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High frequency radios; Toners for printers and photocopiers; Pliers and nippers. They all had one thing in common last year – Hundreds of millions of dollars were paid for them under very questionable circumstances by thegecom-battery Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).
The purchases, for the May 11, 2015, are now the subject of a major investigation by state auditors.
There are two other transactions that will also come under investigations- the purchase of Duracell batteries. The batteries are supposed to be used in lamps on Elections Days, in the case of power outages or in far-flung polling stations that are without electricity. Each lamp reportedly uses four batteries.
According GECOM’s polling days staffers, as part of its kit for elections day, each station is given two lamps.
According to official figures of contracts awarded last year, there were two payments for Duracell batteries by GECOM. One contract was awarded on April 23, 2015, about three weeks before the elections for $14,529,000. This contract was awarded to Mobile Authority, a business owned by Water Street businessman, Michael Brasse.
There was another contract awarded to the same entity for $9,180,518 on May 21, 2015, making it a total of $23,709,518 paid for Duracell batteries last year.
The dates and the total number ordered in Duracell batteries would be of huge significance for a number of reasons.
Ordered after Elections
With regards to the contract date of May 21, the big question according to GECOM officials is why would the entity want to enter into a contract after the elections for the batteries.
GECOM has been left with several boxes of the Duracell batteries delivered by Brasse, who according to official figures was a favourite business for contracts by the commission.
Investigations by Kaieteur News revealed that GECOM and taxpayers paid millions of dollars more for those batteries than what they could have been acquired for.
In New York, at the Dollar Dan store on Liberty Avenue, Queens, two of those “D” batteries, Duracell brand, were retailing yesterday for US$3.99. With tax included, the total price for two of batteries was US$4.34.
Local distributors yesterday told Kaieteur News that they could have supplied any amount at US$1 each ($200).
Assuming that each of the 2,299 polling stations used eight batteries, it meant GECOM wanted at least 18,392 batteries.
Brasse could have acquired 20,000 of those “D” batteries (Duracell brand), using a $300 tag price for $6,000,000.
Instead GECOM paid $23,709,518 or about $17.7M more.
It is a known business fact that wholesale quantities attract a lower price.
This particular transaction is likely to cause anger among some local distributors who only learnt of the GECOM’s purchases after it was announced last year by former Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Questioned about it, Luncheon had said, then, that the idea was to protect against any blackouts on Polling Day.
The Duracell batteries contracts would join a number of other questionable multi-million-dollar payments to Brasse and his brother, Mahendra Brasse, owner of Standard Distributors, a King Street, Lacytown business.
In late April, three weeks prior to the May 11 General and Regional Elections, the entity doled out $14.8M for the purchase of nippers/pliers from a King Street, Lacytown business called Standard Distributors.
It appeared that GECOM paid out an average of $6,000 apiece for those pliers when they could have been acquired on the local market for $600. It was not even a brand name.
Michael Brasse’s Mobile Authority, M-Tech Business Solutions and Mibra Trading received up to $290M in contracts last year.
His brother received $31M. Both men appeared to be preferred suppliers, receiving the lion’s or the hog’s share.
GECOM is under investigation by state auditors in a scandal that has dragged in the Opposition- the People’s Progressive Party/Civic which was in power prior to the May 11 elections.
The Opposition and its members on the Commission have distanced itself from the transactions of GECOM, saying that the entity asked for the money and it provided.
No Approval
Initially, state auditors moved in on GECOM to probe a major contract to Michael Brasse for a $100M purchase of high frequency communications radio sets for the May 11 elections. The sets, from all indications, were never used and there are questions about the urgent reasons advanced by GECOM for those radios in the first place.
The radio probe by the Audit Office of Guyana has brought intense focus on GECOM’s spending. A number of alarming things have been unearthed with the audit now expanded to other things.
GECOM, tasked with running elections in Guyana, has refused to respond to the charges of irregularities, saying that there is an active investigation by state auditors.
The revelations would continue to rock GECOM which until now has been doing well to keep a tight rein on its inner workings.
Already, the Opposition has called for the findings of the current probe by state auditors to be made public.
The PPP commissioners on GECOM have made it clear that many of the larger transactions did not even appear before them for approval.
With regards to the radios ordered last year, it appeared that the urgent reasons advanced by GECOM to buy 50 HF radios may not have been so urgent after all.
Despite the $100M expended, the radios were never put into use, according to officials.
The radios were delivered just a few days before elections making it impossible for it to be deployed to outlying areas in time for the elections.
State auditors are also looking to verify reports that GECOM had enough of those HF radios on hand, but yet went ahead and ordered more…those “more” were never used.
It is the belief that those radios, bought since 2006, were dumped on GECOM in a deal involving officials there.
The model was discontinued since 2009, leaving GECOM facing questions over warranties and spare parts.
Brasse also supplied toners for printers and photocopiers to the tune of $92M. It appeared from complaints by local suppliers that even the authorized distributors were bypassed for Brasse.
GECOM’s Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, and its Chairman, Dr. Steve Surujjbally, are currently on leave.
Dr. Surujbally has signaled his intentions to retire this year after being there for more than a decade and half.

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GNBA minutes expose directors’ skullduggery http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gnba-minutes-expose-directors-skullduggery/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gnba-minutes-expose-directors-skullduggery/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:50:23 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421673 By Abena Rockcliffe
Ever since the names of the two embattled Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) Board

GNBA Board Member, Anthony Vieira

GNBA Board Member, Anthony Vieira

directors were made known, Anthony Vieira has maintained that Secretary to the Board, Violet Boyal could corroborate his story of innocence.
Vieira said that Boyal was at the meeting and is in a good position to say that he carried out the will of the Board and is not guilty of the allegations against him.
A broadcaster, Kenwin Charles, reported to Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and to the GNBA that two Board members, Anthony Vieira and Vic Insanally, tried to get him to part with his cable broadcast on the Essequibo Coast.
They suggested that he move his operation to Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara and to sell his assets to a prominent Essequibo businessman.
Vieira’s story is falling apart. Kaieteur News has been able to access the minutes of the first meeting between the Board representatives and the broadcaster, Kenwin Charles. The notes of the minutes were taken by the Board Secretary, Boyal.
Vieira took the lead in that meeting as the minutes reflected no utterances by Insanally.
According to the minutes, Vieira told the broadcaster that if he is to secure a licence from GNBA he will have to use the Multichannel, Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS). He said that the board does not want anyone operating on the UHF band.
He told Charles that he has to relocate and he is being offered, “compensation to operate from Mahaicony, Mahaica Abary by relocating the tower.”
The minutes said that Vieira also told Charles that the Board already offered Premium Communications Services Inc. “Supenaam to Charity because they have more physical infrastructure.”

Vic Insanally

Vic Insanally

Further, the minutes show that Vieira acted as a middle man. He told the Broadcaster that he will be introduced to one “Jeffrey Fraser who owns lands in Region Five (Mahaicony) for the business to be set up.” He then told Charles that the Board is “trying to regulate, not close persons down.”
This newspaper understands that only one of Vieira’s statements reflected in the minutes was authorized by the Board, that statement being that the Board is trying to regulate the sector.
All other statements made by Vieira were his own. Two Board members confirmed that the Board did not authorize Vieira to tell the Broadcaster anything about what frequency he has to use.
Kaieteur News understands that the idea was brought up in the Board meeting by Vieira but the Board did not settle on that. In fact, it is not even up to GNBA to decide what frequency is to be used. That is a matter for the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU).
So, even if GNBA decides that that is what it wants, the NFMU will have to agree before that measure can be implemented.
In effect, Vieira was not only acting on his own accord, he was also acting outside the ambit of the authority of GNBA in telling the broadcaster he cannot operate using UHF, the minutes showed.
The “compensation” that is to be given to Northwest TV (Charles’s station) if it moves to Mahaicony is also a cause for concern. However, the minutes of the meeting did not explain what Vieira meant exactly by “compensation” and did not identify the source of this compensation.
Vieira’s statement about offing Premium Communications Service Inc. Supenaam to Charity is another representation of him going off on a whim, said a Board member. The Board has made no such decision, the member said.
Perhaps the most appalling of all that is stated in the minutes is that Vieira was acting as a middle man.
It is not even clear whether Vieira was acting as a real estate agent for the broadcaster to buy the land or if the land was to be rented. Whatever the case, this was far from what Vieira was authorized by the Board to do.
All cable operators are currently unlicensed. GNBA made a decision to regulate the sector. It decided to start in Essequibo then move to Demerara and Berbice.
The Board decided to meet with the broadcasters to reach a settlement. Vieira and Insanally were just supposed to access Charles’s financial records and try to agree on a settlement for him to pay for the years he has been in operation based on the profit he was making.
After paying off the board, Charles was supposed to be offered a licence.
The minutes did not reflect the offer for Charles to sell to the prominent businessman. That offer to sell was made at another which was held at Insanally’s office, the broadcaster said..
Kaieteur News understands that there is also solid proof that the offer was indeed made.
Earlier last week, Charles spoke of how Vieira and Insanally tried to coerce him into selling his operation to a prominent business man. Charles said that he was told that unless he agrees to do that and to move to Mahaicony he would not be given licence to operate any part of Guyana.
A complaint was made to the Office of the Prime Minister and is being investigated.
Chairman of the Board, Leonard Craig, told the media that he too will be investigating the matter. He subsequently received a lawyers’ letter from Vieira and Insanally, instructing him to no longer speak publicly on the matter and to compensate them for the negative publicity.
Craig was also told that it is improper for him to carry out any investigation.

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Guyana/Venezuela controversy…Decision in November—UN chief http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/guyanavenezuela-controversydecision-on-in-november-un-chief/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/guyanavenezuela-controversydecision-on-in-november-un-chief/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:45:41 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421684 Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, yesterday declared “I have to make an assessment by November” on the way forward with regard to the Venezuela border controversy with Guyana.

President David Granger and Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon pose for an official photograph at the UN Headquarters.

President David Granger and Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon pose for an official photograph at the UN Headquarters.

