Guyana’s TIP status unchanged

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Only one conviction in past year, victims were re-trafficked – US report For the third consecutive year, the US has placed Guyana on Tier 2 Watch List, recommending in its latest Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) that the country move quickly to increase funding to special organizations tasked with assisting victims. Tier Two level is […]

A dark secret now come to light

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There is an old saying that whatever happen in de dark does come to light one day. Padoville Two was a showpiece. It is oceanfront property that people would pay hundreds of millions fuh house lot. None ain’t available. Dem didn’t have plenty to start wid in de first place. That was de last set […]

Research ongoing for ‘natural’ treatment for Diabetic Foot

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Diabetic foot care has long been recognised as an area of health care that attracts a sizeable sum, globally. It is nevertheless a very crucial undertaking. While reducing cost for treating this condition may not be realised any time soon, local attempts are however being made to uncover a more natural treatment method. Through a […]


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Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud, is faced with the first major public crisis of his tenure since taking over the reins of leadership of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) a little over two years ago. The eyes of the Guyanese citizenry will be fixed on the unfolding events conveyed by a former member of the […]

Haags Bosch Dumpsite Death…Widow still awaiting answers after almost four years

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By Shyon Hoppie Almost four years ago, 42 year-old Clive Chisholm, was crushed to death by a Cevon’s Waste Management truck at the Haags Bosch dumpsite behind Eccles Industrial site, East Bank Demerara. Chisholm’s widow, Rajnee Annie Beephan, is reportedly still awaiting some form of justice for her husband’s death and answers from his employers. […]

PPP again accuses Govt of ‘extravagant spending’

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Repeating statements that have been deemed by the masses as “highly hypocritical,” People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary, Clement Rohee, said that his party continues to pay close attention to the “extravagant spending expedition the APNU+AFC has embarked on since assuming office.” Speaking at PPP’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House yesterday, Rohee accused […]


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Forty-two persons from the One Laptop per Family (OLPF) project have been sent packing by the APNU+AFC government. They have effectively been put on the breadline. Some of them will now lose their homes. Some of them will not be able to meet their other commitments. Others will not know from whence their next paycheck […]

Speeding hearse collides with minibus

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Every morning Mahaicony carpenter, Steve Solomon, would board a route 44 minibus and make his way to the city to ply his trade. It would usually be a smooth ride along the East Coast Demerara thoroughfare for him. On occasions there would be a few traffic hiccups. On Saturday morning last, the father of two […]

Rohee dubs Nagamootoo’s statements on Sean Hinds ‘a huge joke’

July 28, 2015 | Filed Under News 

–    says the PM has a wide imagination, is good at “spinning things” By Abena Rockcliffe General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, yesterday dismissed claims made by Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, to the effect that Sean Hinds was seen lurking around his home two weeks ago. Rohee also brushed aside Nagamootoo’s […]

Sooba is gone but the law remains an ass

July 28, 2015 | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon 

In my first year as a student at UG, just weeks after I enrolled, I came across an article in a journal. It had a profound influence on me. It is strange how a chance encounter with a song, newspaper column, book, advertisement, news item in the media can have a lasting influence on you. […]

Sooba forfeits M&CC employment, to undergo police investigation for alleged fraud

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The Georgetown   Mayor and City Council, (M&CC) is convinced that former acting Town Clerk, Carol Ryan Sooba, has forfeited her employment at City Hall. Sooba was officially dismissed as Town Clerk of the Council earlier this month, after a majority from the committee, successfully tabled a no -confidence motion against her. Sooba received a dismissal […]

13-year-old dies under mysterious circumstances

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The immediate relatives of 13-year-old Nikita Alana Naseeb, a former Cotton Field Secondary School student and Lima resident, are reluctant to pronounce on the nature of her death. This suggests that they are unsure at this time what to conclude. They have ruled out suicide since the child never exhibited suicidal tendencies and she did […]

