Parliament under attack, President tells Berbicians

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Donald Ramotar

Guyana’s Parliament is under attack, President Donald Ramotar told the crowd of party supporters at Babu John, Corentyne, on Sunday. He accused the opposition of wanting to walk on the Constitution, “and destroy the constitution that guarantees us our fundamental rights”.
“One of the first things that Cheddi Jagan did, was to make the Parliament Building serve only parliament and every other office had to be removed from there because of the respect that he had in parliament.”
Ramotar added that we are “seeing an attack on the parliament”.
When the People’s National Congress (PNC) was in government, he stated, they misused the parliament “and stopped it from functioning. Cheddi Jagan himself was stopped from speaking for five years in the parliament!”
Ramotar added that the opposition today wants to destroy the parliamentary democracy. “We had warned then at the last elections; we made mistakes—but we warned that a vote for the AFC was a vote for the PNC—two sides of the same coin—passing Bills that are unconstitutional, preventing an elected member from speaking!”
The opposition, he stated, is using some of the worst tactics to attack the government. Commenting on the Linden Commission of Inquiry (COI), the Guyanese leader said that the opposition wants to blame Minister (Clement) Rohee. “They  sent an ultimatum to me, to say that if I don’t remove Rohee, we will have consequences to pay—They went to Agricola, burned the road, beat people, robbed people and  fondled women, had children and babies sleeping late in the nights on the road—AFC and PNC and APNU. They did all of that to try to undermine our parliament and democracy!”
He added that the COI has exonerated Minister Rohee.
He lashed out at the Speaker of the National Assembly, “who was forced to rescind his decision—he didn’t do it from the goodness of his heart—but that he had to do it”.
“He went to the court and the court decided that he was wrong and he ignored it again; they kept on ignoring and even took Rohee to the Privileges Committee and they eventually had to defend themselves—he was forced to come out and announce that they were wrong and Rohee had a right to speak.”
“Nagamootoo recently said that he did not vote for the President’s Pension Bill—and jumped up like a jack-in –the- box…until the Hansard was produced to show he was a liar…It goes to character—the same man who is walking about the place to sugar workers—is a liar, a corrupt individual, corrupt intellectually.
He accused Nagamootoo of shopping for positions in the AFC. “There is no other dishonesty as intellectual dishonesty and intellectual corruption”.

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