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Statistician Charwayne Walker continues his look at regional youth cricket, specifically Guyana’s performances. Today he looks at their performances and questions whether they could add another championship.
The last time Guyana won the Regional Under-19 Championship was 2007 when the tournament was held in Basseterre the St. Kitts Capital.  On that occasion the National Team was led by Malteenoes All rounder Steven Jacobs.  Now six years later the tournament returned to a familiar hunting ground where the land of many waters celebrated championship honours in 1993 and 2007.  So the Million dollar Question being asked by Cricket fans is could Shawn Perreira’s men bring the Bacon home.
The first time Guyana won the Regional under-19 Championship was 1968 playing under the Captaincy of Queens Colleges’ Keith Aaron, St. Stanislaus College and GCC’s Timur Mohamed was at the helm when the land of the Majestic Kaieteur Falls won Championships # two and three in 1975, 1976.
Latchman Bhansingh was the man wearing the Captain’s arm band when Guyana won title # four 1985 playing on home soil, championships five, six and seven were achieved under the captaincy of Port Mourant’s Andre Percival (1992, 1993, 1994). Port Mourant’s Mahendra Nagamootoo was at the helm when the Land of Many Waters won championship # 8 (1995) in Grenada.  Vishal Nagamootoo emulated Mahendra’s feat when he led Guyana to title # 9 this time the host was Jamaica 1996.
GCC’s Ramnaresh Sarwan was the man running things August, 1997 when Guyana won championship # 10 playing on home soil.  Under Malteenoes Steven Jacobs’s leadership Guyana won championships 11th and 12th 2006, and 2007.
Only time will tell if Rose Hall Town Shawn Perreira will be added to the list above.  History is on his side the last two occasions Guyana contested the under-19 Championship in St. Kitts 1993, 2007 they triumphantly departed Basseterre.

Please find below Guyana under-19 Captains since 1968

Keith Aaron    :           Queens College           1968

Keith Aaron    :           Queens College           1969

Errol Jackman :           Queens College           1970

Sydney Matthews:      East Bank                    1971

Faoud Bacchus:          GCC                            1972

Faoud Bacchus:          GCC                            1973

Radhay Solomon:       Port Mourant               1974

Timur Mohamed:        GCC                            1975

Timur Mohamed:        GCC                            1976

Mark Harper:               DCC                            1977

Jerry Angus                 GCC                            1978

Jerry Angus                 GCC                            1979

Roger Harper              DCC                            1980

Deonarine Persaud:     Port Mourant               1981

Andrew Jackman        GCC                            1982

Vinoo Solomon           GCC                            1983

Carl Hooper:               GCC                            1984

Latchman Bhansingh  GCC                            1985

Latchman Bhansingh  GCC                            1986

Michael Howard         DCC                            1987

Nezam Hafeez                        Malteenoes                  1988

Paul Persaud               GCC                            1989

Glen Robinson            Malteenoes                  1990

Arjune Nandu             Port Mourant               1991

Andre Percival            Port Mourant               1992

Andre Percival            Port Mourant               1993

Andre Percival            Port Mourant               1994

Mahendra Nagamootoo Port Mourant            1995

Vishal Nagamootoo    Port Mourant               1996

Ramnaresh Sarwan     GCC                            1997

Ramnaresh Sarwan     GCC                            1998

Sewnarine Chattergoon Albion                      1999

Narsingh Deonarine    Albion                         2000

Troy Cornelius            DCC                            2001

Saiud Drepaul             Everest                                   2002

Assad Fudadin                        Rose Hall                    2003

Zamal Khan                Port Mourant               2004

Leon Johnson              GCC                            2005

Steven Jacobs              Malteenoes                  2006

Steven Jacobs              Malteenoes                  2007

Eugene LaFleur           Bermine                       2008

Anthony Bramble       Scotbury                      2009

Dexter Solomon          GNIC                          2010

Renford Beaton                                              2011

Shawn Perreira            Rose Hall                    2012

Shawn Perreira            Rose Hall                    2013


Under 19 Captains with Centuries as Captain

Timur Mohamed (1975) Centuries in each Innings vs Barbados

Kensington Oval Benson & Hedges Finals 158 and 103 not out

Roger Harper (1980) 102 not out vs Barbados Kensington Oval

Nezam Hafeez (1988) 113 vs Leeward Islands Kensington Oval

Arjune Nandu (1991) 125 vs Windward Islands Jamaica

Andre Percival (1994) 114 vs Trinidad Barbados

Mahendra Nagamootoo (1995) 107 vs Windward Islands Grenada

Ramnaresh Sarwan (1997) 125 vs Windward Islands Enmore

Assad Fudadin 2003 vs Canada Bourda

Zamal Khan 2004 149 vs Barbados Melbourne

Leon Johnson 2005 200 not out vs Barbados St Vincent



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