Rehabilitation work starts at Bermine Sports Ground in Berbice

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The Bermine Sports Ground at Islington, New Amsterdam, once home to former West Indies Cricket opening batsman Clayton Lambert, is being rehabilitated, with works costing in the vicinity of $3M. The rehabilitation of the venue is part of the Government efforts to resuscitate a number of grounds under the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports ground enhancement programme, Berbice, which had been neglected over the years for one reason or the other. However, it is understood that the planned Rehabilitation of the Bermine Sports facilities, the Burnham Park in New Amsterdam and the Skeldon Community Centre Ground in Upper Corentyne are being done under a special project.

The current state of the Bermine ground, the earth stockpiled for the development of the cricket pitch can be seen in the background.

The current state of the Bermine ground, the earth stockpiled for the development of the cricket pitch can be seen in the background.

A new concrete bridge at the entrance of the facility is being constructed.  Earth for the pitch area and the filling of low spots has been stockpiled for that phase of the project.
The Berbice cricket ground which sits on land leased from Guysuco and controlled by the now defunct Bauxite Company, was once one of the top venues in Berbice. But, with the demise of Bermine the venue has virtually become a jungle and a swamp with tall grass and shrubs.
A few years ago efforts were made through the Allen Stanford project efforts to rehabilitate the ground, but that fell through.
There are not many sporting facilities in the New Amsterdam Municipality and the rehabilitation of this venue will be welcomed by those in Berbice especially the Town.
Recently Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Dr. Frank Anthony and Permanent Secretary Alfred King, announced that more than 25 grounds in the County will be assisted, with the Area ‘H’ and the Whim Community Centre Grounds on the Corentyne getting some special attention. The Minister had also noted that an additional 13 projects would have been undertaken in East Berbice; however more details are still to be released on those projects.


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