “Reds” Perreira

Following the Congress, tomorrow will be a fundraising dinner dubbed, “An Evening With Reds Perreira” scheduled for Gravity Lounge at 20:00hrs. This event is aimed at raising funds to advance the development agenda of the Federation. The Guest of Honour will be former Chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC) and football coach Joseph “Reds’ Perreira. Born in British Guiana, “Reds” Perreira’s life began in humble beginnings in the Pomeroon. While he has achieved much of his fame as a result of his cricket commentator role, amidst this sports enthusiast’s vast and rich experience was his involvement in his “first love” – football.
“Reds” Perreira debuted at the first division level at age 16 when he was the Goalkeeper of the Georgetown Football Club (GFC). The man who has been described as a “walking sports encyclopedia” advanced his football career to the position of Coach of the Santos Football Club. He later became a coach of National Under-23 Side in the 1960s. His life was one characterized by outstanding moments and immense challenges, the latter which propelled him to even greater accomplishments.
His autobiography “Living My Dreams” chronicles his life including his role as a sports administrator where he served in various capacities including President of the St. Lucia Boxing Association and Sports Director of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Mr. Pereira was expected to arrive in Guyana yesterday.
Tickets for this event cost G$10,000 and are available at the GFF’s office.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Golden Jaguars shortlisted squad named… to face Curacao and USVI]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403639 2016-05-28T00:48:31Z 2016-05-28T04:20:26Z Head Coach of the Men’s National Team (Golden Jaguars), Jamaal Shabazz, has named a 19-man squad to face off Curacao and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) in the second leg of the Caribbean Football Union’s Caribbean Men’s Cup scheduled for the 1st and 4th June, 2016 respectively in the named countries.

The team consists of nine over-seas based players including Sheldon Holder and Pernel Schultz (Trinidad and Tobago); Samuel Cox, Jake Newton and Ricky Shakes (England), Walter Moore (Finland); Brandon Beresford and Emery Welshman (U.S.A) and Christopher Nurse (Puerto Rico).

The Golden Jaguars departed Guyana yesterday for Curacao and will play Curacao at the Ergilio Hato Stadium at 20:00hrs. Guyana’s second game will be played against USVI at the Adelita Cancryn Playing Field, St. Thomas, USVI beginning at 16:15hrs. Guyana has been placed in Group Three of the five-group second Round phase of the Tournament. Round 3 of the Championship will begin in October 3-11; Fifth Place Playoff November 7-15; and the finals are scheduled for May 2017.

Golden Jaguars shortlisted squad Caribbean Men’s Cup tournament

   NAME                               CLUB                         COUNTRY

1 Alex Andrew Murray            Alpha United FC                   Guyana

2 Jake Newton                                                                                 England

3 King Solomon Austin           Alpha United FC                    Guyana

4 Colin Nelson                         Alpha United                             Guyana

5 Kester Jacobs                        Slingerz FC                                Guyana

6 Eon Alleyne                          Fruta Conquerors FC             Guyana

7 Ricky Shakes                        Boreham Wood FC                England

8 Emery Welshman                 Real Salt Lake                         USA

9 Devon Millington                 Slingerz FC                             Guyana

10 Daniel Wilson                    Alpha United FC                    Guyana

11 Dwight Peters                     Alpha United FC                    Guyana

12 Quincy Adams                    Slingerz FC                              Guyana

13 Brandon Beresford      Seattle Sounders 2 team           USA

14 Pernel Schultz                     Caledonia AIA FC                 Trinidad and Tobago

15 Sheldon Holder                   Caledonia AIA FC                 Trinidad and Tobago

16 Walter Moore                      FF Jaro FC                               Finland

17 Samuel Cox                         Boreham Wood FC               England

18 Christopher Nurse               Puerto Rico FC                   Puerto Rico

19 Trayon Bobb                      Slingerz FC                              Guyana



  1. Jamaal Shabazz – Coach
  2. Wayne Dover – Coach
  3. Andrew Hazel – Gk Coach
  4. Anson Ambrose – Trainer
  5. Duane Saunders – physiotherapist
  6. Trevor Burnett – Equipment Manager
  7. Earl Paul – Equipment Officer
  8. Rawle Adams – Manager
KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Trophy Stall backs GSCL Inc/NSC independence Cup]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403650 2016-05-28T01:01:41Z 2016-05-28T04:20:17Z Trophy Stall has thrown its support behind Georgetown Softball Cricket League

Trophy Stall Managing Director Ramesh Sunich (right) presents the winning trophy to Samuel Kingston.