The Secretary-General made these comments during a meeting with President David Granger at the United Nations’ Headquarters in New York.
President David Granger, during the meeting, accepted this timetable and committed to providing any additional information, which Ban may need in order to complete his assessment. The Guyanese leader thanked Secretary-General Ban for his efforts.
Granger said, “We have been very impressed with the seriousness with which you have approached the problem and your own sincerity… We have been personally convinced that you want to bring closure to this matter.”
Subsequent to the meeting, President Granger said, “We support the process. We are confident that this process will lead to a conclusion that is satisfactory.”
Also attending the meeting on behalf of Guyana were Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge; Sir Shridath Ramphal, who was present at the signing of the Geneva Agreement in 1966 between the United Kingdom, on behalf of the then British Guiana and Venezuela and Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Audrey Waddell.
Secretary Ban Ki-moon will demit office on December 31.

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K/News staffer accuses cops of extortion…Video footage contradicts cops’ denial http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/knews-staffer-accuses-cops-of-extortion-video-footage-contradicts-cops-denial/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/knews-staffer-accuses-cops-of-extortion-video-footage-contradicts-cops-denial/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:40:39 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421583 Days after denying stopping and fleecing a Kaieteur News staffer of $5000 over a traffic offence, video footage has come to light, contradicting the denial by the cops.

K/News staffer,  Harry Brijmohan

K/News staffer,
Harry Brijmohan

The footage showed the staffer, Harry Brijmohan, sitting in the tray of an unmarked vehicle with his motorcycle, as it drove west along the road that leads to Providence New Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) between 15:20hours and 15:35 hrs.
This new development would contradict the statements given by four policemen who claimed that they never saw Brijmohan or stopped him on August 17, last.
Two Saturdays ago, Brijmohan was stopped by five policemen after he was caught riding his motorcycle without a helmet.
The ranks searched him, demanded his documents and then informed him that they had to charge him and place him before the court, despite his offence being a ticket-able one. He was told that he could have only made a phone call after 72 hours.
“One of them tell me that I should have ride away, that his gun rusty because long he ain’t use it.”
Brijmohan said that the men placed his motorcycle at the back of their vehicle and informed him that he had to go to the station.
”They drive out to the junction. While driving, the two at the back telling me that I gun get charge and then they say that I can do something before I reach,” Brijmohan said.
He claimed that one of the men asked him if he had money to which he responded in the negative but another rank interjected and said that he was lying. Apparently when the motorcyclist reached for his licence in his wallet, the rank saw that he had money on him.
”They say that once I reached at the station then I can’t do anything but I can do something before I reached and I said I got $3,000 and then they say no, is five of them and I got to give them $5000. I said no and they telling me that I got no other option,” Brijmohan recalled.
He said that while he was bargaining with the two police ranks, trying not to hand over all his cash, another rank said that they had not drunk anything for the day.
In the end, he handed over $5,000 to the ranks and was allowed to go home.
When Brijmohan’s story first appeared in the media, ranks from the force’s Office of Professional Responsibility took a statement from him.
On Thursday, he positively identified four of the ranks since one was on leave.
While they were indeed patrolling the in area, they claimed that they never saw the K/News staffer two Saturdays ago. But the video footage that has surfaced supports Brijmohan’s story.

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Central Bank Boss….CLICO fiasco reinforces need for enhanced insurance regulation- Central Bank http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/clico-fiasco-reinforces-need-for-enhanced-insurance-regulation-central-bank/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/clico-fiasco-reinforces-need-for-enhanced-insurance-regulation-central-bank/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:40:36 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421646 -Insists that focus must be placed on performance gaps and overall profitability of the sector
Based on its analysis, the Central Bank of Guyana is of the view that there is a general confidence within the

Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga

Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga

insurance industry. In fact, it has found that there is continued stability in the sector. This, of course, has been seen as a very positive sign for the sector as it has spurred industry growth with moderate risk exposures that may not have any major destabilizing impact on industry performance.
According to Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga, it is important to note that the insurance sector which comprises long-term insurance and general insurance, accounted for approximately 6.4 percent of total financial assets and 26 percent of non-bank assets.
He said that the sector was adequately capitalized in keeping with the requirements of the Insurance Act 1998 at the end of June last.
Dr. Ganga noted that the insurance sector acts as a conduit for households and firms to transfer risks to entities that are better suited to handle them. In this way, he said projects can be undertaken that might not be otherwise possible, and this contributes to the growth and financial stability of the economy.
As for the performance of the sector thus far, the Central Bank Governor said that the insurance sector’s assets grew by 5.1 percent and accounted for 8.2 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.
“Its soundness indicators signified a robust sector at the end June 2016. The long-term and general insurance sectors’ assets exceeded liabilities by 25.2 percent and 128.5 percent, respectively. Reinsurance (insurance bought by insurance companies) for the long-term insurance sector decreased marginally to 4.9 percent, indicating that fewer risks were transferred to reinsurers.
In contrast, reinsurance for the general insurance sector increased to 30 percent from 19 percent. Potential risks to which the industry was exposed were prudently managed resulting in no adverse effect despite the volatility of the global financial conditions,” expressed the Central Bank Governor.
Dr. Gobind Ganga also stated that the systemic failures by CLICO have reinforced the need for enhanced regulation in the insurance sector.
In this regard, Dr. Ganga recalled that the Insurance Bill 2016 was passed in Parliament and is now awaiting the President’s assent. He said it is expected that the introduction of a new regulatory regime would lead to improved resilience in the sector to withstand any adverse shocks, which in turn, will serve to strengthen the sector’s financial stability.
As for the way forward, the Central Bank Governor said that the Bank will seek technical assistance to provide additional resources to implement regulations and other subsidiary rules when the laws comes into effect, especially the much needed new solvency and capital adequacy requirements.
He said that the development of a crisis management resolution plans would also be pursued. The Bank of Governor also highlighted that there is need for continued focus on identified performance gaps while seeking to enhance insurance inclusion, penetration and overall profitability.
He believes that the road ahead is full of opportunities that the industry should exploit.

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Nuff effing going on in Guyana http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/nuff-effing-going-on-in-guyana/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/nuff-effing-going-on-in-guyana/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:30:24 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421693 People does always remember Christopher Columbus. He sail round de world to prove that de earth ain’t flat. He mek history.
Papa Cheddi mek history too. He tell de nation that de PNC under Burnham and Hoyte, did not only rig de elections. What dem do, if it wasn’t rigging, was frigging. He end up winning de next elections and was GECOM mek he win.
Dem boys want to know if wid all dem things wha going on now wid GECOM, who gun win. Dem boys always remember GECOM been pun Battery Road then move to High Street. Since dem move to High Street people wan know wha dem drink, wha dem smoke to get so high.
When dem been pun Battery Road dem buy battery low. AS SOON as dem move to High Street is everything dem buy high.
Dem buy radio sets at a very, very high price; dem buy toner wha does print paper fuh more than wha a complete printer cost; dem buy pliers fuh cut de wire pun all dem ballot box but de money dem pay fuh each pliers could capon all dem man in Guyana, including de boss at GECOM.
When dem by Battery dem nevah buy nutten. As soon as dem meet High Street dem buy everything; dem even buy battery fuh fly because when dem boys hear de price dem pay fuh a battery dem think was an airplane battery to fly de whole Guyana across de world.
Dem boys seh if all wha go long at GECOM wasn’t or isn’t runnings, dem would join Papa Cheddi and he was frigging.
Wha also going on at GNBA is not runnings, not thiefing but setting de stage fuh a big kickback or kick front. Dem boys hope and pray that when all is said and done it ain’t gun end up as kicking up or kicking down because is big money playing out here.
De money much, much bigger than GECOM.
Talk half and dem boys gun talk about dem Chinee small stone.

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US-based charity steps up to help three-year-old burn victim http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/us-based-charity-steps-up-to-help-three-year-old-burn-victim/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/us-based-charity-steps-up-to-help-three-year-old-burn-victim/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:28:45 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421667 Saving Hands Emergency Aid, (SHEA) a US-based charitable organisation has stepped up to the challenge of helping to facilitate the medical treatment for three-year-old burn victim, Renia Rogers.

Three year old Renie Rogers

Three year old Renie Rogers

Renia was just 16 months old when she sustained serious burns to her scalp and her right side face.
This reportedly happened after a kerosene stove fell on her. However, although the little girl was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and discharged her burns have not healed.
The girl’s father, Rol Rogers, had explained that due to extent of her injuries it proved impossible to heal over the years despite, the treatment.
Rogers explained that his daughter could not attend school. She spends most of her days at her father Peter’s Hall East Bank Demerara home.
Mr Rogers had been trying to garner enough funds for his daughter to seek medical attention overseas when he learnt of the organisation.
When Kaieteur News contacted Rogers, he expressed gratitude and satisfaction that the organisation has been working quickly to assist his daughter.
According to information posted last week by the President of SHEA, Lori Narine, the three-year-old has been accepted for treatment in the USA. “We are currently working out immigration matters so that she can travel for this lifesaving treatment.
“We are not just “footing the bill” we have secured treatment and will cover all travel related expenses for Renia and her father.
“We are told that Renia’s head bleeds daily and she is at high risk of contracting an infection, so, we are working extra hard and extra fast to get her treated as soon as possible,” Narine said in facebook post
According to the website Saving Hands Emergency Aid, Inc. is a humanitarian organization that provides financial assistance and coordinates free or low cost treatment to address the emergency medical needs of individuals in impoverished countries.
Beginning in Guyana and the Caribbean and seeking to expand to other geographic areas in need as funds become available, to support and empower patients who cannot afford crucial medical treatment due to poverty or lack of appropriate services in their home nation.
SHEA ‘s vision and methodology is to) identify individuals in impoverished communities with the most need; locate and leverage funding for medical aid and/or humanitarian services on a case-by-case basis; and through partnerships of compassion and expertise, positively impact and improve health conditions one person at a time.
Saving Hands Emergency Aid, Inc. has developed into a sustainable and replicable model for improving emergency health outcomes and, within a holistic framework of strategic partnerships, to create, fund and implement healthcare plans that provide diverse individuals in need with life-saving medical treatment and services.

