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A number of Amerindians and river rain communities are coming together in an effort to address a number of issues facing them. This was the disclosure made in an exclusive interview with Chronicle Sports with Secretary of the Veed – En- Rust Sports Club, James Allicock.
Allicock stressed that it is every Amerindian or young person from the river rain community’s dream to play someday for Guyana. He noted that a number of Amerindians dreams about playing for Guyana and noted that persons representing Guyana comes mainly from coastal areas while those from river rain communities are ignored.
“Someday I believe that we will see an Amerindian not only playing for Guyana but also for the West Indies team and this dream is a common one among many young Amerindians. We must understand that these communities have a lot of very talented Amerindian and other players but I guess it’s because we are regarded as ‘buck people’ as they refer to us,” James said.
The club official pointed out that they have sought the assistance of several corporate companies but have been turned down noting that this may be because companies do not see publicity returns. “These communities are heavily populated so there is no doubt that sponsors will benefit in terms of their messages going out but it seems that everything today depends on the extent and level of publicity as some companies feels that they are not getting enough mileage for the monies that they would spend here,” he argued.
He noted that what further compounds the problem is the fact that because there are not many big businesses in their communities garnering the required sponsorship to offset many cists is high thus frustrating any efforts by community members to push the sport. “There are many persons within these communities who are willing to help but you have to take into consideration that they are hardly any jobs and or businesses in here so it’s virtually impossible for us to really help out youths,” he bemoaned.
James pointed out that, executing competitions within the river rain communities are very expensive noting that this is due to transportation among other factors but stressed the desire and need to see major changes in how these clubs are treated. “Today just like on the coastal areas we are faced with similar social issues affecting our young children and being able to create avenues and platforms so that our young people can desist from these ills and activities would help us in growing better communities. Many times all we seek is to be given a level playing field so that regardless of which community a child comes from that he/she can make the national team as each citizen should have equal right,” he declared.
The Sports enthusiast stressed that the reason why players from these communities are not making the national team is not a case of ability but rather a case of them being stigmatized and discriminated.
Adding their voice to the call, Coach of Santa Mission Sports Club, Roy Samuels said that he would like to see equal opportunities for all stressing that a number of Amerindians and or river rain community residents can and would make the national team.
“We are determined to see the end to this problem and I am of the firm belief that someday we will be able to see young talented Amerindian boys and girls making Guyana and west indies cricket teams, it’s just a matter of time but while we wait for this to be a reality we are determined to do whatever we can,” Samuels declared.  (Andre Nelson)



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