Trophy Stall Managing Director Ramesh Sunich (right) presents the winning trophy to Samuel Kingston.

Inc/National Sports Commission for the staging

of the Independence T20 tournament which commences today at the Everest Cricket Club.

The entity has donated the trophies for the outstanding teams and players at a simple ceremony held at its Bourda Market location.
Managing Director of Trophy Stall Ramesh Sunich said he happy to be part of the tournament since it is Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary and is looking forward to a successful tournament while Samuel Kingston of GSCL Inc thanked him for the support.
In the opening fixtures at 09:30 hrs, Parika Defenders will take on Regal, Success will play Ariel and Fisherman will battle Mike’s Wellman.
At 13:30 hrs, Fisherman will take on Regal, Success will entertain Mike’s Wellman and Parika Defenders will challenge Ariel. On Sunday at 09:30 hrs, Success will play Regal, Fisherman will face Ariel and Parika Defenders will face Mike’s Wellman.
The top two teams will play in the final at 13:30 hrs at the said venue.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Gaulding Place to host Wiltshire / Joseph Playoffs tomorrow]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403627 2016-05-28T00:39:42Z 2016-05-28T04:20:16Z Gaulding Place which has become the major venue for dominoes in Georgetown is expected to come alive tomorrow when the playoffs of the Mark ‘Jumbie’ Wiltshire / Faye Joseph Tournament continue from 15:00 hrs.

Wiltshire speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday said that interested teams are invited to participate in the competition and can make contact with him on tele#665-5855 for more details.
The winning team will receive $150,000; runner-up $75,000 and 3rd place $40,000 and entrance fee is $10,000 per team.
According to Wiltshire, the tournament is all part of Guyana’s ‘Golden Jubilee’ celebrations and overseas visitors are invited to form teams and participate.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Professional Boxers at the Olympics – A Dangerous Gamble]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403652 2016-05-28T01:04:33Z 2016-05-28T04:20:12Z AIBA (L’Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur) is accredited as an International Sports Federation

Peter Abdool

Peter Abdool

(IF) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to govern boxing at the Olympic Games and all of its qualifying events and tournaments. International Sports Federations are international non-governmental organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as administering one or more sports at world level. While conserving their independence and autonomy in the administration of their sports, International Sports Federations are required to ensure that their statutes, practice and activities conform to the Olympic Charter.