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Second batting meltdown leaves Windies with series loss http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/second-batting-meltdown-leaves-windies-with-series-loss/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/second-batting-meltdown-leaves-windies-with-series-loss/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:24:39 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421614 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, CMC – West Indies suffered their second batting meltdown

Sohail Tanvir celebrates after dismissing Evin Lewis, Pakistan v West Indies, 2nd T20I, Dubai, yesterday ©Getty Images

Sohail Tanvir celebrates after dismissing Evin Lewis, Pakistan v West Indies, 2nd T20I, Dubai, yesterday ©Getty Images

in the space of 48 hours as they slumped to a 16-run defeat to Pakistan in the second Twenty20 International here yesterday, to meekly surrender the three-match series.

Asked to chase 161 for victory at the Dubai International Stadium, the Caribbean side looked anything but reigning World champions as they inexplicably collapsed to 144 for nine off their 20 overs, to suffer their second straight loss of the series following a similar disappointing outing on Friday.

Sunil Narine saved some face for the Windies with a cameo top score of 30 off 17 deliveries batting at number nine while Andre Fletcher chipped in with 29 but his was a pedestrian knock that required 37 balls, and fell far short of what was required.

West Indies were ripped apart by left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir who snapped up three for 13 in a brilliant four-over spell and was supported by rookie speedster Hasan Ali who finished with three for 49.

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed had earlier guided Pakistan up to a challenging 160 for four off their 20 overs when he top-scored with a Man-of-the-Match, unbeaten 46 off 32 deliveries.

Andre Fletcher scored a quiet 29, Pakistan v West Indies, 2nd T20I, Dubai, yesterday ©Getty Images

Andre Fletcher scored a quiet 29, Pakistan v West Indies, 2nd T20I, Dubai, yesterday ©Getty Images

Sent in, Pakistan also benefited from opener Khalid Latif’s knock of 40 off 36 balls and the experienced right-hander Shoaib Malik’s invaluable 37 off 28 balls.

Sharjeel Khan fell cheaply for two at four for one in the third over when he dragged on to leg-spinner Samuel Badree, but two half-century stands then repaired the innings and propelled the hosts to the highest-ever total at the ground.

Latif struck three fours and a six as he added 54 for the second wicket with Babar Azam who scored 19, while Sarfraz and Shoaib combined in a 69-run, fourth wicket partnership which took the game away from West Indies.

Sarfraz produced a controlled innings, striking five fours and running sensibly between the wickets with Shoaib who counted three boundaries and a six before holing out in the deep in the final over.

Any hopes West Indies had of re-discovering their World Cup-winning form were quickly dashed as they slumped to 19 for three in the sixth over, with Sohail picking up two of the wickets to fall.

Johnson Charles (10) picked out Umar Akmal at long on off left-arm spinner Imad Wasim with the score on 12 in the third over and Evin Lewis was taken at slip by Sharjeel for three, edging a booming back foot drive at Sohail in the following over with just three runs added.

When Marlon Samuels nicked Sohail behind to depart for one in the sixth over, West Indies were floundering.

Fletcher then anchored two stands, adding 26 for the fourth wicket with Dwayne Bravo (18) and a further 37 for the fifth wicket with Kieron Pollard (18). Neither stand proved threatening, however, as none of the three players were afforded the freedom to score quickly.

Bravo was eventually befuddled  and bowled by one from Nawaz which came on with the arm in the 10th over and Fletcher could only gather a single four and a six before his hard grind ended when he missed a heave and bowled by Hasan Ali at 82 for five in the 15th over.

By then, the required run rate had climbed to nearly 15 runs an over and the pressure told as Fletcher’s dismissal saw three wickets tumble for seven runs in the space of 10 deliveries.

Pollard edged a slower-ball bouncer behind off Hasan Ali and in the next over, left-hander Nicholas Pooran holed out to long off with Sohail for four.

Collapsing at 89 for seven in the 16th, Narine energised the innings by belting four fours and a six, posting 30 for the eighth wicket with captain Carlos Brathwaite (8) and 25 for the ninth wicket with Jerome Taylor (10 not out).

Brathwaite and Narine combined to take 15 runs from the 17th over sent down by Hasan Ali and another 14 runs from the 18th bowled by seamer Wahab Riaz, handing the visitors the smallest of lifelines.

But once Brathwaite deposited Hasan Ali into Umar Akmal’s lap at long on at the start of the 19th over with 42 runs still required, any remaining hope disappeared.

The third and final game is set for Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.




Sharjeel Khan b Badree 2

Khalid Latif run out 40

Babar Azam c Pollard b Brathwaite 19

Shoaib Malik c Pollard b Bravo 37

*+Sarfraz Ahmed not out 46

Umar Akmal not out 1

Extras (lb10, w5) 15

TOTAL (4 wkts, 20 overs) 160

 Did not bat: Mohammad Nawaz, Imad Wasim,

Wahab Riaz, Sohail Tanvir, Hasan Ali. 

Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Sharjeel Khan, 2.2 overs),

2-58 (Babar Azam, 8.1), 3-85 (Khalid Latif, 11.4),

4-154 (Shoaib Malik, 19.2)

 Bowling: Badree 4-0-24-1 (w1), Taylor 4-0-28-0 (w2),

Narine 4-0-36-0 (w1), DJ Bravo 4-0-38-1 (w1), Brathwaite 4-0-24-1.



J Charles c Umar Akmal b Imad Wasim 10

E Lewis c Sharjeel Khan b Sohail Tanvir 3

+A Fletcher b Hasan Ali 29

M Samuels c wkp Sarfraz Ahmed b Sohail Tanvir 1

DJ Bravo b Mohammad Nawaz 18

K Pollard c wkp Sarfraz Ahmed b Hasan Ali 18

*C Brathwaite c Umar Akmal b Hasan Ali 8

N Pooran c Mohammad Nawaz b Sohail Tanvir 4

S Narine c Umar Akmal b Wahab Riaz 30

J Taylor not out 10

Extras (w7, nb6) 13

TOTAL (9 wkts, 20 overs) 144

 Did not bat: S Badree.

Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Charles, 2.3 overs), 2-15 (Lewis, 3.4),

3-19 (Samuels, 5.3), 4-45 (Bravo, 10), 5-82 (Fletcher, 14.2),

6-83 (Pollard, 14.5), 7-89 (Pooran, 16), 8-119 (Brathwaite, 18.2),

9-144 (Narine, 20)

Bowling: Imad Wasim 4-0-18-1, Sohail Tanvir 4-0-13-3 (w1),

Mohammad Nawaz 3-0-19-1, Shoaib Malik 1-0-3-0,

Hasan Ali 4-0-49-3 (w2), Wahab Riaz 4-0-42-1 (w4, nb2).

Result: Pakistan won by 16 runs.

Series: Pakistan lead three-match series 2-0.

Man-of-the-Match: Safraz Ahmed.

Toss: West Indies.

Umpires: Ahmed Shahab, Shozab Raza; TV – Ahsan Raza.

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Junior Niles pedals to victory in feature race as top-three lap entire field http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/junior-niles-pedals-to-victory-in-feature-race-as-top-three-lap-entire-field/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/junior-niles-pedals-to-victory-in-feature-race-as-top-three-lap-entire-field/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:24:23 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421599 12th Laparkan Holdings Ltd. National Park 11-Race Cycle Meet

By Franklin Wilson
Team Coco’s Junior Niles was in pristine form yesterday in capturing the feature school boys and invitation 35-lap race when the 12th Laparkan Holdings Limited 11-Race National Park Cycle Meet was held.

Junior Niles eases to a comfortable victory in the feature 35-lap race yesterday at the National Park. (Franklin Wilson photo)

Junior Niles eases to a comfortable victory in the feature 35-lap race yesterday at the National Park. (Franklin Wilson photo)

Displaying a high level of fitness which has been as a result of consistent competitive riding in the National Park and the many road races so far this season, Niles, Mark Harris and Paul Choo Wee Nam along with Briton John who was dropped after 17 laps, lapped the entire field to underscore their dominance of the race.
Niles, in stopping the clock at One Hour 18 Minutes 53.81 Seconds captured three of the sprint prizes on offer with Harris and Choo Wee Nam claiming two each, while the other went to John.
From the start of the race the quartet set the pace which turned out to be too hot for their rivals to handle, even John who couldn’t keep up after 17 laps.
Hamza Eatsman, Shaquel Agard and Kemeul Moses finished off the top six positions in that order. Niles also rode earlier in the day and placed second in the Veterans Under-50 5-lap contest which was won by Lennox Jackman in 12 Minutes 13.80 Seconds.
Laparkan officials at the presentation thanked the riders for their participation noting that

Laparkan Holdings Ltd. staff members and the race organiser take time for a group photo with yesterday’s winners and others following the presentation of prizes.

