Better Hope Business man robbed, kidnapped and beaten

September 17, 2013 | By | Filed Under News 

…in critical condition at Balwant Singh Hospital

Vick Seegobin the proprietor of Alyesia Auto Spares in Better Hope, East Coast Demerara was on Sunday night robbed by four bandits who were apparently dressed in police attire.

Vick Seegobin

Vick Seegobin

The business man was on his way home around 22:00 hours from a social event with friends when he was ambushed by four bandits as he was about to enter his apartment in Prashad Nagar.   The bandits forced Seegobin, who lives alone, into his apartment and then inflicted a beating on him, ransacked his home and robbed the business man of all his jewelry and cash that he had in his house.
After being brutally beaten in his home, Seegobin was placed in his car and taken by the four bandits to the Ogle Airport old road, where he was dumped. He was found with blood oozing from his ears and nose by a taxi driver. The driver summoned the Police who then took Seegobin to the Hospital.
Seegobin is currently in critical condition at the Balwant Singh Hospital with injuries to his face, broken jaw and apparent haemorrhaging in his stomach. His car was found abandoned at the back of Plaisance. This robbery comes in the wake of the recent upsurge in crimes being perpetrated by bandits who are becoming more emboldened with every passing day.



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