Missing man’s decomposed body found in Mahdia

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The badly decomposed body of Ray Holder of South Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, was found in Mahdia Tuesday. Relatives are now calling for an in-depth investigation since they believe the man was murdered.

Lalita Takoordyal

The 22 year old miner went missing last Thursday last. His body washed ashore in the Potaro-Siparuni area, Mahdia.
According to the mother of the deceased, Lalita Takoordyal, her suspicions are pointing to foul play in her son’s demise especially since she received the news through a bus driver who travels to Mahdia and not from her son’s employer.
She explained that Holder left for the interior on Mashramani night (February, 23).
“A bus driver tell we that he got a call from the people that he works with that they just find he body and they (were) going to bury him (on Tuesday) because he is badly decomposed…We ain’t get no other details about nothing else they just say that they bury he body.”
Adding that her son has been working with the dredge owner for over a year, the mother lamented that the owner of the dredge has her number. She said that “since the night her son left for the interior the “boss man called three times and told me to let Ray go to the bus driver that night for the man to carry him up in the bush.”
The father of the dead man, Aubrey Bobb said he visited the Eve-Leary Police Station and spoke to the divisional commander about his suspicions of foul play being involved in his son’s demise.
Underscoring that the senior police told him that the body was badly decomposed, he said although police from Georgetown tried to stop the body from being buried pending a post mortem, the burial was done on Tuesday.
“We told them the parents are suspicious about the circumstances under which Ray died and not to bury, but it was already done. We want the authorities to investigate properly since the owner of the dredge has to know something, since he never called out to relatives to report Ray missing.”
“My son worked day and night for the owner of the dredge and was a trustee. Someone has to know what happened.”
The father added that police would be taking him along with them on a flight come Monday to exhume the body.

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