Laparkan Holdings Ltd. staff members and the race organiser take time for a group photo with yesterday’s winners and others following the presentation of prizes.

they are always pleased to see so many youths and older riders showcasing their talent, pointing out that sport is vital for the overall development of young people.
Race organizer Hassan Mohamed also expressed gratitude to the sponsor as well as the competitors for making the event realty for the 12th successive year.
Following are the full results from yesterday.
Race Results
Veterans U-50 5 Laps Lennox Jackman (12m13.80s), Junior Niles, Ralph Williams
Veterans O-50 5 Laps Kennard Lovell, Linden Blackman
Juveniles/Juniors 10 Laps Briton John (24m05.66s), Jaleel Jackson, Raphael Leung
Mountain Bikes 5 Laps Ozia Macullay (12m50s), Stephan Gobin
BMX Boys 6-9 yrs 2 Laps John Niles, Jared Barrington, Jessica Mohabir
BMX Boys 9-12 yrs 3 Laps Jeremiah Harrison, Shay Sue Hang, Zab James
BMX Boys 12-14 yrs 3 Laps Tarran Garbarran
School Boys & Invitation Junior Niles (1h18m53.81s), Mark Harris, Paul Choo Wee Nam,
35-Lap Feature Hamza Eastman, Shaquel Agard, Kemuel Moses

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Georgetown trail by 113 with seven wickets intact against West Demerara http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/georgetown-trail-by-113-with-seven-wickets-intact-against-west-demerara/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/georgetown-trail-by-113-with-seven-wickets-intact-against-west-demerara/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:57 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421653 Chanderpaul slams 187, Persaud hits 72

When stumps were drawn on the second and penultimate day of the fifth-round Guyana Cricket

Tagenarine Chanderpaul anchored West Demerara innings

Tagenarine Chanderpaul anchored West Demerara innings

Board Jaguars three-day league at Lusignan, Georgetown were trailing by 113 runs with seven wickets intact against West Demerara yesterday. Batting a second time the city side closed on 74-3 with Jahron Byron on seven and skipper Christopher Barnwell on three.
In reply to Georgetown first innings score of 170, West Demerara resumed on 165 with Tagenarine Chanderpaul on 94 and Akshaya Persaud on 49, and scored 357 before they were bowled out just before tea. Persaud reached his fifty with a single in the first over and added a further 38 with Chanderpaul before he was lbw for 72 after hitting six fours and one six off 139 balls in 178 minutes. Chanderpaul continued to bat sensibly and soon brought up his well deserved century off 150 balls after batting for 219 minutes. He then pulled Kellon Carmichael to the mid-wicket fence before driving Ronaldo Alimohamed for boundaries. However, Alimohamed uprooted the stumps of Yetesh Dhanpaul (05), off-spinner Gajanand Suknanan bowled Kemol Savory (07), while left arm seamer Andre Stoll bowled Travis Persaud (00) as West Demerara went to lunch at 244-6 with Chanderpaul on 134.
After the break, Romario Shepherd dumped Devon Lord for a six before he was bowled the very next ball for seven, while Barnwell had Richie Looknauth caught for five. Chanderpaul and Mahindra Dhanpaul added 69 for the ninth-wicket to frustrate their opponents somewhat. Chanderpaul continued to carefully gather his runs on both sides of the pitch and soon brought up

Akshaya Persaud

Akshaya Persaud

his 150 after batting for 354 minutes. Dhanpaul took boundaries off Suknanan before the left-handed Chanderpaul deposited Devon Lord over the ropes. Kellon Carmichael then had Dhanpaul caught for 39 with four fours and two sixes.
The level-headed Chanderpaul showed immense concentration and hardly put a foot wrong until he was caught by wicket-keeper Dexter Solomon off Carmichael flashing at a wide ball outside off-stump for 187. His innings included eleven fours and seven sixes and came off 347 balls in 414 minutes; Seyhodan was unbeaten on one; Suknanan claimed 3-89 off 37 overs, Carmichael 2-35 off 17 and Stoll 2-50 from 14 overs.
Facing a deficit of 187, Georgetown lost Robin Bacchus lbw to Shepherd for four in the first over before Andrew Lyght and Sunil Singh took the score to 62. Singh who pulled Yetesh Dhanpaul over mid-wicket and smashed him over long-on for sixes, was stumped off Richie Looknauth for 32, while Lyght was bowled by Seyhodan for 23, leaving their team at 62-3 before Byron and Barnwell saw them to the close.
Play continues at 09:30 hrs today.

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The 1976 Tri-Nations B/ball Tourney was the pacesetter for Caricom Championships http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/the-1976-tri-nations-bball-tourney-was-the-pacesetter-for-caricom-championships/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/the-1976-tri-nations-bball-tourney-was-the-pacesetter-for-caricom-championships/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:57 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421605 The year was 1975, the occasion was the prestigious Central American Championship in

Action in the Tri Nations tournament featuring Barbados in 1976.

Action in the Tri Nations tournament featuring Barbados in 1976.

the Dominican Republic. Head of the Guyana delegation, Mr. John ‘Fishy’ Yates was approached by members of FIBA about the possibility of hosting a Caribbean Championship with an aim towards bringing about more international competition between Caribbean countries with similar level of play. Originally it was planned to have Jamaica, Haiti and Curacao take part but time was against the organizers.  Trinidad gave a verbal agreement but withdrew a day before the tournament commenced in Georgetown.

As Statistician Charwayne Walker reflects the Tri-Nations tournament involving Suriname, Barbados and Guyana was a precursor to the Caricom Championship and the Dutch speaking team were the dominant ones.

Suriname led by Harold Tonch played unbeaten winning both the Neil Chan and the Republic Trophies. Their star players were Feverus Wip, Roy Eudoxide, John Celius and Victor Sibilo. Feverus’ 38 pts against Guyana in the Republic Trophy Finals was the highest score of the tournament. Teammate Wip also scored 30pts against Barbados.

Guyana’s Merton Fitzalbert in action during the 1976 tournament.

Guyana’s Merton Fitzalbert in action during the 1976 tournament.

The outstanding Guyanese players were skipper Mike Brusche, Orin Cumberbatch, Merton Fitzalbert, Phillip Daniels and Aubrey Chalmers.

Barbados depended on star player Malcolm Stanton, Jeffrey Stoute, Ian Trotman, Cameron Vickery and skipper Richard Clarke.

Let’s statute the players that set the stage for the forming of the Caribbean Basketball Federation.

 Game one:  Guyana vs Barbados

Venue: National Sports Hall

Results: Guyana won 76 to 66. Mike Brusche had a game high 21 pts, Aubrey Chalmers 16 pts, Philip Daniels 13 pts. For Barbados: star player Malcolm Stanton top scored with 16 pts, Harry Games 12 pts.

Game Two: Suriname blew out Barbados 107 to 70. Venue: National Sports Hall.

Game Three: Suriname edged Guyana 59 to 57. Venue: National Sports Hall.

Game Four: Barbados beat Guyana 77 to 70.  Venue: national Sports Hall.

Finals for the Neil Chan Trophy

Venue: National Sports Hall

Results: Suriname beat Barbados 99 to 84. For the champs Feverus scored 27 pts, Roy Eudoxie 27 pts. For Barbados Malcolm Stanton top scored with 23 pts, Jeffrey Stonte 18 pts.

Republic Trophy

Guyana beat Barbados 77 to 63. Venue: National Sports Hall. Orin Cumberbatch top scored with a game high 24 pts, Winston ‘Boy Blue’ Joseph 14 pts, Merton Fitzalbert 14 pts. For Barbados: Malcolm Stanton top scored with 16 pts, Jeffrey Stoute 11 pts.

Suriname beat Barbados. Venue: National Sports Hall. Wip top scored for the victors with a game high 30 pts. Feverus scored 24 pts. For Barbados: Harry Games top scored with 19 pts, Malcolm Stanton 17 pts.

Finals for the Republic Trophy

Venue: National Sports Hall.

Results: Suriname beat Guyana 91 to 72. For the winners star player Feverus was unstoppable with 38 pts of which 24 came in the first half. Victor Sibilo 26 pts. For Guyana skipper Mike Brusche top scored with 16 pts, Orin Cumberbatch 14 pts. At the end of the tournament Suriname’s captain Harold Tonch was presented with the Neil Chan and Republic Trophies. Victor Sibilo of Suriname was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, Guyana’s Mike Brusche was named the tournament’s Best Offensive Player. Barbados Harry Games was named the tournament’s Best Defensive Player. Puerto Rico’s Eduardo Martin and Venezuelan Hector Ruiz carried the whistle in the finals.

The 1976 Guyana Team

Mike Brusche- Captain

Clifton Brushe

Merton Fitzalbert

Melroy Fitzalbert

Aubrey Chalmers

Phillip Daniels

Orin Cumberbatch

Hewley Harry

Keith Alexander

Gavin Kendall

Winston Joseph

James Devonish

Hewley Henry- Coach

The Barbados Team 1976

Richard Clarke- Captain

Harry Games

Ian Trotman

Cameron Vickery

Malcolm Stanton

Jeffrey Stoute

  1. Fitzjohn
  2. Blanchette
  3. Rudder
  4. Morris
  5. Grant
  6. Small –Coach
  7. Games-Manager
  8. Walton – Head of Delegation
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GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power Nat. U-17 League…Gordon and Glasgow blast hat-tricks in leading BAPSC and BVTU to wins http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gffnamilco-thunderbolt-flour-power-nat-u-17-league-gordon-and-glasgow-blast-hat-tricks-in-leading-bapsc-and-bvtu-to-wins/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gffnamilco-thunderbolt-flour-power-nat-u-17-league-gordon-and-glasgow-blast-hat-tricks-in-leading-bapsc-and-bvtu-to-wins/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:39 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421658 Bachelor’s Adventure Paradise Sports Club (BAPSC) and BV Triumph United (BVTU) recorded

Teshawn Gordon of Bachelor’s Adventure Paradise celebrates his opening goal with a teammate.

Teshawn Gordon of Bachelor’s Adventure Paradise celebrates his opening goal with a teammate.

contrasting wins yesterday on account of a hat-trick each from Teshawn Gordon (BAPSC) and Omari Glasgow (BVTU) as play in the inaugural GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power National Intra Association Under-17 League continued at the Melanie ground, East Coast Demerara.
Playing in the feature match, BAPSC made light work of Buxton Stars whom they eased past 4-0 after leading 2-0 at the end of the first 45 minutes.
Buxton were up to the task of matching their counterparts from Bachelor’s Adventure, the reigning East Demerara Football Association Under-17 champions play for play in the opening exchanges but as the match matured, Bachelor’s Adventure gradually took control of proceedings.
The winners played a more robust game as they outhustled the Buxton side. Gordon hammered in both first half goals, hitting the target in the 24th and 40th minute, Buxton’s goalkeeper Kareem Wills being unable to keep Gordon’s shots outside of the nets.
The second half was no different for the lads from Bachelor’s Adventure as they replicated their first half performance. Gordon was again on the score sheets in the 70th minute to increase the advantage to 3-0 and eight minutes later to 4-0 thanks to a Colin Hendricks strike.
In the opening match, it was all the Omari Glasgow show as he singlehandedly took the fight to Golden Stars FC and came out victor in a David vs Goliath like match up.
The BV side is made up of lots of players small in stature but they have big hearts and that is what took them to a memorable win against a Golden Stars line up that featured many goliaths like players.
Glasgow undoubtedly one of the more skillful players on show in the tournament, once again

Omari Glasgow (#7 - 2nd left) nets the equalising goal for BV Triumph United form the penalty spot.

