An accident waiting to happen

January 26, 2014 | By | Filed Under Letters 

TRAFFICDear Editor,
On most days and nights, two bush trucks: GRR 2374 and GRR 5804, can be seen dangerously parked on the south-bound side of the very busy East Bank public road near Eccles, impeding the smooth flow of traffic.
It is obvious that the owner of these vehicles feels protected by his high-level judicial connection.
After witnessing a close encounter which could easily have resulted in a fatal accident involving a cyclist and a passing vehicle at the rear-end of truck GRR 5804, I felt obligated to publish a photo of this blatant traffic violation that is being ignored everyday by passing police ranks.
What is most disturbing, is the fact that the Traffic Chief is well aware of this danger, but chooses instead to ignore the numerous phone calls he received from the publisher of Kaieteur News, warning him of these dangerously parked vehicles, day and night in a location that is clearly marked “No Parking”. According to Mr. Glenn Lall, “I feel belittled and insulted to call the Traffic Chief again on this matter. I called him no less than ten times already.” The questions must now be asked: Does the Traffic Chief feel intimidated by the truck owner’s judicial connection? And, who painted the “No Parking” signs on the public road, was it the police or did the owner of the trucks put it there himself to prevent other vehicles from parking there?
I urge the Police Traffic Department to immediately issue parking violations to the owner of these trucks, and have them towed away at the owner’s expense if he stubbornly refuses to have them moved voluntarily. This East Bank public road is much too busy with commuters going to and from work and school, to overlook this accident waiting to happen.
Harry Gill

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