Orange walk shooting…Victim succumbs, suspect remains in police custody

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Forty-two-year-old Shawn Nelson who was shot in the head on Orange Walk as he walked toward a car, Sunday morning, died shortly after 8:00 hours yesterday, some 26 hours later. He died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Nelson was reportedly shot at point blank range to the head. Relatives said that they were told that Nelson had a very slim chance of survival and if he did he would have been in a vegetative state.
When contacted yesterday relatives said that they were still trying to come to grips with the news.
Police sources told Kaieteur News, yesterday, that the suspect, Carlyle Barton, who is a well known young cricketer and a member of the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) remained in police custody. Barton is being represented by attorney at law Mark Waldron.
Statements are currently being taken and the file is expected to be dispatched to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Multiple sources said that Barton was out partying when he saw Nelson who was heading to work, on Orange Walk.  According to the source Barton had a brief conversation with Nelson. It was reported that the Barton was showing Nelson the gun when the weapon “accidentally’ went off.
But police sources have confirmed that the entire incident was caught on a nearby surveillance camera.  The footage suggested otherwise. After shooting Nelson the suspect quickly ran to his car and sped away from the scene.
This newspaper was told that the suspect crashed his car not long after.
According to the police the suspect and Nelson were involved in an argument on Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown, when the latter was shot to his head.  The police stated that the suspect, who had driven away following the incident, later turned himself in to the police at Brickdam and is in custody assisting with the investigations.



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