Murder suspect’s wife now in custody

September 17, 2013 | By | Filed Under News 

The wife of murder suspect, Randy Jagdeo was released from Woodlands Hospital yesterday but was immediately taken into police custody.  Sources say that the woman was allegedly shot by her husband on the day he ‘shot’ and killed popular biker, Kirk Davis.
Ranks at the CID headquarters were up to press time questioning her.
Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell last week disclosed that his force is actively soliciting the help of Surinamese counterparts to “bring justice and closure to one of the 92 murders that occurred this year”.
Several eyewitnesses had seen the suspect in the neighbouring Dutch speaking country days after the shooting.
Days after the man was killed, Brumell had disclosed the name of the only suspect in his murder—businessman Randy Jagdeo.
The 30-year-old reportedly met his demise because the businessman was told that he having an affair with his wife. Davis denied the allegations but was still fatally shot.
There are reports that Jagdeo has been reaching out to a number of friends of the deceased, apologizing for the murder and telling them that he could not believe what happened.
The two men were friends who traveled across Guyana together in their bikers’ posse to various shows and events. They were also involved in motorcycle stunts. Davis’s family says all they need at this time is justice. Davis was laid to rest on Saturday.



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