All countries wishing to have their boxers participate in the Olympics and Olympic qualifying events must necessarily have their local national amateur federations affiliated to AIBA. They must conform to AIBA’s rules and regulations. The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association is no exception.
AIBA by its IOC accreditation has the responsibility and duty to manage and to monitor the global running of amateur boxing including the practical organization of events leading up to and during the Games. It is also required to supervise the development of young boxers at every level. It must ensure the promotion and development of the sport, monitoring global administration and guaranteeing the regular organization of competitions as well as respect for the rules of fair play.
In a recent move presumably to control boxing worldwide, both aspects of the sport, professional and amateur, AIBA announced its intention to open Olympic amateur boxing to professional boxers beginning with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 2016.
This latest development has been a culmination of many small moves by AIBA to get involved with and presumably control professional boxing. It began with their instructing all national associations to effect changes to their names to delete the word ‘amateur’. Indeed Guyana like every other country, unable to resist the dictates by AIBA for fear of being unlisted and unable to attend Olympic qualifier games had no choice but to acquiesce. The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association was directed to change its name to the Guyana Boxing Association. This was followed by abandoning headgear in certain categories of fighters. Again, although many countries consider this dangerous for young fighters, none could resist the dictates of AIBA. This was then followed by AIBA launching something called the Professional Series of Boxing (PSB) which essentially allows amateurs to compete on AIBA’s professional platform and still compete as amateurs.
Prior to that, boxers who competed more than once professionally, could no longer go back to the amateur ranks, it being well recognized that they were such inherently different levels of the same sport that it has always been considered necessary to keep them apart to allow the proper uninterrupted development of young amateur fighters. An amateur boxer’s participation in AIBA professional competitions, PSB or APB is of course accompanied by them having to sign a five year contract, in itself a glaring conflict of interest, given that AIBA is the governing body for amateur boxing and now self-appointed professional boxing sanctioning body under the PSB and APB promotions and simultaneously signing and promoting professional boxers from whom it derives revenues.
Finally, the latest bombshell on allowing professional boxers into the Olympics has now been announced. Reasonably, if you allow one professional boxer in you must necessarily allow them all in and it will only take a court mandated order emanating from any discrimination suit brought by any professional fighter anywhere in the world to quickly establish this.
So the interest shown by professional champions is natural and immediate. An example of this is the announced willingness of world champions, Manny Pacquiao and Wladimir Klitschko to accept the invitation of Dr. Wu (President of AIBA) to participate in Rio with the special privilege of not having to compete in the preliminary rounds. Should this happen and Dr. Wu is able to push through his ill-advised plan, the young and relatively immature amateur youths in the 147 lbs welterweight category can well find themselves facing the enormous experience and power of Pacquiao. The end result could be extreme injury or even death.
None of these amateur fighters would ever have faced anything like the enormous, explosive power of a Pacquiao. Nothing puts a fighter at greater risk than mismatches. The WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman is keenly aware that managing disaster in the ring begins with making sure that fighters are not mismatched. Many promoters are willing to put any two fighters together for a show because there are clear financial rewards. The WBC (World Boxing Council), painfully aware of the escalation of the risk of injury in this type of set up, has now established a committee to which an application must be made by promoters for approval of all championship fights. The singular purpose of that committee is to reduce the possibility of injury by ensuring that there are no mismatches.
What AIBA President, Dr. Wu proposes for the Olympics breaches all good sense and risks the health and wellbeing of our young fighters, presumably only for their apparent dream of controlling all boxing and particularly the profits associated with professional boxing. Whilst there has been an enormous outcry worldwide by champions, former champions and trainers, all protests have fallen on deaf ears. Nacho Berestein, trainer of the famous Juan Manuel Marques who scored a stunning six round knockout of Pacquiao in their fourth encounter called Dr. Wu’s plan complete madness.
Berestein, who trains both world champions as well as amateur fighters, cannot understand how AIBA could contemplate a tournament that could be potentially detrimental to our young fighters. Former Olympic and World Heavyweight Champion, Lennox Lewis in a scathing commentary, described it as a ‘Recipe for Disaster”. The WBC’s reaction has been immediate. Its President Mauricio Sulaiman has announced formally that any WBC champion or boxers ranked in the top 15 of the WBC who fights in the Olympic games will be immediately banned from the WBC and stripped of their Titles. The WBC’s position is virtually expected from an organization that is credited with implementing enormous changes over the years to enhance the safety of the sport and one expects that most of the professional sanction bodies are likely to follow suit. Whilst local amateur boxing commissions like our own Guyana Amateur Boxing Association are powerless to protest, this is quickly becoming a matter which must engage the attention of Governments as the dictates of Dr. Wu and AIBA have arrived at a stage where their decisions threaten to endanger the well-being of our young fighters.
Dr. Wu’s plan to copy the entry of NBA players in the Barcelona Olympics in the form of the Dream Team does not seem to have considered that basketball players do not have to hit each other to win the game.
The biggest question it poses is ‘How can the vaunted International Olympic Committee (IOC) stand idly by whilst AIBA and Dr. Wu, empowered exclusively under their “International Federation” status, practice what many see as little more than ‘reckless endangerment’ of the lives of young amateurs boxers.’
Guyana’s experience with the IOC has always been as far as I am aware, excellent. In a study conducted by myself on behalf of the National Sports Commission in 2013/2014, it was clearly established that K. Juman Yassin, who is the President of the Olympic Association in Guyana, consistently goes beyond the call of duty to support all sporting disciplines in Guyana. He has, presumably on behalf of the IOC significantly contributed to the development of amateur boxing in Guyana even having served for a number of years as its President. Surely this development runs contrary to those fine efforts.
Just yesterday Elvis Sanchez, the President of the Boxing Federation of Venezuela added his voice to the protests, describing AIBA’s move as a total crime in allowing fights between young boxers and experienced pro boxers saying “It is like feeding the tigers”.
The Guyana Boxing Board of Control’s sentiments are not too far removed from his. We very strongly reject AIBA’s proposal and call on the National Sports Commission and our Government to monitor this development.
We are very much aware that the final AIBA executive meeting for voting in ratification of this travesty is to take place next week. Our own Steve Ninvalle will have a vote at that meeting. One can only hope that he does not vote in favour of extinguishing the Olympic hopes, dreams and aspirations of young fighters all over the world including Guyana who cannot hope to compete against seasoned professional fighters including World Champions in bouts that will certainly have the potential to damage them for the rest of their lives.
Peter Abdool
President – Guyana Boxing Board of Control
President – WBC Fecarbox
Member – World Boxing Council Board of Governors

