Plans to develop E’bo cricket in the pipeline – PRO Mohamed

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By Zaheer Mohamed
Plans to further develop cricket in the Cinderella County of Essequibo are in the making. Recently the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB), Nazeer Mohamed told Kaieteur Sport that they are preparing to hold summer camps at all levels.
He said the board will organize more tournaments at the senior level in both versions.

Nazeer Mohamed

Mohamed stated that better facilities are needed for the improvement of the game and they are calling on the Regional Democratic Councils and the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils for assistance in this regard.
“Camps will be of great help for the youngsters where Coaches from across the county will work with them in all aspects of the game, they will also be thought about game sense scenarios, emphasis will be placed on fitness,” added Mohamed.
Mohamed informed that Essequibo has lots of talented cricketers. “We have over the years produced a number of national players who have performed well for the country such as Royan Federicks, Norman Federicks, Ronsford Beaton, Anthony Adams and Ricardo Adams. As long as our developmental plans get on stream Essequibo cricket will improve. Most of the times we are competitive at the junior levels in Inter County tournaments, but we have to do something at the senior level that’s why the board will organise more cricket for the senior players,” he stated.
Mohamed indicated that the respective area committees will be asked to run off more competitions for the clubs.
“At the moment only a few areas are holding tournaments; Wakenaam, Leguan and North Essequibo but most of the games are Twenty20, of course sponsorship is an important factor and that is why we are calling on the business community for support so that the longer version of the game can be played on a regular basis,” he said.
Essequibo did run off a schools competition recently and Mohamed stated they are looking to make that a regular programme on their calendar of activities. “This tournament helps us to indentify the talented players at an early age, so the schools’ tournament is very important,” Mohamed who is also a school teacher affirmed.
He further declared that the sport is very important to Essequibians. “Cricket is a major unifying force; the people here feel very happy when our players excel,” he acknowledged.
The emergence of Ronsford Beaton is a fact that bears witness the County is not short of talent but more competitive cricket at all stages is needed on a regular basis if more players from the area are to achieve similar heights frequently.
Essequibo’s most popular competition is the Busta 50-over Festival which is played on a yearly basis involving the senior association teams and once the aforementioned can be realised the game in the county will certainly generate more interest.

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