Remanded prisoner attacked in heat of morning devotion

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Like any other God-fearing person, murder accused Sean Collins, would rise at the break of dawn and surrender himself to the heavenly Father by reading a few Psalms before attending his court session. But late last week the Devil was apparently offended with Collins’ morning devotion and sent one of his demons to intervene. The […]

Mr Veecock missed the point about the Police Commander

July 28, 2015 | Filed Under Letters 

DEAR EDITOR, I take note of Mr. Carl Veecock’s response yesterday in Kaieteur News to my letter on a recent incident involving a police officer and it is clear that he misunderstood the issue. The case is very simple. A police rank was directing traffic in Providence during the recent CPL games. A driver, a […]

The school uniform voucher should be increased to at least $15,000

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DEAR EDITOR, We appreciate the reported commitment of government to continue the school uniform voucher programme and its promise to consider increasing the amount.  We would like the amount per voucher to be increased from the present sum of $1500 to at least $15000.  We have been saying for a very long time that the […]

No place for politics of revenge

July 28, 2015 | Filed Under Letters 

DEAR EDITOR, There has been a general perception among a large segment of the population as well as complaints from political observers, politicians and business people that the new coalition government is pursuing “vengeful politics”. In fact, as reported in the media, some elements of the coalition have been calling for political investigations that are […]

Sean Hinds denies conducting surveillance at PM Nagamootoo’s home

July 26, 2015 | Filed Under News 

By Abena Rockcliffe In the face of revelations from Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo,  that self-confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds, staked-out his private home, Hinds is maintaining that he did no such thing. Hinds featured prominently in the news recently as a result of his revelations that he was part of the death squad that […]

Consultations on Budget 2015…Tax will be removed from certain food items – Finance Minister

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By Kiana Wilburg After relating to this newspaper some days ago that consultation with the opposition, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), is not likely to occur for the 2015 budget, the Finance Minister, Winston Jordan was able to extend an invitation for discussions and  it was accepted. Jordan however told Kaieteur News yesterday that the […]

36 years a policeman… Principled ‘Country Boy’ Courtney Ramsey is a ‘Special Person’

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 “Thirty six years in an organization is not easy. This is the only job I’ve done in my life. Being a policeman I would have had lots of experiences from dealing with people, different issues. And you would know there is no substitute for experience.” By Dale Andrews If anyone was destined to be a […]


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By   PAT  DIAL Guyanese and other West Indians have had a deep historical preference for foreign consumer goods. It is only in recent years that this prejudice, for prejudice it is, has began to wane, gradually allowing consumers to exercise more choices. Since Independence, from time to time, there have been “Buy local” campaigns sponsored […]

UG research gears to examine prehistoric lifestyle

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– in quest to design model for ideal environment Patterning a lifestyle based on prehistoric life is the ultimate aim of Louisa Dagger, an undertaking she is looking to prove possible through a research project titled ‘Assessing prehistoric diet breadth and settlement to model a low carbon life’. Dagger was among a group of nine […]

Govt to suspend Parliamentary recess for budget

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– Govt. moves to gain control of Parliamentary sectoral committees Government is set to move a motion on Thursday to suspend the two months Parliamentary recess so that it can table the National Budget. During the sitting, it is expected also that a motion will be presented that will give Government control of four key […]

The actions of this police commander are dishonest

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Dear Editor, I have worked 26 years in the policing community groups, with at least 10 different divisional commanders and a number of police commissioners.  I am Chairman of the Station Management Committee of the Providence Police Station and Advisor of the Herstelling Policing Group. I have given not only my time but resources because […]


July 26, 2015 | Filed Under Editorial 

Since the election of the APNU+AFC Coalition government on May 11, 2015, the nation has begun to see the first signs of ease from the vicious grip of the former PPP government which for the past decade has strangled the life out of the people. These are positive signs which should not be ignored or […]

Sunday Cartoon

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