Omari Glasgow (#7 – 2nd left) nets the equalising goal for BV Triumph United form the penalty spot.

displayed why he is a vital player in the BV line-up. Golden Stars enjoyed the early momentum which included many physical plays as they asserted themselves against the BV boys.
The Stars were golden 20 minutes on when Shamar Kingston hammered in their first goal past Shawn Cudjoe between the uprights for BVTU. But even though they found themselves trailing, the BV lads showed good control and skills and were very patient whenever they got the ball.
Golden Stars somehow took the BV lads for granted and gradually lost the early punch they displayed as BV began to show more confidence as they made more frequent plays in the Golden Stars defensive third.
One such play brought them the equalizer when one of their {BV} players was brought down in the box. Stepping up to take the penalty was none other than Omari Glasgow and he made no mistake in banging the ball past the outstretched hands of Golden Stars’ goalie, Shawn Adonis

Bachelor’s Adventure Paradise SC’s Teshawn Gordon (2nd left) nets his sides opening goal against Buxton Stars yesterday at the Melanie ground, ECD.

Bachelor’s Adventure Paradise SC’s Teshawn Gordon (2nd left) nets his sides opening goal against Buxton Stars yesterday at the Melanie ground, ECD.

in the 43rd minute.
It was exactly what the doctor had ordered the BV lads and it certainly pumped up their adrenaline for the remaining two minutes and this rolled over to the second half which saw BVTU very dominant in the opening moments which certainly set the mood and mode for the remainder of the match.
Five minutes into the half, Glasgow caught the Golden Stars defenders flatfooted as they afforded him the luxury of space and he obliged by shooting a powerfully taken shot to the far corner to beat a surprised Adonis in the 50th minute which handed BVTU the lead for the first time in the match.
BV to their credit made the ball do the work as a collective unit which was quite the opposite for the Golden Stars players.
Glasgow was again on the score sheets in the 70th minute to double BVTU’s advantage as they cantered to a 3-1 advantage; effectively knocking the wind out of the sails of Golden Stars. Despite pulling one back in the 80th minute to reduce the lead by one on account of Kingston’s second of the match (3-2), BV held strong in the remaining 10 minutes to celebrate victory and deservedly so.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gffnamilco-thunderbolt-flour-power-nat-u-17-league-gordon-and-glasgow-blast-hat-tricks-in-leading-bapsc-and-bvtu-to-wins/feed/ 0
Courts 10k race on this morning http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/courts-10k-race-on-this-morning/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/courts-10k-race-on-this-morning/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:39 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421594 Courts Guyana Inc. in collaboration with the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) will be hosting its much-anticipated Sixth Annual Courts 10km Road Race, scheduled for this morning from 6am outside the Main Street Store.

Cleveland Forde

Cleveland Forde

According to a press release from Courts, the event comes “on the heels of the record breaking event held last year”. The event which is now a fixture on the AAG Calendar sees some clubs, athletes and gyms participating every year.
Courts boasted in its press release that last year had “the largest registration in the history of any 10km event in Guyana”. The race is opened to athletes in the junior, senior and master categories for both males and females.
“Courts will be handing over $1,500,000 in cash, prizes and trophies. The race will commence at Courts Main Street Store at 6 am and a 3km event will be held simultaneously for staff members of the company as the brand continues to promote healthy lifestyles even among its staff,” Courts continued in the circular.
The first to third place finishers for male and female staff members will be awarded cash prizes and trophies. “Courts is proud to be able to continue to host this event, making good on its commitment to sports in Guyana”.
Cleveland Forde has been the most dominant athlete in the race, missing out on just one title in 2014 when he did not compete owed to an injury. Forde will be back to defend his title from last year with the female category open to challenge.

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Fitness Express sponsors airfare for Mr Guyana CAC participation http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/fitness-express-sponsors-airfare-for-mr-guyana-cac-participation-2/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/fitness-express-sponsors-airfare-for-mr-guyana-cac-participation-2/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:34 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421612 Sponsorship has always been a major challenge for many Guyanese athletes in their

Fitness Express Manager Jamie Mc Donald (left) hands over the air ticket to Mr. Guyana Kerwyn Clarke.

Fitness Express Manager Jamie Mc Donald (left) hands over the air ticket to Mr. Guyana Kerwyn Clarke.

quest to represent the Golden Arrowhead.
In the case of reigning Mr. Guyana Kerwyn Clarke, Fitness Express has ensured that he would be in the right frame of mind at the upcoming 44th annual CACBBFF sanctioned by IFBB and is set to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from September 30 to October 1st, 2016.
Living true to its commitment of supporting athletes’ development locally and overseas, Manager/Owner of Fitness Express Mr. Jamie McDonald this week presented Clarke with is air ticket to the Dominican Republic.
In handing over the ticket at Fitness Express’ Sheriff and John Street, Campbellville location, McDonald wished Clarke every success as he embarks on bringing back the gold medal for Guyana at the Central American and Caribbean Body Building and Fitness Championships.
Clarke in response showered praise on McDonald and Fitness Express for their continued investment in his development whilst stating that the entity has been diligently supporting his training which include leading up to CAC 2016.
”Fitness Express’ continued support has been one of the enabling factors in me being where I am today in the sport and it further propels and give me the confidence of winning my category at CAC this year.”
”I have put in the necessary work and my main objective now is to display my hard work by taking care of the competing bodybuilders at CAC by capturing the eyes of the judge’s panel.”
Clarke, a two-time CAC bronze medalist and four-time Mr Guyana is expected to leave these shores on September 28 for the Dominican Republic.

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Mars to officiate in CFU Men’s U-17 Final today in T&T http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/mars-to-officiate-in-cfu-mens-u-17-final-today-in-tt/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/mars-to-officiate-in-cfu-mens-u-17-final-today-in-tt/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:32 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421596 Guyanese FIFA Assistant Referee (AR) Venton Mars has been appointed to officiate in the

Venton Mars in T&T.

Venton Mars in T&T.

Caribbean Football Union Men’s U-17 Final between Haiti and Cuba to be contested tonight at the Ato Boldon Stadium in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
The experienced Mars will be joined by Barbados Referee Trevor Taylor, AR Kenroy Willis of Cayman Islands and Ricangel De Leca from Aruba. The tournament started on September 16 with two groups of 4 teams each.
Group A consisted of Haiti, Jamaica, host Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda, while Group B comprised of Cuba, Curacao, Suriname and Guadalupe. Mars who officiated in Group B did the Guadeloupe vs Suriname, Guadeloupe vs Cuba, Guadeloupe vs Curacao and Haiti vs Curacao semi final matches.
It is as a result of his performances in those matches that he was selected to do the final. Kaieteur Sport takes this opportunity to congratulate Mars on this accomplishment.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/mars-to-officiate-in-cfu-mens-u-17-final-today-in-tt/feed/ 0
RHT 46th Anniversary 1970-2016…RHTY&SC, MS Cricket teams host successful Career and Business Fair http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/rht-46th-anniversary-1970-2016-rhtysc-ms-cricket-teams-host-successful-career-and-business-fair/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/rht-46th-anniversary-1970-2016-rhtysc-ms-cricket-teams-host-successful-career-and-business-fair/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:17 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421591 Over 8000 students drawn from across the ancient county of Berbice at the Primary and Secondary levels are now better equipped to make decisions on a future career. The students on Thursday last visited the well organised and highly successful Career and Business Fair organised by the Cricket teams of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS in observance of the 46th anniversary celebration of Rose Hall Town.
Event Coordinator and Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, Hilbert foster hailed the Career and Business Fair as one of the largest organised in Guyana with a total of 67 NGO’s, Government Agencies, International Agencies, Companies and schools in attendance. The main objectives of the event were to assist youths to make career choices, to educate youths on qualifications needed for the different careers, to expose youths to mentors, to promote businesses in Guyana, to attract investments to the township and to promote the Club’s Say Yes to Education and Sports Message.
Minister Dominic Gaskin and a team from the Ministry of Business spent over two hours visiting the different booths and later in an invited comment to the media, stated that he was highly impressed by the organisation of the Career and Business Fair and the wide range of exhibits. Minster with responsibilities for Housing, Valerie Patterson and a team from the Ministry also used the opportunity of the Career Fair to launch a countrywide consultation with youths on a housing policy for youths. The Government of Guyana is seeking to reduce the age limit from 21 years to 18 years for owning a house and youths present agreed with the proposal.
Among the exhibitors present at the event were GBTI, Republic Bank, Scotia Bank, Ministry of Housing, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Metro Office Supplies, UNDP, FAO, PAHO/WHO, Guyana Tourism Authority, Food for the Poor, Guyana Aviation Authority, Guyana Prison Service, Guyana Police Force, Guyana Fire Service, New Amsterdam Technical Institute, Upper Corentyne Technical Institute, National Library, RHTY&SC, GRPA, Comforting Hearts, NAREI, University of Guyana, Small Business Bureau, Ministry of Health, Ansa Mcal, Busta, Bank of Guyana, National Trust, GPOC, GWI, Guyana School of Agriculture, NDIA, Child Care Protection Agency, Guyana Revenue Authority, Go Invest, Environmental Protection Agency, RHT Council, New Amsterdam Secondary Schools, Lower Corentyne Secondary Schools among others.
Students and other members of the general public while visiting the booths were able to interact with staff of the different agencies and collect educational materials. Visitors were also able to receive a wide array of souvenirs while the RHTY&SC used the opportunity to distribute copies of its Rose Hall Town History and Youth Information Booklets along with thousands of posters and leaflets to promote the Club’s Say Yes to Education/Sports Message.
The RHTY&SC, MS and the Cricket teams – Farfan and Mendes Under 15, Bakewell Under 17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under 19 and Intermiade, Metro Female and Gizmos & Gadgets Under 21 and First Division would like to express gratitude to the Mayor and Town Council of Rose Hall Town especially Mayor Vijai Ramoo, Dave Budhu and Tricia Hammer, the Guyana Police Force ‘B’ Division, the Ministry of Business, Ansa Mcal, Guyana Beverage Company, Digicel, Poonai Drugs Store, LRTVS CH10, DTV-8, GPL, Republic Bank, Food for the Poor, Mohammed Raffik, Balram Shane General Store, Guyana Tourism Authority and the Police Traffic Department especially Berbice Traffic Chief Boodnarine Persaud and Inspector Ross for their cooperation.
Foster disclosed that with the Business and Career Fair being such a big success, the Management of the RHTY&SC would most likely to make it an annual event.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/rht-46th-anniversary-1970-2016-rhtysc-ms-cricket-teams-host-successful-career-and-business-fair/feed/ 0
Minister of State makes special donation to owner of Red Jet at President Cup http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/minister-of-state-makes-special-donation-to-owner-of-red-jet-at-president-cup/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/minister-of-state-makes-special-donation-to-owner-of-red-jet-at-president-cup/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:15 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421604 At the recently held ‘Real President’s Cup’ Horserace Meet organised by Fazal Habibulla, at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast, Berbice, the event for animals classified J and Lower over 1100M attracted the attention of Minister of State Joe Harmon. The race was sponsored by the Nand Persaud Group of Companies with a first prize of $260,000 and the Gansham Singh Lumber Yard Trophy.
One of the animals in the race was Red Jet a crowd puller among the lower class horses and one of the favourites. The race turned out to be a classic. Red Jet of the Shamsundar stable with leading Jockey Colin Ross in the stirrups did not disappoint. The animal which hails from the Sophia area in Georgetown is almost always in the money whenever it runs. Ironically the horse is a cart horse which would be seen pulling its cart around town on its regular routine It made sure that its travel to the Ancient Country was another worthwhile venture.
Known for its sprinting ability and also stamina, the animal is an all-rounder. With Ross in full control it was out of the starting gates in a flash, burning up the track early to keep it kept its competitors at bay.
Down the homestretch it was being challenged by a strong and competitive field, but the horse had enough fire left in its legs to eke out a close win with Ross using all his experience and gile to guide it home by a nose over arch rival and the fast finishing Liquid Lion with Golden Kiss and Party Time rounding out the money.
It was dubbed by turfites as one of the better races of the day. The event was so competitive and Red Jet performance was so outstanding that it attracted the attention of no other than Minister of State Joseph Harmon.
Minister Harmon, who deputized for His Excellency President David Granger at the event, made it his duty to go across to the main commentary area to congratulate the owner of Red Jet personally.
The minister did not only congratulate the owners, but used the microphone to make a public announcement of a donation of a significant sum of cash to the owners. (Samuel Whyte)

