Teen murders girlfriend after claiming infidelity

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By Javone Vickerie and Dwijendra Rooplall

After accusing her of cheating on him, an 18-year-old mercilessly beat his teenage girlfriend with a spade, dragged her by the hair, out of his mother’s Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara home and viciously hacked her to death. The blood-curdling attack occurred around 13:00 hrs yesterday.

Murdered: Angela Mc Allister

Angela Mc Allister, 17, of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, was reportedly attacked by the enraged suspect after she went to his mother’s Lot 538 Eleventh Avenue home, to “sort out” the allegations of infidelity.
The alleged killer, Joshua Allen, then remained at the scene with his hands raised in surrender until the police eventually arrived.
Sandra Allen, the suspect’s mother, told Kaieteur News that he had been behaving strangely prior to the cruel attack on his girlfriend.
Ms. Allen added that when she inquired about his behaviour, her son said that a close friend had told him that Mc Allister was cheating on him with another young man from her village.
“He said that since he come out the bush he calling her phone and she not answering it so he get upset and said that he not calling her”, the mother said.
The woman added that she then offered to escort him to Plaisance to sort out the issue.
“He refused to go to Plaisance and every time me bring up the issue he use to get vex so I just lef’ he alone,” Allen said.
The suspect’s mother said that she then contacted Mc Allister and invited her to come over so that the teens could sort out the issue. Mc Allister reportedly agreed.
She said that when the girl arrived, she had just finished preparing lunch and was about to serve McAllister, who was a frequent visitor.
“He saw her sitting in the chair and said nothing to she, like if she wasn’t there and then he went outside and come through the back door,” Allen said. The woman added that her son entered the living room and began to beat his girlfriend with a spade.


“When I see he coming with the spade I tell she ‘run girl’ because I could see in he eyes that he was angry and she hold onto he hand and he push she down and beat she in she head with the spade,” Allen said.
The woman said that after the brutal assault, her son dragged Mc Allister by the hair, into the yard. He then picked up a cutlass and chopped her on the neck, rendering her immobile. He subsequently hacked the teen about the body.
“I run and wake up meh daughter who been sleeping and we run out the house to a neighbour yard after he start beat she,” Allen said.
Her son after repeatedly chopping the girl then exited the yard without the cutlass and waited on the road for the police to come.
She said that when the ranks arrived, the assailant calmly raised his hands in the air and was placed under arrest.
An elder brother of the suspect said that he was present when his sibling began to threaten his girlfriend. The brother said that he attempted to intervene when the suspect picked up a cutlass, but fled the house after receiving an angry glare from his sibling.
When Kaieteur News visited the area, Mc Allister’s body was still in the yard in a clump of grass, while several residents stood nearby. Police ranks were eventually forced to cordon off the scene.

Investigators at the crime scene

According to an eyewitness, around 13:00 hrs yesterday she heard screams coming from within the house. She then saw the suspect’s mother and one of his sisters run into a neighbour’s yard.
“I was on the verandah because I had just finished cleaning the house when I heard the sound of a girl screaming for help and the lady and she daughter running out the house to me neighbour yard. The boy (Mc Allister’s alleged killer) lock the door and you just hear thing breaking up in the house”, the woman said.
She added that the suspect’s mother began to ask neighbours to assist the girlfriend who was trapped inside of the house. But she said that residents refused to assist because the suspect was armed.
“I see he drag the girl in the yard and start chop she behind she head with the cutlass”, the woman said.
Another eyewitness said that residents who came out of their houses after word got around then began to run after the young man was seen walking up and down the street.
This publication understands that the dead teenager was a former student of Cummings Lodge Secondary School. Her mother travelled to the United States of America about two weeks ago. Kaieteur News was also reliably informed that the teens started their relationship about a year ago.
Meanwhile, a sister of the slain teen said that her sibling left home at around 11:00 hrs, after informing them that she was going to Diamond. The sister said that she had pleaded with her younger sibling not to go out, since their mother was overseas.
At around 14:00 hrs she received a call from police ranks who said that her sister had been murdered, “but I thought was joke they making, and when we go (to the scene) the body already gone.”
Angela Mc Allister is the latest victim of a spate of recent attacks that have left one other woman and two children dead and five others wounded. Two of the suspects are still on the run.
Police have since issued wanted bulletins for Richard Lord of Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo and Shawn Fordyce of ‘B’ Field, Sophia.
Fordyce is wanted by the police for the attempted murder of his wife Dorothy Blackman, 42, and maliciously wounding his daughters, 12-year old Donette Fordyce, 26-year old Wanda Fortune and 20-year old Latoya Wilson on August 2
Lord is also wanted for the murder of his two children, Kimberley Houston, 5, and her two year- old brother Tarif Lord, on July 31. Lord also attacked his wife.

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