North Road All Stars, Tarmac Boys to clash

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Patrice Mitch welcome and Garfield Morris Memorial Tapeball cricket match…

Tapeball cricket pioneers Tarmac Bad Boys and Arch Rivals North Road All Stars will roll back the years sometime in October in a memorial clash for two fallen stalwarts Patrice Mitch Welcome and Garfield Morris at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac.
With the late Mitch Welcome at the helm, the Tarmac Boys was Tapeball’s Mount Everest. The Lodge based team only lost one final to Disturbing the Peace.  The Tarmac stalwarts expected to grace the National Cultural Tarmac are: Rawle Allicock, Estwich Warde,  Cowen Jackson, Andy Anderson, Neil Johnson, Lloyd Burnett, Quashie Bentick, Julien Kellman and Wesley Hall.  North Road have already summoned there veterans to training.  The squad name will come from
Colburn David, Lucis Hodge (wktkpr), Charwayne Walker (Captain), Colin Richards, Anthony Rigby, Orin Samuels, Gavin Lewis, Mario Nicholls, Bryan Hercules, Andrew Persaud, Lee Van De Santos, Gamel Abdool, David Dublin, Devon Hendricks and Raphael George.
Amazon Warriors Financial Manager Dwayne Lovell will manage this side with Keith Jordan as his Assistant, the coach his Nigel Roshuevel.



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