Six Useful Tips For Overcoming Your Problems

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Don’t See Your Problem As A Stumbling Block:
The first thing that comes to the mind of most people with problems is that they begin to see their problems as limitations to their success.
The moment you begin to see your problems as stumbling blocks, you start to have more problems because worry sets in, fear sets in, and these are other major problems on their own. The truth is, the way you see your problems determines how they will affect you.
If you see your problems as the walls of Jericho (that cannot be broken down) rather than opportunities in disguise, then problems will affect you more than they are supposed to. But if you see your problems as opportunities in disguise then you will be able to tackle them and get the message that the problems are trying to pass across to you.
Remain Positive:
The greatest of men are known to always remain calm when they face problems. They are used to speaking positively so when they face problems, they still remain positive.
Staying positive is one of the keys to solving your problems and when used well could help get you out of difficulties. When you remain positive, you put yourself in the right position to tackle your problems effectively.
Learn From The Problem:
There is no problem in this world that does not come with something new to learn from it and with every lesson comes a tangible solution.
You must understand that it is not all about being positive and not seeing the problem as a stumbling block alone, but also about learning from the problem itself and looking for the way forward rather than complaining, worrying and giving excuses.
Every problem is just like an examination and once you pass the problem, you get elevated to the next level. Before every examination is a lesson that brings positive answers to the question set in the examination. The problem that did not kill you has just added to you, made you stronger, given you a new experience and has just tested you to know if you are fit for the next position God is taking you to.
Remain Focused And Determined:
There is no battle that can be won in life without remaining focused and determined and like a mentor of mine would always tell me, determination is the key to great achievements.
Many people have learned from their problems and they know what would get them out of this problem but they are not determined and focused enough.
Have Someone You Can Always Speak With:
Not everybody is fit to share your problems with you, and not everybody is fit to know your problems but its advisable to have someone you can speak to, that could serve as an advisor and a mentor to you, someone that can monitor your progress and someone that is trustworthy and would always be willing to listen to you.
You must be able to be accountable to this person and the person must be someone that is better and more knowledgeable than you. This person would be able to give you meaningful advice, monitor your progress and also support you in prayers.
Remember That the Creator Is Able:
There are three kind of people I know: those that remember the Creator only when they have troubles, those that forget the Creator when they have troubles and those that always serve the Creator whether there is trouble or not. The wise people fall into the third category.


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