Barbados immigration officer charged in human trafficking

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When police busted a Guyana-Barbados human trafficking ring last month, persons in the know said it was the tip of the iceberg, now more of the glacier is surfacing with the arrest of an immigration officer.
The Royal Barbados Police yesterday arrested 38-year-old Ryan Jordon on charges of misconduct in public office, in connection with the bust, and brought him before the court.
He was released on Bds$5,000 (BDS$1 = US 50 cents) bail and is scheduled to reappear in court on September 5.
This brings the number of arrested persons in Barbados in relation to the bust to four. Two of them – a barman and business owner – are scheduled to be in court today.
Reports are that the Guyana police are collaborating with their Barbadian counterparts in this case, but while inroads are being made on the island there have been no arrests in Guyana, though some of the human smugglers have been identified here.
Barbados police on April 18 raided a bar in Nelson Street and found five Guyanese girls clad only in bathing suits, purportedly working as prostitutes. The barman and proprietress were arrested and slapped with 30 charges relating to human trafficking and false imprisonment. At the time police seized a quantity of passports, some said to be forged.
Following the arrest of the barman and proprietress, information has been flowing, and that led to the arrest of a 76-year-old woman, who sources say posed as a grandmother of young recruits from Guyana. She faces some six charges, including that of human trafficking.
The pregnant proprietress, initially bailed at $30,000, is now behind bars with the barman who was never granted bail. Guyanese sources resident in Barbados and Barbadians, all who do not want to be named, indicated that the woman was taken in by police last week after she allegedly began tampering with witnesses and uttering threats.
She in turn has reportedly leveled allegations to police about a Guyanese-Barbadian counterpart who functions as a recruiter of girls for prostitution, and is now in Guyana. That information led to the Guyanese-Barbadian woman being arrested by Guyana police, but subsequently released.


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