Murders up by 37 percent

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There were 10 more murders up to March month end this year when compared with the same period in 2013.
Figures released by the police revealed that there were 37 murders by March for the period mentioned representing a 37 per cent increase against the same period last year.
Of the 37 murders, five were of the disorderly type, seven were committed during armed robberies, one execution, 10 domestic related, while the other 14 are so far undetermined.
There was an overall decrease of three percent in serious crimes for the same period. The total number of reports of serious crimes made between January 01 and March 31, 2014, was 923 compared to 949 for the same period in 2013.
Some of the offences monitored are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape and kidnapping.
At the end of March 2014 robbery under arms overall increased by 21 per cent, with 285 reports compared to 235 for the same period in 2013.
The statistics indicate an increase of 38 per cent in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; and a four percent decrease in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators.
Since then there has been one kidnapping which resulted in the death of businessman Rajendra Singh.
In relation to traffic, 28 road fatalities from 26 accidents have been recorded at the end of March 2014. The figures were the same for the comparative period in 2013.
The other categories of accidents – serious, minor and damage – have seen reductions unto the end of March this year, in comparison to last year.
Pedestrians have been the main victims 11 losing their lives at the end of March 2014. In addition, six motor cyclists, five pedal cyclists, one driver and five passengers of motor vehicles also lost their lives.
Speeding continues to be a major contributing factor to fatal accidents and was the cause of 17 of the 26 fatal accidents recorded at the end of March 2014.
Traffic enforcement by the police has resulted in a total of 20,112 cases being made against errant motorists unto the end of March 2014; of this total, 4,965 cases were for speeding.
To date, two persons have lost their lives on the road for the month of April 2014.

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