Is the inexcusable now becoming ridiculous?

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A few days ago, it was reported in the local media that the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Barbados Forensic lab to send Sheema Mangar’s results quickly.
It has been more than two years (September 2010) since the gruesome slaying of this young lady and to date the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, continues to simply pass the buck to the police, with respect to the solving of this horrific crime. He blames the police for the slothfulness in dealing with this case and tries to project himself as a neutral bystander in a matter which falls directly under his purview, as Minister of Home Affairs.
In matters like these Rohee must know that the buck stops at him – enough of this shirking of responsibility and demonstration of gross incompetence. Mr. Rohee finds a lot of time to write his political hogwash in the press but not enough time to do his job.
Since the shocking killing of Miss Mangar, I have written several letters to the press, in which I expressed shock as to how this matter is being handled, particularly by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the police. Sheema Mangar was brutally mowed down, by criminals, at a busy intersection in Georgetown, in broad daylight, in afternoon rush hours where scores of people were at the said intersection, and to date Rohee and the police tell the family and Guyanese that they remain clueless as to who might have perpetrated this horrific crime, probably because of the absence of test results.
What rubbish! Is Mr. Rohee saying to us that the investigation into this matter is stalled until Mangar’s results are retrieved from Barbados? Is he saying that the police are unable to get the cooperation from any public-spirited citizen who might have witnessed the slaying of this innocent young lady? Is it that the relationship between the police and Guyanese public so rife that there is no opportunity of the two working together to solve crimes such as these?
If these questions are answered in the affirmative, it is clear that the no confidence motion against Rohee had much merit. I cannot imagine what Sheema Mangar’s family is going through when there appears to be so much unnecessary drama in this case. A policeman is tasked to take the samples to Barbados but the officer got to Bridgetown minus the sample, which was the primary purpose of his travel. These kinds of happenings are inexcusable and the Minister of Home Affairs must take direct responsibility for this utter slackness.
I hope that Sheema’s family will continue to pursue this matter in order that justice prevails. It is time this family gets the closure it needs. Then again it is time that so many other Guyanese families get closure in matters like these. I wonder if the family of Ronald Waddell will ever get closure!
Lurlene Nestor



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