Govt. to use police to enforce use of market tarmacs

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Enmore market tarmac

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development is set to aggressively pursue relocation of roadside vendors this year to market tarmacs that were constructed and handed over last year.
Speaking on a recent aired programme on the National Communications Network (NCN) Channel 11, Minister in the Ministry, Norman Whittaker, said that the Ministry will be pushing this issue in 2013. It could even seek support from the police, a statement from the government news agency said yesterday.
“We have constructed at much cost, several tarmacs in several regions in the country and we are disturbed that maximum use is not being made of these tarmacs,” the Minister said.
He said that instead of utilising the tarmacs, the vendors have instead continued to vend on road sides, and in some instances on reserves.
In Diamond, East Bank Demerara, like at Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, vendors have been refusing to use the tarmacs.
Minister Whittaker said that the ministry is not prepared to allow this to continue, and with support from the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) will be putting much focus on the issue.
“We have started to engage the NDCs in some of these areas with respect to engaging these vendors and give them a timeline,” he said.
He further said that if this avenue proves unsuccessful, “we will elicit the support of and the assistance of the police if necessary to have vendors relocated.”
During last year, the ministry handed over about 10 market tarmacs in communities including Diamond/Grove, Best Klien/Pouderoyen, Toevlugt/Patentia, Charity, Plaisance, Buxton and Haslington.
The Minister said that the significant investments by the Ministry are part of Government’s aim to curb the practice of road side vending, and to achieve the practice of selling in a healthy and conducive environment.
Residents have been putting the tarmacs to other use for football and even cricket matches. Some persons are even learning to drive on the unused structures.

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