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[16-year-old Linden girl goes missing]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403597 2016-05-27T23:28:23Z 2016-05-28T04:15:55Z Sixteen-year-old Zhané Gray, called Ashanti, of 10 Fair’s Rust, Mackenzie, Linden, has gone missing.ashanti

The girl, who is of mixed race and dark in complexion is 5ft 11ins tall and of slender built.
She was last seen wearing black and white leggings and a white puppy tail dress with black stripes and black sandals on Brickdam in the vicinity of NIS.
The girl had left Linden for Georgetown to visit her father who said that she never turned up at his place.
Anyone with information please call 678-3845, her sister Delisa on 663-1471 or brother Kenrick 696-3964.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Supporting Guysuco impacts public servants pay hike]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403661 2016-05-28T01:09:06Z 2016-05-28T04:15:53Z Finance Minister Winston Jordan, on Monday, stated that had not the government injected resources into projects like the Skeldon Factory and the Enmore Estate, it would have “comfortably” met claims for public servants’ salary increases, among others.
“Had we not to divert these resources we would have comfortably met other claims, inclusive of public servants—addressing definitively— public servant salary,” he said at a Ministry of Finance press conference.
The Minister stated that the transfer of funds into various projects by the government is not divorced from increasing public servants’ salaries. “They are not divorced… it is an economy we are running,” he added.
Two months ago, Jordan was chided by the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) for stating that the workers should not look forward to significant salary increases anytime soon. Jordan had indicated that the workers would receive a “top-up” to their salaries but hope for attractive pay raise should be tempered.
According to an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report Guyana should be mindful of its increases in wages in the face of its current economic challenges.
However, the GPSU stated that Jordan’s statement was premature given that they had not even negotiated with the union on probable increases.
Jordan said that although $50B was set aside for wages and salaries increases, the money was not “earmarked” for salary raises alone. He cited that finances need to be bailed out for annual leave, promotions and filling vacant positions in various government organizations.
He stated that the money was poured into the sugar and rice industries as an emergency situation.
Jordan explained that a hefty sum of money was poured into the Skeldon Sugar estate by the previous government—some US$200M. “And where is Skeldon today? Nowhere and generally as prices have imploded, GuySuCo also imploded…” he said.
He said that the current government had stepped in as a matter of urgency and bailed the ailing Corporation out by injecting $12B, “At a time when Skeldon was meant to be the sugar factory that was supposed to keep sugar sweet.”
He said that Guyana has an expensive sugar industry that is unable to compete internationally and so the industry will continue to weigh heavily on the budget.
“Today, almost 75% has been transferred and as you know El Nino and whatever else has transpired to reduce crop by almost 30,000 tonnes,” he lamented, asserting that it means that the industry would be engaging the government again for more money because the $9B would have been based on specific projections.
“Sugar is not what it used to be; it is probably not as sweet and sugar has to go under severe structural transformation to survive,” he added, noting that rice depends heavily on a premium market for which heavy expansion has also been done.
Recently, Jordan had indicated that the workers had received more than a five percent increase from the government.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[GMC office const…Payments depended on engineer certifying the work– Hassan]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403694 2016-05-28T02:23:36Z 2016-05-28T04:15:52Z The forensic audit conducted into the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) had reported on what was described as collusion between a foreign building contractor and the Board of Directors, in connection with construction

The GMC building located at Robb and Alexander Streets.