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East Coast and Lower Corentyne locked in interesting battle http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/east-coast-and-lower-corentyne-locked-in-interesting-battle/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/east-coast-and-lower-corentyne-locked-in-interesting-battle/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:10 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421618 Following another ordinary day of cricket East Coast Demerara had taken the initiative, but Lower Corentyne were fighting back at the end of the second day of the Fifth round Jaguar Franchise match which is being played at the Albion Community Centre ground.
Lower Corentyne began the day on 70-1with their inform batsmen Jonathan Foo and Khandasammy Surujnarine at the crease in pursuit of East Coast 277. However, Lower Corentyne flattered to deceive on a good batting pitch, through careless batting to be dismissed for 193.
Seon Hetmyer batting at No7 top scored of the host with a well-played 54(2×4), Surujnarine added 19 to his overnight score to be dismissed for 46((5×4). Foo, who a lot was depending on, fell for 37 in the second over of the day. Kassim Khan made 17. Most of the batsmen fell to big shots and though East Coast like their Lower Corentyne counterparts floored a number of chances. The batsmen did not capitalize.
Bowling for East Coast, leg spinner Amir Khan bagged 5-69, he received good support from Paul Wintz with 3-44, while there were one each for Sankar and Tameshwar Yadram.
East Coast in their second turn at the crease with a lead of 84 were struggling at 97-7 for a lead of 171. None of the batsmen showed any permanence and looked very timid at the crease.
Ramnarine Chaturia scored 23, while Bashkar Yardram and Khan with have so far scored 21 each. The not out batsmen are Chandrpaul Hemraj 13 and Vivian Albert 0.
Bowling for Lower Corentyne, left arm spinner Kasim Khan has done the damage with 3 wickets whilst Royston Crandon has so far taken two with Foo snaring one.
An interesting day is expected today with Easy Coast leading by 173 runs with three wickets intact. Lower Corentyne will be looking to bounce back for another come from behind win. (Samuel Whyte)

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GCB Jaguars 3-day League …‘Red Man’ follows up ton with 3-wicket burst to keep W/B’ce on top of East Bank http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gcb-jaguars-3-day-league-red-man-follows-up-ton-with-3-wicket-burst-to-keep-wbce-on-top-of-east-bank/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gcb-jaguars-3-day-league-red-man-follows-up-ton-with-3-wicket-burst-to-keep-wbce-on-top-of-east-bank/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:08 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421648 Century partnership for Imlach & Narayan

By Sean Devers
Pacer Keyron ‘Red Man’ Fraser followed up his century with three quick wickets to leave

West Indies U-19 Keeper Tevin Imlach drives yesterday during his responsible 70 at Enterprise. (Sean Devers photo)

West Indies U-19 Keeper Tevin Imlach drives yesterday during his responsible 70 at Enterprise. (Sean Devers photo)

East Bank on 275-8 in reply to West Berbice’s 407-9 declared at Enterprise despite a 146-run fifth wicket between Danny Narayan (72) and Tevin Imlach (70) on the second day of the fifth round GCB Jaguars three-day Franchise League yesterday.
Fraser was unbeaten on 120 as West Berbice declared on their overnight 407-9 to claim five batting points and register the highest total in the tournament so far before the wiry pacer removed Ershad Ali (12) and Stephon Harris (0) in the first over with the second new ball just before the close.
Fraser charged in and bowled a lively late afternoon spell to finish the day with 3-41 after leg-spinner Kevin Jawahir (3-64) had removed three of the first four East Bank batsmen to leave them on 83-4 at Lunch.
Stephon Browne (27) and Deonarine Seegobin (37) added 72 for the first wicket in sultry conditions.
However, Jawahir got rid of both openers before producing a perfect quicker ball which bowled National U-19 left-hander Sherfane Rutherford for a duck after he had blasted 106 from 89 balls in the last round against Georgetown at Albion.
After Lunch the Berbicians were in a strong position to force East Bank, who have struggled with the bat this season, to a score which was less than the follow-on target of 257.

Keyron Fraser fends at a bouncer from Sherfane Rutherford before counter attacking in his unbeaten 120 batting and followed it up with three late afternoon wickets yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

Keyron Fraser fends at a bouncer from Sherfane Rutherford before counter attacking in his unbeaten 120 batting and followed it up with three late afternoon wickets yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

But 29-year-old Narayan and Imlach who turns 20 in November, joined forces in ‘operation rebuild’ and by Tea were still together with their team on 174-4 and the pair growing in confidence with every ball they faced on a good track for cricket.
Narayan, struggling with fitness issues, has been consistent if not outstanding in the League. He got a fifty against GT and 48 & 33 at Lusignan against Upper Corentyne but he has not managed to get a really big score.
Imlach has had a tidy League with the gloves but has not managed to produce in front of the stumps with his previous highest score being 16.
To make matters worse Skipper and First-Class player Steven Jacobs, who started his career as a batsman who could bowl, has struggled with the bat for the East Bank Franchise.
But yesterday that slowly started to change as Narayan, who ran out of gas and used salted water to counter craps and the out of form Imlach, batted wonderfully on a sandy outfield in one area which robbed the batsmen value for their shots.
Narayan tried to hit the ball too hard while Imlach encountered problems with his placement in the early stages of their batting union but once they survived to Tea and conditions became cooler the pair began to flourish.
Narayan got to his second fifty from 126 balls with four boundaries while Imlach swiveled and pulled Sherwin McPherson disdainfully for four to reach his first half-century from 128 balls decorated with four fours and a six.

