Sophia chopping spree…Lawyer among four wounded by assailant

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Attorney-at-law Wanda Fortune was among four persons injured after her step father went berserk and chopped her two sisters and mother at around 9:00pm on Thursday night in Sophia.

Wanda Fortune

Fortune, 26, was discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) early yesterday. She sustained about three lacerations to her back and another to her head. She refused to speak to the media because she claimed to have lost a lot of blood and was feeling “weak.”
Her mother, Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce is in a critical but stable condition at the hospital’s High Dependency Unit with her 20-year-old daughter, Latoya Wilson, just a few beds away from her.
Wilson was chopped once to her neck while her mother sustained two chop wounds to her head, which has left her with a fractured skull. She also sustained wounds to the hands and about her body. Twelve-year-old Donette Fordyce is also a patient at the hospital but in the Paediatric Ward. She sustained wounds to both her hands.
The alleged assailant, Shawn Fordyce, has been on the run since the brutal assault.
Yesterday, Donette Fordyce told Kaieteur News that her mother was supposed to go out with her sister but because her father objected, she cancelled.
“She left to go and buy a phone card and he think she still going out, so he come out and while we walking, he take his hand and dip the muddy water from the holes on the road and throw it on mommy.”
The young girl added that her sister, Latoya Wilson pleaded with the man to stop, which he did. “He stopped but he run inside and come out back with the cutlass and he start chop ‘Baby doll’ (Wanda Fortune) and then he turn to everybody and start firing chops.”
According to the younger Fordyce, her mother was holding her two-year-old granddaughter and when her father aimed his bloody cutlass at her, she (mother) turned and took most of the chops on her back.
“Mommy turn and take most of the chops in her back so that the baby

Twelve-year-old Donette Fordyce

wouldn’t get hurt. He chop everybody on their neck, but I put up my hand so that he wouldn’t get my face and neck that’s how my hand get chop up,” the 12-year-old recalled.
Relatives of the injured said that the accused had intended to kill Fortune, because he claimed that she had been giving her mother money to beautify herself. “He hold on to her (Fortune) and start chop, but he cutlass fall down and she just pull off the tube dress she was wearing, because he hold onto the dress and she run up the road in her undergarment.”
“The other day when he was reading the newspaper and he see that story at Zeelugt where the man kill his two children and chop his wife… he said that man cruel and that he ain’t got a heart, so now I want to know if he got a heart,” a relative who asked to remain unnamed said.
Blackman-Fordyce has been selling newspapers at the junction of Alexander and Church Streets for over 30 years. Her daughters help her on a daily basis.

Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce



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