Dem boys seh … Bar Bee hiding he face from he own TV

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Bar Bee really hiding. He busy defending how he had a right to sell drugs. He call dem reporter who wukking wid he TV station and he newspaper fuh tell he side of de story of how to rob de Ministry of Health and de hospital.
Is a secret that he don’t like people see he face so when he give he reporter de TV interview he tun he back and then he put a sack over he face. Dem boys review de interview and dem tell Bar Bee that it can’t show suh de man call he puppet –Dr Leslie.
He pull one string and Dr Leslie holler how everything de Waterfalls paper write is lies. Bar Bee pull another string and de puppet Dr Leslie holler how de Waterfalls paper envy Bar Bee. Dem boys want to know fuh what. It can’t be fuh de jail suit that bar Bee got waiting fuh he.Dr Leslie is de one who set up all dem contract fuh Bar Bee. A businessman seh that he de Dr Leslie gone to Agriculture and doing de same thing. He singling out special people fuh contract like how he tek instruction from de King Bee and single out Bar Bee.
But is de Bar Bee plan that got dem boys laughing. This is a man who hollering how people lying pun he but he can’t come forward and show he face fuh seh is he people lying about. De Waterfalls paper keeping he face in de public suh when anybody see he dem gun know who is de thing who tail Dr Leslie like to smell and who does collect de King Bee money.
Bar Bee ain’t got to worry bout space fuh complain. He got a whole paper which got more space than a football field. De only thing that he lef to do is to set up interview pun he radio station but then again, nobody ain’t gun hear it.
But fuh de jokes that Dr Leslie tell, dem boys want to thank Bar Bee. And dem also seh ‘A big thank you Dr Ramroop.”

Talk half and don’t stop Bar Bee

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