Tevin Imlach (left) (70) and Danny Narayan (72) added 146 for the 5th wicket to stage an East Bank fight back yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

Tevin Imlach (left) (70) and Danny Narayan (72) added 146 for the 5th wicket to stage an East Bank fight back yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

Imlach swept Jawahir for four to bring up the 200 and East Bank had achieved a batting point. Narayan was now in full flow and leaned back and waited on the ball before cutting it magnificently in the gap between point and cover off Leon Andrews for what was arguably the shot of the day.
When Narayan dragged a ball from pacer Barrington Mitchell onto his stumps, he had batted for 211 minutes, faced 160 balls, reached the boundary five times and cleared it once. The right-hander had not managed a three-figure score but the stand with Imlach could be a match saving one.
Jacobs joined Imlach, who pounced on McPherson, trying to buy a wicket with some innocuous spin and brutally smashed him for four. But with the score on 244, Imlach inexplicably played no shot to one that cut back slightly from Fraser and lost his off-stump.
It was a crucial error of judgement which brought to an end a superbly crafted innings. Imlach’s 70 lasted 214 minutes, 172 balls. It included six fours and two sixes.
Ershad Ali (12) stayed for 59 minutes with Jacobs, who was batting himself back into form with several confident drives forcing the second new ball to be taken as the batsmen dominated proceedings.
Fraser stuck two telling blows with the score on 264 but Jacobs, strangely batting at number seven, was unbeaten on a solid unbeaten 21, while Sagar Hathiramani who is developing into a genuine all-rounder, was with him on two with East Bank still 132 runs behind going into the final day today.
Meanwhile, at Port Mourant, Essequibo resuming on their overnight score of 99/4 in reply to Upper Corentyne’s 206/9 declared, were eventually dismissed for 165. Former Test batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul top scored with 55. Bowling for Upper Corentyne, Eon Hooper (5-30) bagged his second five-wicket haul.
Upper Corentyne in their second turn at the crease were then dismissed for 201. Clinton Pestano scored 47, Kevlon Anderson and Eon Hooper both made 40, while Jason Sinclair chipped in with 20. Kemo Paul (4), Anthony Adams (3) and Ricardo Adams (2) were the main wicket takers.
Essequibo requiring 243 for victory are one for one wicket with Rayon Fredericks the batsman dismissed.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/gcb-jaguars-3-day-league-red-man-follows-up-ton-with-3-wicket-burst-to-keep-wbce-on-top-of-east-bank/feed/ 0
Top horses lines up as changes made to “Best of the Best” President Cup meet http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/top-horses-lines-up-as-changes-made-to-best-of-the-best-president-cup-meet/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/top-horses-lines-up-as-changes-made-to-best-of-the-best-president-cup-meet/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:20:00 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421609 Over 75 entered

Following the overwhelming response and support by horse owners to the staging of the Inaugural ‘Best of the Best President Cup horserace meet, which is organised by the Port Mourant Turf Club in collaboration with the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and the KP Jagdeo Construction Company, the organisers have been forced to make a couple of adjustments to the day’s programme.
Slated for Sunday 2nd of October at the Port Mourant Turf Club, Corentyne, Berbice, the event has been whipping up much support in the horseracing circles in Guyana and is expected to be grand.
The G1 and lower event has now been upgraded to an F3 and lower race, while the I3 and lower race will now be a race for I2 and lower and J class horses.
Among the major sponsors on board so far are Banks DIH Limited, Jumbo Jet Auto Sales, Kris Jagdeo Construction Company and Delmur Shipping Company among others.
Meanwhile, preparations have almost been completed and with the PMTC known as the “Big Yard Turf Club” and both the Jumbo Jet and Jagdeo racing entities being major players in the horse racing fraternity, turfites are expected to have their money’s worth.
Eight races are listed for the day with over $8M at stake including cash, trophies and other incentives. The feature A and lower 1550M event will once again see the cream of the crop in the horseracing circle down to participate as they take to the track. Horses such as Princess She Not, Lady Budapest, Just Call Me Bass, C P Got Even, , Plum Plum, Jack in My Style, Golden Blue Ecko and Keep On Swinging have already been entered for the showdown which has a hefty $1.5M along with the Best of the Best President Cup from a total package of $3M.
The other events are the – for D3 maiden and E and lower horses over 1200M for a first prize of $800,000 and trophy. The 3 year old event is for Guyana Bred horses over 1200M for a winning take of $400,000 and trophy.
The reconstructed F and Lower 1700M event will see the winner carting off $400,000 and trophy. Horses classified H3 maiden and I and lower which will be going for 1300M for a $260,000 first prize and trophy.
The two years old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses will have an opportunity to clash for the $260,000 first prize and trophy over 1100M. Horses classified I2 and lower and J class will be running instead of those classified I3 and J and lower over 1500M for a winning pocket of $200,000.
The final event will be for animals classified L and lower over 1100M for a pole position takings of $140,000 and trophy.
Other top animals entered to participate in the day’s action so far are Right to Rule, Awesome Cash, Red Rocket, Isnt She Charming, Bigman Bass and Cat Messiah among the lot.
Outstanding jockeys, trainers and stable will be presented with incentives compliments of Trophy Stall and The organisers.
Interested persons can have information from Kris Jagdeo on telephone numbers 624-6123 or 322-0369, Rajendra (Jim-Jo) Jagdeo on 618-7278 or Chandu Ramkissoon on 232-0633 or 624-9063.
Race time is 12:30hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Our tax structure yields uneven revenue – Finance Minister http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/our-tax-structure-yields-uneven-revenue-finance-minister/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/our-tax-structure-yields-uneven-revenue-finance-minister/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:15:59 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421635 Guyana’s tax system is far from efficient, equitable and fair. This is evident, for example, in the prevalence of high tax rates that encourage smuggling, evasion, under-reporting, under-invoicing and corruption, as well as frequent requests for waivers and remissions.
Thus, in August last year, Government established a four-person Tax Review Committee charged with coming up with a range of recommendations to improve the system.
It was anticipated that the Committee would have presented its report by end-December 2015, to enable some amount of implementation in the 2016 Budget.
Unfortunately, the report was submitted on January 18, 2016, too late for Cabinet to consider and pronounce on all of the recommendations.
Nevertheless, several of the fiscal measures that were announced in the 2016 budget were found to be consistent with the Committee’s recommendations.
Finance Minister, Winston Jordan said that the Government is aware that to achieve its goals, it must have the revenues to spend. As an independent nation, he said that Guyana must first look to ourselves to find the money to develop our country. Admittedly, Jordan said that Guyana was able to achieve the revenue targets that were set over the years.
He said, “We know from this experience that we have the ability to achieve realistic revenue targets using the tax structure and tax rates that we have currently. What we have noticed though is that our tax structure yields uneven amounts of revenue.”
Jordan continued, “The numbers suggest that there is a large population of delinquent taxpayers out there, prominent among whom are the self-employed and persons paying Tributors’ tax. We are concerned about the failure of both categories to pay their fair share of taxes.”
The Finance Minister said that a simple analysis of tax collections has shown that only three parts of the tax structure are contributing meaningfully to government revenues: income tax, production and consumption taxes, and import duties.
He said that it is with the need to remedy this situation of revenue leakage that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is being asked to undertake a sensitization and awareness exercise in order to help taxpayers to fulfill their obligations.
He said, “We will encourage GRA to intensify its efforts at undertaking evaluations of tax revenues by impact of exemptions, economic centres and economic sectors.
“The reason is to enable better targeting of those taxpayers who are not in compliance with the tax laws and to understand the reasons for non-compliance, so that we could help them to do better.”
The Finance Minister said that once the evaluations are completed, Government would be able to determine the economic value of concessions to the country, align economic centres with geographic regions and gain a better understanding of which industries are not paying their fair share of taxes and why.
Jordan said that tax transactions are about relationships.
He said that most tend to focus on the relationship with foreign investors or large investors to support their shift of resources from their home country to ours.
He said that it is important that the Government adds capacity to its production structure. The Finance Minister said that this can be done by offering tax exemptions and tax holidays with the hope of achieving a net gain in tax revenues.
But in a study done in the mid-2000s, the Finance Minister said that it was observed that small businesses make up approximately half of the Guyana economy.
He said that these investors, small as they might be, can transfer resources from consumption to investment.
In this way, the Finance Minister said that they too can help add capacity to our production structure and expand economic opportunity.
“Yet, our attitude towards small businesses with tax consequences and real potential to contribute to the growth and development of Guyana is rather flippant. Too many of these businesses plan their expenditure without taking the tax impact into account.
“We must enable small businesses to build tax impact models into their business plans so that they have a true sense of the cash flows needed to successfully operate the business,” the Finance Minister expressed.
On the vexed question of refunds, the Finance Minister said that the government is aware of the view of the taxpaying public that once their money gets into the hands of the GRA, it is not coming back out.
The Finance Minister said that this is the frustration that many taxpayers experience even after they might have been advised that they were entitled to a refund. He said that this goes for those taxpayers who expect VAT and income tax refunds.
Jordan asserted that Government believes that where refunds are to be granted the taxpayers must get them on time, unless there is good reason to delay the refund.
As an organization that is seeking to build taxpayers’ compliance and confidence, the Finance Minister made it clear that GRA must change the way taxpayers feel about it.

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Compacting, security and environmental issues still plaguing Haags Bosch http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/compacting-security-and-environmental-issues-still-plaguing-haags-bosch/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/compacting-security-and-environmental-issues-still-plaguing-haags-bosch/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:15:54 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421675 Puran Brothers Garbage Disposal Inc. signed a contract valued at $221 million with the Ministry of Communities. Head of the Sanitation Management Unit of the Ministry of Communities, Gordon Gilkes, had stated that the haagsLandfill Compactor that was purchased in 2014 will be handed over to newly contracted Haags Bosch manager, Puran Bros.
The “specialist” equipment, which is used to compact garbage to the required density at dumpsites, was never handed over to former manager of Haags Bosch, BK International, due to a number of issues related to the possible management and maintenance of the multi-million-dollar piece equipment.
However checks by Kaieteur News have revealed that the Landfill Compactor valued at $90 million, was not being used by the new site operator. The compactor is currently parked about 80 meters from the administrative building at Haags Bosch.
A Source close to the operation has disclosed that the Landfill Compactor was never handed over to the new site operator as Gilkes said. Moreover Puran Bros. is still operating on a temporary contract. Due to this the compactor could not be handed over.
This contradicts statements made Gilkes at the signing of the contract back in July this year.
Currently the active cell at the landfill is being tended to by one bulldozer and one excavator, the source said. The source explained these machines while not made for this purpose, are currently being used to compact garbage at the landfill.
This, he said, is not viewed as the best practice in terms of landfill management, adding that they are doing the best they can with what they have.
The lack of a long term contract for the operations of the landfill is also causing security and environmental issues.
The source said that the landfill has no proper gate; this allows all sorts of undesirables access to the facility.
“The security guards cannot tell who are official pickers from who are not, so everyone is allowed in. If there was a good gate, ID cards could be issued and entry could be monitored.”
It was disclosed that some pickers would venture into areas not designated for picking and they would bring out and leave all sort of debris on the access road to the facility.
Another issue facing the landfill is the fact that the facility is not able to process liquid waste. However persons have been frequently dumping oil in the trenches along the access road to the dumpsite.
The source said this is a major environmental hazard, noting that the trenches are connected to other water ways.
The scale for weighing garbage is currently not operational, as it is in need of calibrating. Due to this, the quantities of garbage coming in to the facility have to be estimated. This calls in to question payment for Puran Bros, as the landfill operator is paid according each ton of garbage processed.
Contact was made with Gordon Gilkes who said, Puran Bros. is not operating under the new contract signed in July because of a bid protest by Cevons Waste Management.
It was also added that because of the bid protest, Puran Bros. is currently operating under the initial temporary agreement ink in February. Adding that the disposal company was sole sourced for this.
When questioned on the size of the contract in February, Gilkes said that he did not know. However he did state Puran Bros. would have documentation allowing the company to continue managing the operations at Haags Bosch until the bid protest is resolved
Lakenauth Puran, at the signing in July, maintained that his company remains committed to ensuring that the Haags Bosch Landfill Site is transformed into a site that complies with local and international environmental standards.
He vowed that his company will work closely with the Ministry of Communities towards improving the aesthetics of the site and move towards implementing regulations that are in accordance with the relevant health standards.

