Dem boys seh… Donald let people down

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When a man in a certain position, people expect he to talk a certain way. If de Queen stand up pun a stage and tell a man bout he backside people gun lef wid dem mouth open. Then dem gun talk she name and one man might even tell she bout she tail.
Now Donald is president and people expect he to talk in a certain way. But de man stoop real low that people got to worry whether dem can invite he to lunch wid dem and dem children. De man stand up pun a stage and cuss from Tom to Dick. De only person he ain’t cuss was Harry Nokta.
Moses and he was friend till Moses get vex wid de whole party and lef. Because Moses talk bout certain things Donald dig a first class cussing pun Moses. And de Chronicle tek pride in highlighting de cussing that Donald put down. No president ever call anybody Jackass. Donald did.
Dem boys expect better. If any child repeat dem things in school is trouble fun de child and de parents. Dem same children can’t tell de teacher how is Donald dem hear it from. Ignorance is no excuse.
Fuh sure dem boys know that Donald wouldn’t want nobody to call he a jackass although he behave suh de other day. And dem boys wouldn’t stand up and hear anybody refer to he as such. But then again, all dem people who does like talk fuh Donald gun seh that is politics. Wha people know is that Cheddi pepper he in he sleep that night.
Donald going to Chavez funeral and fuh sure dem ain’t gun allow he to talk because dem ain’t sure wha language he gun use. And when he got to meet at de White House Obama gun mek sure that dem two girls ain’t deh round when he talking to Donald.
Talk half and hope that Donald change he language.

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