Bagotville woman pleads for help against abusive neighbours

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For more than six years, 40-year-old Carlotta Wharton has been subjected to torment and abuse from neighbours, or so she claims.
The Lot 106 Bagotville, West Bank Demerara resident was in tears as she explained that ever since she and her husband divorced about six years ago, there was a massive falling out with neighbours, because she, Wharton, was awarded the man’s house.
The mother of three claims that during her working hours, neighbours would vandalize her property, and carry away belongings.
“This thing going on for too long, and me ain’t able with this no more. These people come in my

Carlotta Wharton showing the chopped furniture.

house and throw mud water on the walls and nasty up everything. They chop up my chair set, and fetch away all the things in my cabinet. I don’t know what else to do. Nobody can continue living like this,” Wharton said.
The woman added that the matter has been before the courts for quite some time. The case has already been heard before three magistrates, Wharton told Kaieteur News. It was recently transferred to the High Court.
Wharton told this newspaper that the involving parties as well as police officers usually miss the court dates, thus prolonging her plight.
“Everything in my house right now, is what my sisters sorry fuh me and give me. Now these people destroying that and all to. Everything that me, and my ex-husband had together, they already fetch all of it out. What more must I do? Even the courts and all to can’t give me justice,” Wharton lamented.
The woman said that she is yearning to move on in life, but cannot.
“I can’t keep my place clean. I can’t extend it to be more comfortable, nothing. Is like me and my husband done, and I left at a standstill. I can’t continue living like this…As a matter of fact, this ain’t even living,” the woman added.
The woman said that she had approached the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security on the issue, but has always been given the royal run around.
She is therefore making a public call to the authorities for help.

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