The GMC building located at Robb and Alexander Streets.

works on the Corporation’s head building.

The forensic auditor, Saykar A. Boodhoo, had stated that one Hanniel Madramootoo, an engineer attached to the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), was assigned to oversee the construction of the building.
In the wake of the auditor’s statements that Board officials and a Ministry of Agriculture Engineer inspected and may have given passing grades to construction on the building, knowing things were far from rosy, Hassan stated that all payments were made after the engineer would have given the approval.
According to Hassan, Madramootoo acted as GMC’s eyes and ears, on the ground and would have had to certify that the work which was done adhered to the standards.
He said that the engineer would also have had to state what the value was, before money could be disbursed to the contractor, Constantine Engineering and Construction Services of Trinidad and Tobago.
Hassan did acknowledge that on various occasions he would accompany Board members to some of these inspections.
Back in 2011 the contract had been awarded, through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), to the firm.
The auditor’s findings did state that Madramootoo certified construction vouchers. However, he added that throughout the building, located at Robb and Alexander Streets, substandard work was evident.
For instance, the auditor stated that the wood used to construct the internal walls was poorly manufactured and the concrete walls are chipping, with paint peeling and falling off the walls.
“Within a few months after the building was handed over to GMC, there were leaks throughout the building via the roof,” the auditor stated. “A contractor (had to be) hired by GMC to repair the roof.”
The auditor detailed that old lumber and old zinc sheets with euroband were in fact used to construct the roof of the building. This is despite the Bill of Quantities for the contract stipulated that greenheart lumber be used for the building’s roof.
The auditor made it clear that from his investigations, GMC’s board and senior management, who he described as unprofessional and grossly negligent, are just as culpable as the contractor for the poor quality of work.
“Based on discussion with the General Manager and the Accountant, the (then) Directors made several visits to the building during construction.”
“However, the Directors failed to highlight the blatant poor quality of work performed by the contractor. There is no documentation to show that the Board acted to prevent the fraud that was perpetuated against GMC by the contractor.”
The audit report detailed that subsequent to the awarding of the contract, “An amendment in the amount of $7,620,984 on February 10, 2012 was done to increase the contract amount without going out to tender.”
The auditor observed that the amendment also extended the contract duration to March 16, 2012.
Shortly after the contract amendment, Constantine Engineering announced to GMC that they would be unable to complete the construction of the GMC office building.
As such another contractor was called in to complete the electrical wiring and relevant works to the GMC office building.
The auditor stated that what is unclear, however, is exactly how much funds were given to Constantine Engineering.
In the wake of all this, the auditor did recommend criminal proceeding be brought against Madramootoo and Nizam Ramkissoon, the “Owner and Managing Director of Constantine Engineering.”

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[Robbery/home invasion on Land Court Judge…Magistrate sets June date for ruling]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403699 2016-05-28T03:00:29Z 2016-05-28T04:15:51Z —following closing arguments by Prosecutor

The case of the five men accused of robbing and feloniously wounding Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre will

Damien Millington

Damien Millington

conclude on June 10, with a ruling from Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul.
This announcement was made by the Magistrate following closing arguments by Special Prosecutor, Attorney Nigel Hughes.
Warren McKenzie, 22, of Lot 18 Brutus Street, Agricola; Damien Millington, 22, of Lot 118 Caesar Street, Agricola; Nicholas Narine, 18, also of Caesar Street, Agricola; Premnauth Samaroo and Anthony David, 28, of 63 Hadfield Street, Stabroek are currently on remand.
Hughes during his closing arguments asked the court to find the men guilty as charged for the five offences they are facing.
They are facing two counts of robbery under-arms, two counts of felonious wounding and a charge of discharging a loaded firearm.
Hughes submitted that the men should be found culpable of the crimes because they acted in concert with each other. He said that the Land Court Judge, her husband Mohamed Chand and security guard Ron Peters all testified that the defendants were armed with guns.
“We have three witnesses who clearly said that these several persons all had weapons…and not one weapon. It was more than one weapon. So we had the guard with the gun to the head. We had Ms. Pierre and Mr.Chand in the house who said that these people had weapons because they were assaulted with the weapons and we had Mr. Ron Peters who said that he was shot at by somebody,” Hughes asserted.

