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Bai Shan Lin logging scandal…Angry Kwakwani prepares list of demands for Govt.

-    Community will no longer allow advantage to be taken upon them…will become very agitated if demands are not met- Solomon The operations of Bai Shan Lin and the blatant “disrespect” the company has been perpetuating towards the... [...]

Guyanese man missing after border encounter with Venezuelans

A Guyanese man is feared dead after he reportedly tried to flee from a group of Venezuelan criminals, during a botched business deal on the Guyana/Venezuelan border on Monday. The man, whose name has not been disclosed, reportedly plunged into... [...]

APNU MPs will not submit reports to Integrity Commission

Some public officials view the recent call by the Integrity Commission for the declaration of assets from 1997 to APNU MP,Carl Greenidge 2013 as a mere joke. Some “tickled” opposition members have already declared that in the face of the... [...]

Not a bad thing if we go to the polls – Speaker

“Every effort has been made to frustrate the work of the Parliament” Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman has stated that the political opposition cannot be faulted for the House Speaker,Raphael Trotman No-Confidence Motion... [...]

GTUC condemns prison labour for city clean-up

- Calls for ILO conventions and Decent Work Agenda to be upheld The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) in a statement yesterday indicated that it is concerned with reports, that the Guyana Prison Service has entered into a contract with the... [...]

Unqualified persons allegedly functioning as pharmacist at Port Kaituma Hospital

 - APNU’s Shadow Health Minister calls situation “a scandal” The World Health Organisation (WHO) has long underscored that pharmacists have a crucial role in quality APNU’s Shadow Minister of Health,Dr. George Norton assurance and the... [...]


Modernization and reform

The statement attributed to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee that “…for reforms to take place the force has to take ownership of the process…” during a parliamentary debate on the motion seeking an inquiry into police torture, effectively places... Continue reading

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