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Rallies are to energize supporters, not deal with issues and policies – Rohee

Even before political parties officially launched their elections campaign, civil society made calls PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee for the campaign to be focused on addressing issues rather than attacking personalities. However, the People’s... [...]

Jagdeo needs to face his ‘real nasty’ record – Greenidge

“Come on Jagdeo, be a big boy and talk about your history of corruption, failed projects, gifting extravagant parts of Guyana to your friends and cronies, the giveaway of the radio licences, the Skeldon “white elephant” factory etc.”... [...]

Cocaine found in US-bound charcoal shipment

- one detained Guyana Revenue Authority law enforcement officers and United Nations drug enforcement officials were last night examining what appears to be a massive cocaine shipment that was concealed in charcoal bound for the United States. A... [...]

Marriott’s reputation will suffer for colluding with “corrupt” PPP – Pegasus owner

As the controversial US$58M Marriott Hotel gets ready to open its doors later this month, AHI’s head Winston Brassington and Marriott Hotel’s GM, Roberto Grissi minus its crucial casino section, prominent businessman Robert Badal has criticized... [...]

Dismembered woman ID’d as Buxton trader

- suspected ‘butcher’ held; victim’s cousin leads cops to bloodstained house Police have identified the woman whose dismembered body was found at the Annandale, East Coast Dead: Samantha Benjamin Demerara foreshore last Thursday. The... [...]

Jagdeo got different memory fuh different people

Some people can be funny and dem don’t know it. Kwame is a good example. He funny in more ways than one. Some people can be an idiot and dem can’t recognize it. Tek Jagdeo, he can remember things wha happen 25 years ago but he can’t remember... [...]

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