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Investigators recommended legal action against Goolsarran, Sattaur

 Latoya Giles Former Production Manager Martin Goolsarran Former CEO Mohamed Sattaur The Board of Directors (BOD) at the National Communications Network (NCN) has already acted on recommendations from a Special Report into several irregularities... [...]

Finance Minister released $4.5B based on Cabinet decision

- Speaker’s ruling strange, there is no question of illegality – Ramotar Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, was not acting on his own behalf when he authorized the release and expenditure of more than... [...]

Auditor General ordered to seek ‘independent’ legal advice on controversial Lotto Funds

Carl Greenidge , Chairman of the PAC Though Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, said that the court had ruled that Government had not acted unconstitutionally by not placing the proceeds from the Lotto Fund into the Consolidated Fund, Chairman... [...]

Squall sends trees crashing down on house, rips off roofs at Linden

Lucky to be alive: The Cummings family A family of seven escaped death by hiding under their beds after several large trees in their backyard came crashing down on their home during a thunderstorm which pummeled Linden yesterday afternoon. Several... [...]

Woman’s skeletal remains… Benschop foundation offers to pay for DNA tests

Mark Benschop in the Botanical Gardens two Saturdays ago while searching for clues relating to the missing teacher Rather than waiting for several months to determine whether the skeletal remains found at Pattensen, East Coast Demerara (ECD)... [...]

Dem Boys Seh … Pee and See pee up this weekend

Is funny how people does talk bout fairness. Of course, dem boys know that de only fairness is in complexion. De Pee and See keep its congress. Every two years members does meet fuh see wheh dem come from and wheh dem going. Well this time when... [...]


Insulting the intelligence of a nation

Sometime you have to wonder if senior public servant Clement Rohee will ever be able to make the distinction between his responsibilities as the Minister of Home Affairs from his political role of General Secretary of the ruling party.  It would resolve... Continue reading

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