Yog Mahadeo secures doctorate

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Former head of Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Yog Mahadeo, has completed his Doctorate Degree in Finance from the Swiss Management Centre University, Vienna, Austria.
“Yog”, as everyone fondly calls him, continues to be passionate about the development of Guyana and is known for his intelligent and independent analysis and views.

He is Dr. Yog Mahadeo now

He is Dr. Yog Mahadeo now

Over the past two years, he has been engaged in a number of community projects across the country. These include educational and inspirational work in the various villages and communities. He is also the first Guyanese to start the Peace, Love and Unity events which attract thousands of Guyanese to Christian, Hindu and Islamic events.
Dr. Mahadeo started Inspire Incorporated which has been attracting a lot of goodwill with the inspirational and motivational work that it is doing. He has also been instrumental in the birth of Insight, a current affairs magazine which was launched last September.
During a recent interview, Dr. Mahadeo presented a vision for a developed Guyana that involves all Guyanese, which in his words is “empowering everyone instead of enslaving them.”
He believes that inclusive governance is important for Guyana’s growth and wishes to see independent procurement commission, tender boards and strong policy and personnel in place “to stop the scourge of corruption that is damaging all of our reputation, individually and collectively.”
His thesis was based on “The value of a Monopoly to a Developing Country – a Case for Guyana” in which he discussed the current liberalization of telecommunication and the establishment of regulated. He argued that a free market approach is important for many sectors of Guyana, including communication, electricity, Local Government, and other sectors.
Dr. Yog Mahadeo was known to have called for liberalization of telecommunications even when he was the CEO of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, which currently has the monopoly on landline and international calls.
On social issues, Dr Yog Mahadeo feels that domestic violence, alcoholism and physical and verbal abuse of young people are an indictment on Guyanese society. “We have to take a more proactive stance on domestic violence, child abuse and spousal abuse. It is destroying the future of Guyana since it affects the minds of our young children who are exposed to it”.
He said that “physical and verbal abuse of young people at the work place is also of great concern”. He refers to inaction of businesses, business groups and the government. “They do not take action on their staff, members and public officials when abuse takes place.”
Dr. Yog Mahadeo is a public figure in many aspects. He is also known for his inspirational and motivational talks in Guyana and North America. He has a widespread online social presence and provides commentary and opinion pieces on topical issues. He has published two books, one of which is ‘A Garland of Pearls’.
“I am presently working on Volume 2 and 3 of Garland of Pearls,” he said.
Dr. Mahadeo comes from a humble background. Born in Berbice, his family is now made up of doctors and researchers. His brother, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo, is a Member of Parliament and head of the Berbice Regional Health Authority.
Dr. Yog Mahadeo thanks his mother who lives in the family home in Berbice and he is also full of praise for his son, Yoga Mahadeo, his business partner Anita Balram and his other brothers and sisters. “In the final analysis,” he said, “It was all God’s grace.”

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