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Lawyer withdraws representation for Barry Dataram, reputed wife http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/lawyer-withdraws-representation-for-barry-dataram-reputed-wife/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/lawyer-withdraws-representation-for-barry-dataram-reputed-wife/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:15:54 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421570 — Arrest warrants still out for their arrest
Arrest warrants are still out for Barry Dataram and his reputed wife Anjanie Boodnarine.

Attorney Glenn Hanoman

Attorney Glenn Hanoman

Dataram, his reputed wife, Anjanie Boodnarine, along with their friends Trevor Gouveia and Komal Charran, are accused of having 129.23kg of cocaine in their possession on April 16, 2015 for the purpose of trafficking.
They were arrested at Lot 661 Fourth Avenue, Block X Diamond, East Bank Demerara. They are currently out on High Court bail. The couple failed to attend again Friday’s court hearing before Magistrate Judy Latchman.
The magistrate is scheduled to make a ruling on whether a prima facie case has been made out by the prosecution. However, only Gouveia and Chandan showed up.
Police constable Anil Saffie provided the court with an update on the efforts made to arrest Dataram and his wife. The officer said that he had visited two addresses in search of the couple but didn’t find them.
Meanwhile Attorney for the defendants, Glenn Hanoman, made an application for leave of the court to withdraw services on the grounds that he was unaware of the whereabouts of Dataram and Boodnarine. The lawyer said that he has not been able to communicate with the couple since their last court appearance. The application was granted by the court.
Hanoman, never the less, is still the attorney of the other two persons.
Dataram, also known as ‘Mogotani’ or Kevin Dataram, of 13 Vriesland, West Bank Demerara; his reputed wife, Anjanie Boodnarine, 19, of 79 Patentia, Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara; Komal Charran, 20, of 265 Belle West, West Bank Demerara; and Trevor Gouveia of Best Village, West Coast Demerara, had all pleaded not guilty to a drug trafficking charge.dataram-drugs-barry
According to the allegation, on April 16, last, at 661 Fourth Avenue, Block X Diamond, East Bank Demerara, they allegedly had 129.23 kg of cocaine in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.
On the day in question, ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) swooped down on the house and conducted a search in the presence of the defendants. During the search they unearthed the illicit drug.
It was reported that some of the cocaine was stuffed in frozen seafood, while the remainder was found to be bricks of raw coke.
As a result, Barry Dataram who was in the house at the time of the bust with his reputed wife and three other persons were arrested. The defendants were then told of the offence, arrested and charged.
Dataram, a Guyana-born American, had successfully fought off efforts to extradite him to the United States of America to face drug smuggling charges.
Several witnesses have since testified in the trial which is ongoing before Magistrate Judy Latchman. During a previous court hearing, Dataram had angrily called Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) officer, Andrew Yarde, a liar. The alleged drug trafficker was at the time responding to a testimony given by Yarde.
The CANU officer testified that 428 parcels of plastic wraps with suspected cocaine were seized from Dataram’s home at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.
He added that the suspected drug was in a white fridge.
The fridge, he said, was driven to CANU Headquarters, Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown by him in a CANU vehicle.
The witness recalled that the fridge was parked in the CANU compound which is secured by concrete fence with razor wires and CCTV cameras.
In response to questions from CANU Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford-Thompson, the witness said he had never conducted any raid pertaining to Dataram prior to the charge he is now facing.
But Dataram claimed that the detective is a liar. He stated that Yarde had conducted a raid on him before and accused the detective of stealing his money.
Further questioned by Prosecutor Sandiford-Thompson, Yarde recounted that he was watching a television newscast in the latter part of February when he saw Travis Chase doing an interview with Dataram.
He said that during the interview, Dataram confessed to being a drug dealer and said that half of the drugs CANU seized from him are back on the streets.

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Fisherman allegedly beaten by soldiers undergoes surgery to save eye http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/fisherman-allegedly-beaten-by-soldiers-undergoes-surgery-to-save-eye/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/fisherman-allegedly-beaten-by-soldiers-undergoes-surgery-to-save-eye/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:15:52 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421588 -criticizes sloth in police investigation

Two months after an alleged beating by several Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard ranks caused him to lose his left eye, Julius Taylor returned home on Friday, after undergoing corrective surgery in Trinidad to save his other eye.

Julius Taylor

Julius Taylor

Taylor, 33, a father of two, of Lot 1639 Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo was reportedly attacked and brutally beaten by the army ranks on July 27, last. At the time of the assault, he was making his way home from the Parika Police Station where he had gone to inquire about a report he had made about larceny of a cell phone.
Medical documents seen by Kaieteur News indicated that Taylor was advised by doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to seek medical attention overseas since corrective surgery to save his right eye, which was also damaged, cannot be done here.
In an interview with this publication yesterday, Taylor said, he and his wife spent two weeks in Trinidad, where he underwent surgery at a private institution.
Although Taylor was able to save the eye he is still not getting perfect vision.
“This thing really complicated…is like I ain’t got any life. I can’t maintain my family. All the burden is on my wife. I have to go back to Trinidad in six months for them to remove a lens. I also have to do a reconstructive surgery on my face at the GPHC,” Taylor cried.
He estimates the total cost for the operation, airfare and accommodation at $1.6M.
However, Taylor and his family are criticizing police for their sloth in probing the matter.
According to Taylor, a report was made to the Parika Police Station a few days after the attack on him, and still after two months no one has been arrested.
He said, “The police ain’t doing any investigation. They (police) are hustling to cover up this story. My father been calling the station several times and they keep telling he that they ain’t getting time to investigate the matter.”
“Police know where these soldiers are. I can’t understand why they ain’t arrest nobody as yet. I can identify the guys that attacked me. My relatives who witnessed the attack can also identify them. There are persons in the village that know these soldiers but they afraid to come forward.”
A Senior Police official, yesterday, said that the matter is still under investigation.
Recalling the events that lead to this tragedy, a teary-eyed Taylor said that he had visited the station to inquire about investigation into a matter he had reported some time ago. He said that as he was making his way past a “rum shop” four men who were consuming alcohol confronted him and an argument ensued. He recalled that one of the men threw a Guinness bottle at him while he was involved in an altercation with another man who was armed with a knife. Taylor also said that he was dealt several stabs to the face and about his body with the sharp objects. He alleged that the beating occurred a short distance from the police station and was witnessed by three police officer who stoodby and failed to render assistance to him.
When asked how he knew the men were members of GDF, Taylor said that he was able to ascertain their identity based on information he received from residents in the area.
Taylor made it clear that he had never seen his attackers before.
He related that police officers from the station transported him to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he was visited by a policeman who took a statement from him. His relatives only became aware that he was hospitalized after an official from the Cottage Hospital contacted them by phone. He was referred to the GPHC two days later, where he had the badly damaged eye removed.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/fisherman-allegedly-beaten-by-soldiers-undergoes-surgery-to-save-eye/feed/ 0
Electrocuted construction worker sustained blunt trauma- PM report http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/electrocuted-construction-worker-sustained-blunt-trauma-pm-report/ http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/electrocuted-construction-worker-sustained-blunt-trauma-pm-report/#respond Sun, 25 Sep 2016 04:15:48 +0000 http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/?p=421640 Marion Adams, the construction worker, who was killed following a fall from a metal scaffold after being shocked by a high voltage wire, two Saturday ago, was electrocuted and sustained blunt trauma to the head, as a result of the fall.
This was confirmed by a post mortem (PM) done on his remains.
Adams, 31, of Lot 75 Block E, South Sophia was laid to rest on Thursday.
He was reportedly placing a sign a top Fresh Co. Ltd– a three storey building– located at Lot 1B Public Road, Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara, when his feet came into contact with a high voltage wire. The building is reportedly owned by “Chinese People.”
This resulted in him falling onto a concrete sidewalk at the southern side of the building.
He was picked up in an unconscious state minutes after and taken to the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital, just next door to the building. He succumbed while receiving treatment.
A relative of the deceased is questioning as to why Adams was allowed to do work on the building without power being disconnected from electrical cables.
The relative also raised concerns about why Adams was working at such heights without wearing any protective gear.
Residents in the area disclosed that several young men who were employed to work on the building have been injured on site. However, this was not confirmed.
An eyewitness told Kaieteur News that the worker was seen applying a sign to the southern side of the building. The eyewitness said that she and several persons were at Kingdom Dominion Ministries, situated just behind the building, when they heard a loud noise.
The woman recalled that when they rushed out, Adams was seen lying motionless in a pool of blood. From all indication, the woman said, it appeared as though the man had been shocked since they were burns about his clothing.
She also told this newspaper, that the owner of the building made no efforts to assist in transporting the injured man to the hospital. According to the eyewitness, the man was left lying in a pool of blood for close to 15 minutes.
“Them Chinese men just run outside and look at the man and run inside back. Is de pastor and the man co-workers had to carry he to the hospital. Them Chinese people them come back outside with water and wash down the blood,” she said.

http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/09/25/electrocuted-construction-worker-sustained-blunt-trauma-pm-report/feed/ 0