Carib Soca Monarch 2014…Kwesi Ace dethrones Jumo Primo

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Jumo “rubber waist” Primo on Saturday night failed to retain his title as Carib Soca Monarch, proving no match for Kwesi Ace who came out victorious when the curtains for the show came down at the National Park on Saturday night.
Ace’s winning song in the competition “Still in the game”, beat back the challenges of 13 other performers.
Everything about his performance was “on point”. Wearing “Black and White” with a posse of dancers behind him, Ace made his way with his energetic self. “Ah still in de game…plus I aint tekking second place this year”, was his introduction.
By the end of his performance Ace had everyone in the National Park chanting “still in the game”. His winning performance makes him $1.5m richer and gives him bragging rights for a year.

New Soca Monarch Kwesi Ace

New Soca Monarch Kwesi Ace

Two time winner Primo had to settle for second place.
Although he had great crowd support, trying to keep it safe was probably the reason why he didn’t cop the first prize. He will receive $500,000 for his participation.
Former winner Orlando Johashen also known as “Bones Man” had the crowd going crazy with his piece entitled “Blow”. His performance was one of the good ones for the night, earning him third place.
His performance which was energetic and funny had the crowd enjoying every piece of it. He received $250,000.
Jonathan King, “Lil Red”, has entertainment in his blood. His mother and grandmother are Michelle “Big Red” King and Desiree Edghill.  He placed 4th on Saturday night. “Lil Red” has been very consistent ever since joining the Soca Monarch show, producing some of the best songs in recent years.
His composition “Who we are” was catchy and very well liked. Although his performance got off to a rocky start he was able to recover and ended with a spectacular performance with help from one of those elevated trucks to reach into the crowd. “Lil Red” seems to be very talented and would definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the future. He received$100,000 prize money for his participation.
Shellon Garraway also known as “Shelly G” who was the first female to ever win the soca monarch was a bit disappointing. Many have grown accustom to watching her sultry performances but on Saturday she failed to bring that part of her act. She played it safe and probably lost points for that.
Even though her song was on point, it lacked the old Shelly G that everyone had grown accustomed to. As the crowd waited on the judges for their results Trinidadian Group “Kes and the Band” kept the patrons entertained.

Second Place Winner Jomo “Rubber Waist” Primo during his performance on Saturday

Second Place Winner Jomo “Rubber Waist” Primo during his performance on Saturday

Singing some of their signature tunes like “Wotless” and“Where you from”, the group brought down the curtains to a good show. Ansa McaL has been hosting the event for the last 10 years.

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