Anthony David

Anthony David

According to the Prosecutor, Narine was positively identified by the Land Court Judge and her husband. He pointed out that Ms Pierre was able to recognize the voice of this defendant after she requested that he speak while on an identification parade.
The Prosecutor said that the vision of Ms Pierre was never impaired and she was able to view him for an extended period of time. As such, he affirmed that the evidence given by this witness was not contradicted and completely reliable.
Hughes added that during the identification parade the Land Court Judge and her husband were given a clear vision of all the suspects in the lineup.
Hughes related that during the trial there was evidence led that Samaroo was pointed out by Ron Peters on an identification parade. Ron Peters, Hughes said, testified that he saw the defendant “flagging down a car” after the robbery had occurred.
He underscored that the witnesses who testified on behalf of Samaroo did not support the alibi he gave during an unsworn testimony.
The case against David, the Prosecutor pointed out is that he gave an oral statement to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mitchell Caesar. Hughes added that during the trial, David’s Attorney, Adrian Thompson, told the court that his client never heard of the statement.
In the statement, the Prosecutor stated that David told police that his friends called him via phone to pick them up because they were on a work. Hughes asked the Magistrate to disregard Thompson’s claims of his client being unaware of what his friends were doing because a Voir Dire (trial within a trial) was held and the statement was admitted into evidence.

Anthony Narine

Anthony Narine

The issue of whether David had knowledge of the crime was also highlighted. But Prosecutor Hughes is contending that someone can be charged with the principles if that person is an accessory after the fact.
This matter was adjourned until Monday for the Prosecutor to lay over to the court an authority to support his contention.
The Prosecutor made no closing arguments in relation to the other defendants because while they were unrepresented during the trial, they refused to address the court at the closure of their defence.
According to reports, heavily-armed bandits inflicted a brutal beating on the Land Court Judge and her husband after overpowering an on-duty Special Constable and storming the couple’s home located in a gated community at Felicity, East Coast Demerara, on July 9, last year.
The couple was attacked while they were asleep. They were gun-butted into unconsciousness after the men, gained entry to their home via a window.
The robbers carted off a small safe containing US$7,000, jewellery, and a suitcase containing other valuables. But they were forced to drop their loot after coming under gunfire from a security guard who was stationed at a businessman’s home nearby.
Pierre sustained a broken jaw and other injuries, while her husband received severe injuries to an eye. He has since lost the eye.
They were both forced to seek medical attention overseas. (Feona Morrison)

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[FREENESS LEADS TO CONFUSION]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403712 2016-05-28T03:32:22Z 2016-05-28T04:15:48Z There was no walkout by the opposition at the flag- raising ceremony of last Wednesday. The opposition parliamentarians and their spouses left as any decent person would do after it was clear that there was no seating available for them.

The opposition turned up as a group to demonstrate that as a party they were supportive of Guyana’s Independence and that their participation was not a token gesture. They came well bedecked and they came as a group.
They were invited; they did not turn up uninvited. They were guests of the government.
They did not cater that the government would have made the same mistake that was made last year. The experience of the inauguration ceremony last year should have forewarned the government that there were going to be problems with VIP seating. In Guyana, all kinds of people arrogate to themselves VIP status. It was clear from the images shown on television that there were office workers, market vendors and party hacks who felt that they were important enough to be in the VIP stands. And they were.
It was clear that there simply was never going to be enough seats for many of the VIPs. It is unreasonable to ask a former President to be seated when most of his comrades had to be standing in the passageway. This was shown on television.  No self-respecting leader or manager will condone such a situation. You have to show some consideration for your comrades.
Persons can pontificate about standing for Guyana even though you were not seated, but those who pontificate were seated, and comfortably too.
There was obviously a problem with too many persons being allowed in or being given passes to the main pavilion. This always happens in Guyana because people know people, who know other people who can arrange for them to be admitted into the VIP section. Last May, there was a similar problem at the National Stadium but that location was big enough for people to find alternative seating. The same could not happen with the limited seating in the VIP section.
The opposition has not made this a political issue. They have not tried to embarrass the government. They were the ones who were embarrassed. They merely explained why they left so as not to convey the impression that they were not willing to participate.
If you invite me to a party, and there is no space for me. I am sorry but I will leave.
The PPP may have read, given the nature of Guyanese politics, some devious motives into the fact that their parliamentarians could not be seated. The representatives of the present government, when they were in the opposition, were never subject to that sort of treatment and therefore the PPPC may have felt that there was an attempt to embarrass them in front of a mainly pro-government crowd.
Things went wrong. The seats were not sufficient and the opposition had no choice but to leave. They explained why they left. It should have been left at that.
But this is Guyana and there are persons who could not resist putting a spin on the issue. What was disgusting was the spin that was put to the issue by a senior member of the media fraternity who wickedly tried to suggest that the opposition were not willing to wait for seats to be found. There was no way seats were going to be found for them. The entire place was crowded.
The opposition waited fifteen minutes which was fifteen minutes too long and then left. The opposition had no choice but to leave. They had to leave. What would you have done? Stand up and block the passageways?
The matter is ended but there are issues to be resolved. Those same issues were raised after the fiasco at the National Stadium last May at the inauguration of the President where non- dignitaries found their way into the section reserved for VIPs and special invitees.
The other problem is that most of the Jubilee events at which patrons had to pay, except for the concert on May 26 at the National Stadium were poorly attended. But the flag-raising was free.
Once it is free then more people will come than you can accommodate. And that was part of the problem on Wednesday night.

KNews http://wwww.kaieteurnewsonline.com <![CDATA[M&CC demolition…Dread Shop proprietor claims $20 million in damages]]> http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=403689 2016-05-28T02:09:02Z 2016-05-28T04:15:47Z Proprietor of the recently demolished premises popularly known as the “Dread Shop” situated at ‘A’ Water Street, Russell Square, Stabroek Market is claiming damages to the tune of $20M from City Hall.

The ruins of the recently demolished dread shop.

The ruins of the recently demolished dread shop.

Last week, the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, M&CC moved to demolish shops in the Stabroek Market area, but Attorney -at- law, Nigel Hughes, condemned the actions of the Council as unlawful, citing a matter engaging the attention of the court.
Hughes’s client, 73-year-old Anthony Forde, called “Rasta Man” was the owner of the “Dread Shop” located in proximity to Stabroek Market, and next to the Island Snackette and Pizzeria since 1968.
The Attorney had chided Council noting the City Hall move to destroy the structure even though it was the subject of a matter engaging the attention of the Court.
Hughes contended that there was an order of the Court of Appeal – which states that the matter was set to go to court for mediation – and come and destroy a building in total, and show complete disrespect and disregard for the court of Appeal,” the lawyer questioned.
The lawyer had promised that legal action would be brought against the government to pay immediate compensation for all he has lost.
In a letter from the law firm Hughes, Fields, Stoby sent to the Council on Monday, the complainant outlined that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has claimed that the aforementioned location was part of the road reserve over which they have exclusive jurisdiction with the expressed permission of the Town Clerk and the M &CC.
The lawyers said that they are instructed that the Town Clerk had granted leased the aforementioned property to our client in excess of three decades ago and has continuously levied rates and taxes and charged cleansing fees for the occupation of the aforementioned location by our client.”
But on May 19, 2016 without notice the servants and agents trespassed on our client’s property where you demolished his building and the contents thereof.
“Our client has suffered considerable loss and damage as a result of your actions. We are instructed that in the light of the Ministry of Public Works asserted ownership of the said location, you and your predecessors have wrongfully obtained by way of misrepresentation and possibly fraud, monies from our client by falsely pretending that the aforementioned property was the property of the City of Georgetown.”
The complainant is therefore demanding $20 million as compensation for the loss and damage suffered by our client.
“We are further instructed to demand as we hereby do an immediate refund of the rates and taxes and other fees levied on and obtained from our client by you and your predecessors. We are further instructed to give you notice, as we hereby do, of our client’s intention to commence legal proceedings against you for the aforementioned losses,” the letter stated.